Pig’s Ear Gear
The only brand for designs by Adam Dorman

From penguins to lubricating beverages to calming medicinals.
There ain’t no rhyme, there ain’t no reason. There certainly ain’t no rhyme.
There are shirts. Wadaya want from me?
Oh, shirts… Ok, shirts.

And now prints too!

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Pig's Ear Gear

Announcing the launch of Pig’s Ear Gear / From now on; all designs by me (Adam Dorman) will be sold under the label; Pig’s Ear Gear, my new brand. / I have done this for a number of reasons, mostly commercial. I am hoping this brand will sit easier in people’s memories than my name. / My channels are a little light at the moment but; content is coming. / Pig’s Ear Gear / T…
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My New Abstract Direction

I was playing around with an iPad recently, (not mine, I have one on loan for website testing) and I was fiddling with the kaleidoscope setting on the camera. I saved a few shots as they made very attractive patterns. Unfortunately once I transferred them to my machine I discovered the quality was not terrific. But I still liked the patterns. So I analysed some of the images and recreated them in…
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New: Cards, Prints & Posters Added

So I’m not just the T-shirt guy. I do photography too. / I’ve decided to upload some of my work in a cynical and mercenary attempt to increase my exposure. / “We are men of honour. Lies do not become us.” / Click below to see details of the work. / Adam / You can get any of these pieces as cards, postcards and prints. / / I have also added a couple of new artworks y…
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My robot, a featured artwork? Surely not...

I got featured on the homepage! Look… proof. / If you would like to see my featured robot design, please click here. / So very cool. / Thanks RedBubble. You’re the best. / Adam
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