To critique or not to critique that is the question!

IN My Opinion ( and I apologise now for the length of it – I usually do have LARGE opinion comments sorry!) ….. anyway in MY opinion there has been far too much molly coddling of people and their precious “Rights” - You have a right to do this, a right to say that, a right to have this, a right to be sheltered from that, a right to have rights!!!!

Take it back to the basics!
A baby & thus a person fundamentally has
- a right to a safe haven
- a right to water & nourishment
- a right to nurturing family love
- a right to healthy self development mind and body
- a right to express themselves without fear

Beyond that everything is a Privilege … a LUXURY! (yes even to drive!)
And as humans are a communal animal we compliment those rights with a list of duties

- a duty to look after yourself and not be a burden where you can
- a duty to be productive for the benefit of the community
- a duty to protect and promote positive well being
- a duty of care for the young ill injured weak and vulnerable
- a duty to be honourable & reasonable – also considerate, helpful, respectful, responsible, trustworthy, loyal, courageous, cheerful, thrifty & environmentally conscious!

In my opinion if you neglect the duty you lose the right … (criminals get it easy! – but that’s another tangent!)

There is always a choice – even to NOT make a choice is a choice
There is no such thing as a free lunch
and EVERYTHING has a consequence – be that negative or positive!

Now that the basics are laid the idea that speech is FREE really is a crock of ….. well ……
There are always consequences to what is said written or done or infact what is also NOT said written or done!

So Now add in the RING THEORY
3 consecutive rings representing every living thing with a conscious:

Center ring is our core self (spirit soul heart & mind)
understandings feelings thoughts ideas knowledge beliefs memories decisions dreams

Middle ring is our physical self (our skin representing the edge)
projecting image, actions & vocab and receiving knowledge through our senses & perceptions

Outer ring is our relationships (interaction with the people and the world around us)
the overlap of other outer rings and only to the accepted degree up to eachother’s inner ring “skin”

… therefore:
No one is responsible FOR anyone else! Only TO others
[yes even mothers! – there is a special bond as the child was once within the skin of the mother but never within the Core self of the mother!]
& you cannot MAKE anyone do anything they do not chose to do for themselves!

Ok THAT all said now to the issue of artists who CLAIM they Welcome Free speech and then
a) control that speech [by discounting what has been said]
b) complain about being given negative feedback

Frankly the person who opens themselves to critique must accept the credence of that critique in whatever form it comes – it is a critique of the product created NOT of the person who created it!

It is used in every walk of life forming and molding products of all kinds and aimed at improvements to the best example of description.

But of all the vocations in the world artists cop harsh critique every day in one form or another and usually from themselves!
Objecting to the critique by discounting or complaining just shows up their immaturity and their lack of intelligence

It takes immense amounts of courage to be an artist of any kind
♠ courage to challenge yourself to do the art better than you think you can
♠ courage to SHOW that work to another – immediately opening yourself to their critique
♠ courage to then ask for honest opinions
Once you have gotten that far don’t undermine yourself with suddenly sooking off!
Those that do shoot themselves in the foot and take themselves out of the running

Perhaps if more artists were less personal about their product then more critiques could be honest and maybe less offensive or substandard work would be produced

BUT having said that,
What gives any ONE of us the right to judge the standard of another’s creativity?
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! and never more so than in ART!

Personally I have issues with many pieces that have been acclaimed Genius art! Picasso, some of the older repetitive Renaissance masters and even loads of the modern and POP artists, …. but that is MY preferences!

What would benefit us as artists, is to take a PROFESSIONAL approach to our finished products!
& remember It is our ART that is on show for critique NOT ourselves!

1 We have created something to the point that we feel confident to show others
2 If possible we can polish it up – taking from critique what better to fix up etc [for writers & film makers it is editing, photographers could crop or put some filter or wash or something over the shot, etc]
3 When we have done all we can do & decided it is “finished” then it is up to the popularity of the audience to decree it a successful piece or not
4 We as the creator then must move on and either create again of give it away – again our own choice & no one MADE us do anything!

Well that’s MY opinion; _WHAT SAY YOU?_

To critique or not to critique that is the question! by 

My good friend Sally Omar posted a JE about the problems of critiques & artists who welcome opinion only to delete comments conflicting their ideals and then write a JE proclaiming Free speech and omitting preferences for editorial control.
In other words “Sure say what you like provided I agree to it or like it otherwise shut your trap!”

What would you think?

Chookas! ♥

*Light in the Darkness Group May 09

adgray is a writer and a poet
- telling stories all her life,
- writing them down once she learnt how
“Scribbling! Always scribling!”
… and no there was nothing to be done about it!
Her poetry came later when the gift found her to be a ZETE segue (Zographonic Extemporanious Treatise Ekphrasis)
At times she can go into a trance-like state as poetry flows through her to the page and screen
Thank you for coming to read my words! ~ adgray~

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  • Vicki Ferrari
    Vicki Ferrarialmost 6 years ago

    If we all liked the same thing, we wouldn’t need to have the bubble……
    and I like the bubble!
    If Madonna had been concerned about what every person thought of her, she would not be where she is today. (I wouldn’t mind her bank balance!!)
    And the old saying, you can please some of the people some of the time but you can’t please all of the people all of the time!
    What other people think of me is none of my business….
    Having said that, I can be a little sensitive but not all the time – could be hormones (thank god for hrt!), or a daily mix up in chemicals…. and if it happens to me, it happens to everyone!

