= Tis the Wee Folk! =

Oh my word looka here !!
Look at what ye’ve gone and found !
and taken a photy of and everything!
Mind where you stand!
They’re only as big as a seed pod
and ye’ve great big boots ye have and all!
But look …. whisht!
Tis a magical Faerie convention it tis
and you were lucky to catch sight of it!

Only the very special at heart get to see them
Especially when they’re doing their morning dance
and having their birthday tea and all
I hope you held your breath and said a wish
and turned about three times for luck for them
as they do love a whirlwind to help them with their dancing!

Do you see the special gold ones around the edges?
They’re the younguns learning how to do what’s to be done
I hope y’ didn’t step on any with your great clodhopping boots
Aah to see the wee folk now !!
tis a tight to ease an old pair of eyes!

What? Dandy lions? Where? Where’s a dandy lion?
You’re pulling my leg
They’re the little people I’m telling ya !! The wee faerie folk in the glen!
Nooo, It weren’t me that finished the bottle of your best …
Sure I left some for the wee folk to have to enjoy their craic
I’m not one for to be drinking alone you know!

No no no ossifer I’m telling ye the truth look look
whisht …. Down there between the vines
look ye daft eejit …. look look look!!!
The young lad took their photy and all!
Och now you’ll be telling me there’s dany lions too!

Orrite orrite I’ll be coming along with you
The mornings started and there’s work to be done …
What? No work for me you say? Well now Isn’t that a fine thing and all!
Ah tis a grand day to be sure!
Well good day to you ye wee folk!
Enjoy your dancing …. I’ll catch you on the morrow!

♣ lol ~ adgray 2009 ♣

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I was just wandering along in the bubble minding my own business when I came across this awesome shot

‘the Vinyard’ by Aaron
Who’d have thought there were faeries in the vineyards of the Yarra Valley up at the back of the Dandenongs
and lo and behold the little people got in my ear they did and all!
I wish all the luck of the Faeries to be blessing your door
and the little people to be good to you on your travels
and don’t you be forgetting to hold ye breath make a wish
and turn about three times and wish the wee folk well in return!

Chookas! X♥X

Aye I have a touch of the blarney in me and all to be sure!


winery, story, inspired, yarravalley, vineyards, dandenongs, irish, faeries, blarney, tipsy, dandylions, eejit, ekphrasis

adgray is a writer and a poet
- telling stories all her life,
- writing them down once she learnt how
“Scribbling! Always scribling!”
… and no there was nothing to be done about it!
Her poetry came later when the gift found her to be a ZETE segue (Zographonic Extemporanious Treatise Ekphrasis)
At times she can go into a trance-like state as poetry flows through her to the page and screen
Thank you for coming to read my words! ~ adgray~

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  • drewjthomas
    drewjthomasover 5 years ago

    a joy; an entertainment; a treat; a familiar sound heard better than i remembered, the little bit my ears treated themselves with indulgence: is it true that Irish actor that we very often see in his Irish role, really was a leprechaun before he was stretched tall?

  • LOL
    Now be careful there wee drew
    we may think you’ve a touch of the blarney too
    forgive the miss of the J
    but it wouldn’t rhyme that way
    but tis a limerick I give to you!

    hahahaha Chookas! X♥X

    – adgray

  • drewjthomas
    drewjthomasover 5 years ago

    was only called ‘the drunken irishman’ in the tavern,
    by some who said i sounded irish: must have read too
    much seano’casey, said i, then reading jj

  • AmandaWitt
    AmandaWittover 5 years ago

    Great little story I have just read,
    I heard the Irish all through my head,
    I imagined them small,
    Faeries, leprechauns, all
    My imagination you have just fed.

  • Tere’s a Limerick way to your words
    and a lovely thing to be heard
    with a rhythm that’s bright
    and the rhyming just right
    who says we’re just a bunch of nerds?

    – adgray

  • tracyxkeema
    tracyxkeemaover 5 years ago

    top o’ the mornin! very entertaining indeed, fun writing x

  • and to be sure it tis the top of the morning and all to see such as your charming self coming to have a peek at my words and leave a darling comment!
    I’ll be thanking you all day for it! (and cursing you aswell for getting my mind to think in Irish again! I’ll never get anything done now! lol)
    ♣ May all the blessings of the Irish ….. come crashing down about yer head! ♣ lol :O)
    Thank you for reading my words!
    Chookas! X♥X

    – adgray

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