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Drew walked Fred the horse into his stall as the cloud set in robbing the world of the last few hours of afternoon light. He turned; had he heard the Landrover start? Was that her driving on past regardless of what the weather was doing? Was she that stupid a woman to ignore the warnings?

Regardless he turned to Fred who needed his saddle off and a good rubdown and a good feed before he worried about stupid women who are out to prove to the world that they’re … inevitably … well … stupid!

As he battened down the stable door Bess came bounding up to him. The dog normally stayed home now, her age was getting the better of her, but she was acting like she had years ago as a young pup still learning the pack rules. She pushed her front paws on him yapping.
‘Hey down girl what is all this?’
She jumped down and bounded off a few yards then turned and yapped. When he didn’t move she ran back and jumped at him again barking pointedly. It took a few goes and then grabbing his hand in her mouth and towing him along, before he got the idea she needed him to follow her. He had to run to keep her in sight and she led him back down the hill.

In the gloom of the dark cloud, he could just make out the fading glow of the rover’s interior light. The stupid woman was still there!
He ran down to the vehicle but it was empty, the door still slightly ajar. He looked about but down here in the full cloud it was even more like night than ever. Cold freezing wetness of the cloud swirling around made breathing hard and opening eyes near on impossible!

Where the devil was she? If she’d gone over the edge it would serve her bloody right!

Bess barked again. Following her noise he nearly tripped over the winch cable. She was barking incessantly now and he followed the cable up to where she stood.
‘Shit!’ he hissed as he realised what had happened and discovered the unconscious woman trapped by her hand.

He worked fast, discovering the rover’s uselessness
‘Bloody hell! Why did she leave the door open! Stupid woman!’
he dragged out a rug and went back to the woman. covering her he pointed to the rug
‘Drop Bess. Stay!’ the dog lay down beside the woman and obediently stayed
Drew then ran full pelt back up to bring Fred back down in harness. He’d need to get the full harness on Fred in better than record time and he prayed it was in good enough nick to do the job. He needed to pull the bloody vehicle up to release the tension on the cable to get her hand out.
The harness was where he’d stored it still draped in the sacking he’d wrapped it in after it’s last use.
The cold was making him fumble but eventually he got the leather straps in place. Then rugging Fred to keep him relatively warm he walked the tired horse back down to the rover.

All the time his mind was calculating the time frames and how long she could have been trapped. Was she dead? Had she released the cable before he’d left and went back to put it on again or had this happened as she was releasing it the first time? No she was wearing a coat now and hadn’t been then and mittens, which just may save her.
Scrambling he checked her neck for a pulse it was very feint and she was cold. He pulled his glove off and shot his hand down her shirtfront and ascertained that her core temperature was warm enough but cooling, she was saturated through.

He heard a feint groan.
‘Hold on woman, I’ll get you out.’ he told her and set to in hitching Fred to the rover.
He scrambled back to her before calling Fred to haul, and the guys thought him nuts for teaching the horse “tricks”. His grandfather had told him that living alone required trained animals!

As soon as he felt the cable slacken she stirred crying out at the sudden rush of pain to her hand. grabbing it to reapply pressure he pulled her hand out, then dragged his scarf from his neck tied it tightly around her hand.

Before releasing Fred again he made sure the cable was fast. Then sweeping her up in his arms he draped her over Fred’s back before setting back up the hill for home, patting Fred’s tired neck and Bess’s head in gratitude as they trotted along beside him.

~ adgray©2009

part three



Frankston, Australia

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Artist's Description

What was a woman doing alone on the side of a mountain in an old landrover anyway?
Drew supposed he’d have to rescue her … exactly why he gave up people! They always needed rescuing!

Just a bit of mountain madness (lol) a story exploring a fantasy
Not really a kids story and I have no idea where it’s going but it’ll while away a cuppa break!

Chookas! ♥

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  • adgray
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