    (having said all that, hope i haven’t said the wrong thing?!! ………. bloody hormones!)

  • LOL Is THAT my problem??? Hormones! lol

    But yep they say that to every success there is a thousand failures!
    & be kind to those you pass on the way up – for they’re the ones to catch you when you fall! [bugger cant think of any more quotes lol]
    But I do like how you said : What other people think of me is none of my business! a statement I think I will treasure! How very bloody true!!!!
    Well said!
    ☼ BRAVO!!! ☼

    (so It wasn’t the hormones! lol – wont tell you what my young nephew got that mixed up with! lol)

    – adgray

  • kalaryder
    kalaryderalmost 6 years ago

    I always enjoy your comments and questions :)
    I appreciate any critique and several comments I have used to improve my photos, so yes, please critique anything I do. Having said that, I only usually comment in the space provided in Photography 101 – that is the daily critique. Sometimes though, I feel happier not saying anything. Not sure if that answers your questions or not. LOL

  • Thank you! [for enjoying my comments & words lol]
    not saying anything harks back to our polite upbringing lifestyle – “If you cant say anything nice say nothing!” Man I can politely thank someone under the table!!! lol In fact generally the more pointedly polite I am you can be sure the more Pissed off I am! lol
    Thank you ever so much for always reading my words! [no no really …. errr …. I’m seriously grateful … really thank you! lol]
    Chookas my sweet man! X♥X

    – adgray

  • Vicki Ferrari
    Vicki Ferrarialmost 6 years ago

    re what your nephew thought!!
    I had better not tell you my really bad joke then, not here, anyway!!!

  • hahahahahaha ….. go on! I dare you! lol

    – adgray

  • Vicki Ferrari
    Vicki Ferrarialmost 6 years ago

    How do you make a hormone?

  • oooooohhhh …. Uggggh!!!! lol BAD JOKE!!!! uuuuuuuugh!
    THAT is NOT funny!!!! lol and yes I did groan!!!
    gggrrrrrrrrrrferdnhjfdyktriytedkvjtgekugdgrrbfffm!!!!! [think mutly! lol]

    – adgray

  • dogbreath
    dogbreathalmost 6 years ago

    feel better now?

  • I wasn’t feeling bad!
    Just tossing about philosophy regarding critique & why it is important NOT to attach it to emotions!
    That’s the professional thing to do isn’t it?
    afterall it is our WORK on display not ourselves!
    Thanks for READING my words!

    – adgray

  • Sally Omar
    Sally Omaralmost 6 years ago

  • Thank you for this!
    But does it have to be so big???
    Surely Congrats this has been Featured in Light in the Darkness would be enough?
    Thank you anyway!
    Chookas! X♥♥X

    – adgray

  • Agnes McGuinness
    Agnes McGuinnessalmost 6 years ago

    Most definitely beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some pieces that I uploaded, I really loved, and they didn’t get much attention here. Others that I thought were so-so, were very well received. This makes me look at my work anew, to see what other people see, or where I could improve. It’s great positive feedback. And i someone wants specifically critiqued, there are groups. Great writeup, Adgray. Much food for thought. .Agnes xx

  • Thanks Agnes for coming to read!
    Sometimes things just creep out my fingers without me looking! lol
    No I truly believe this philosophy of life … all summed up in “Do Unto others as you would have done unto you!" I’m pretty sure the person whom removed the critique was completely honest with whatever she didn’t like!
    Perhaps she adheres to the old Goose & Gander idea of “One rule for me and a whole lotta others for you lot!” or
    “Everyone in the world is mad except for thee and me and even thee is a little weird!”
    Chookas! ♥

    – adgray

  • skyhorse
    skyhorsealmost 6 years ago

    Food for thought & wisdom too, I cannot change what other people think of me so i cease to care – those who are important to me know me well enough to have honest opinions, good or bad, but the important thing is what do I think of myself?
    As for my work, I can’t affect how other people view that either, but I’m open to critique – it is up to me how I take that away & use it or allow myself to be hurt by it, no-one else can do that, I guess that’s part of the “responsibility” thing, responsibility for self.
    Good question!

  • Wisdom? Me?!!! What a week!
    First someone calls me a legend & now wisdom?
    At this rate I might get a turned head! (would it improve my view? lol)
    Actually it’s taken me 45 years to like myself & figure out I have to care about me cos no one else will (a gorgeous man told me that once!) but it’s only been last week that I twigged “Ok now I have to care FOR me too!”
    Years of being conditioned to think it completely selfish & vein for merely looking at myself in the mirror …. no wonder it has taken me so long to like myself!
    But being the fat red head NO ONE can critique me harder than I do myself! It was my tactic for undermining the bullies of my school years …. & then the abusive hubbies! lol
    I always went into exams convinced I would fail … that way if I did I wouldn’t be disappointed but if I passed I’d be so pleasantly surprised!!! lol
    So it’s such a nice surprise that people read my words and seem to “like them” lol
    Chookas! X♥X

    – adgray

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