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Educator by trade… Artist by choice…

HOORAY!!! Here is the newest edition to my blurb books! I finally published it! Mirror on the Wall

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I love photography and painting… and just finished two books of photography and poetry (see above link). Wow! I love having TOTAL control of what my books look like! I am so proud of the quality of the actual product!

Much of my work is dark… haunting… “disturbing”… yet this is much of my experience from childhood… and young womanhood.

As many, I have dealt with my fair share of pain by purging it onto paper… into words… However, like bile… it keeps building up… making me have to create again… just to “get it” (trauma) “out of my system”… It helps… but it’s never completely gone. Some things just never heal.

I enjoy spending time with my loving and supportive husband, reading, and capturing beautiful shots with a camera… I love spending time with good friends over a pot of coffee… with lots of cream and sugar.

Thank you for taking the time to view my work… :) Hope you’ve had fun while visiting my “bubble”… I appreciate comments and insight. I am deeply humbled by the vast array of talent of the artists here on RB and am inspired by their brilliant creations…

Adrena :o)

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CHECK OUT MY NEW BOOKS Heart of Chains and Glass Houses at!!!!

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THANK YOU!!! (Card Sale)

Thank you to the kind buyer of this card. I appreciate you choosing one of my works out of all the amazing talent here on at the bubble!!! Please enjoy, and thanks again for such a wonderful, humbling compliment!!! / Adrena
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Sale!!! THANK YOU!!!

Thank you so very much to the kind buyer of TEN cards of my work Beach Companion / Wow! I greatly appreciate you choosing my work to purchase! I hope you enjoy them! / Adrena
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Thank you to the kind buyer of one of my t-shirts
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THANK YOU!!! (sale!!!)

Thank you to the redbubble buyer of a sticker of my “Blood Ache Tee”… I greatly appreciate you choosing one of my items among all the talent here on RB!!!
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