= Not In Front of Molly =

W-uunn ….. tw-ooo …… frr-eee …….. fooor! …….
W-uunn tw-ooo …… frr-eee …….. fooor! …….
W-uunn tw-ooo frr-eee …….. fooor! …….
W-uunn tw-ooo ……. frr-eee fooor!
W-uunn tw-ooo frr-eee fooor !

O’aggen pinkies moved beads on th’tray of Mollyschair

Molly could see Mmm small in t’maketea, standing at the ooh-burnies, sometimes giving a peepers and a smiliegirl over her therethere, her reelylong darkasnigh th’air swaying like nonoth’cattail on th’chair. Mmm was little-girl there in t’maketea where th’tap splishy-splashy orlwet and ssmms came from. Mmm always ssmm good; a stir-stir of the nice’n’warm yumyum ssmms and oooh-cold crispycrisp allclean ssmms and smellgoo-ood that Hunny liked.

‘Daddy … Dad-dah … C’mon Molly, say it please, say “Dad-dah” for me … just for me … please?’ Hunny’s face came into Molly’s peepers all gone countbeads and ssmms and hideyseek Mmm.

Hunny’s shinyblueskies m’ies digging deep into Molly’s peepers; the soft honey notm’air beside them making her pinkies tingle to nopull it. Molly looked back, her big beudiflblue peepers unblinking under long lash fringed lids that had barely seen th’sun. Molly reached her pinkies for the notm’air, misst and slammed her clap’ands on the tray – bignoise! Her onestep tingled and she bi-ignoise it aggen and giggelly-piggelly!

‘It’s hopeless she won’t speak!’ Hunny’s noise whined like sillypup nextdoor.
‘Oh Hunny she speaks perfectly well, you just don’t listen!’ Mmm small noise.
‘Well how come she talks to you “perfectly well” but won’t to me? She hates me!’
Hunny go plonk in Daddyschair b’side th’tabe and Mollyschair.
‘How can she hate you she has no concept of what that even means!’ Mmm said getting-big and bi-ignoise, her clap’ands holding w-uunn tw-ooo bowls.

Mmm put w-uunn bowl on th’tabe for Hunny and then sat in Mmmschair with tw-ooo bowl. Molly saw th’poon; it was in Mmm’s pinkies going stir-stir in tw-ooo bowl. Th’nastywind came out of Mmm’s mwaah, first on tw-ooo bowl and then at Molly’s peepers. Molly’s peepers shutthem and it all went darkasnigh then wakey-wakey and Mmm was smiliegirl so Molly smiliegirl too.
‘There’s my smiley girl.’

Molly ssmm th’mush in tw-ooo bowl with th’poon and jiggley-jig all over! Her tootsies-in-th’warmsox stiffed and her legs quityerkicking o’aggen. Her arms stiff; clapands up’igh pinkies twinkle twinkle open-shutthem o’aggen. Her onesteps and her pinkies tingled to squish th’mush; even her pinkies on her tootsies-in-warmsox tingled too. Molly closed her aah and moved her m’yumyum wanting the real thing; warm mush in m’yumyum filling th’empty-tumtum.

‘Mmm Mmm Mmm’ Molly hummed her eyes on th’poon ‘Poon Mmm’ she pushed out through her aah.
‘Yes the spoon brings you the yummy brecky’ Mmm smiliegirl ‘Soon Baby, it’s still a bit hot’

Th’poon didn’t come so Molly slapped w-uunn clap’ands on th’tray stopping her jigglelly-jig at the waddab-ignoise! Her onestep tingallingalled as it lay stunned on th’tray. Slowly Molly peeled it up from th’tray and onestep tingallingallingd.

‘Well that was a big noise on the tray!’ Mmm was smiliegirl and Molly looked up then bi-ignoise her clap’ands on th’tray o’aggen. ‘Ooh what a big noise!’ Mmm replied, her smiliegirl showing pearlyteef.

So Molly tried it with the other clap’ands; it wasn’t as good, her pinkies didn’t stiff and it ouchie her shutthems but the other clap’ands bi-ignoise o’aggen and she smiliegirl giggeldy-piggeldy at Mmm’s big peepers.

‘So what is she saying then? Go on smarty, translate!’ Molly could peepers Hunny’s snoddynoz notuptheres, and Hunny’s huggems was hugling Hunny
‘She’s saying “Look at me I can make noises and I want food cos I’m hungry but if you don’t give me food I will make noises till you do”.’
‘She’s not saying that at all, that’s what she’s doing!’
‘Everything is communication Hunny, not just words, and English doesn’t hold the monopoly on them!’

‘Whaddeyamean! You telling me something? You telling me you like the sound of foreign words? Perhaps you’re telling me you like that Itye bloke down at the market! What about the fat greesy bloke in the fish’n’chip shop?’
Daddyschair all-fall-down and waddabignoise as Hunny getting-big and moved close to Mmm. His bigands and pinkies holding his nappy.
‘Maybe you’d rather one of them in your bed! Maybe this isn’t good enough anymore!’

‘Hunny please not now.’ Mmm’s face was hot
‘Not now! Never now!’ Hunny was wadda-bi-ignoise
‘Not in front of Molly!’ Mmm was shhwhisper
‘You think she’s bothered? She’s only a baby she wouldn’t have the concept!’ Hunny screwed his nose like badsmelly nappy! ‘But you do! Here!’

Hunny’s bigands grabbed Mmm’s th’air and tried to pull her smiliegirl to his nappy.
‘Hunny please not now.’ Mmm teddytalk
‘Cmon Baby there’s plenty of time for a quicky while the mush is cooling!’ Hunny sounded nonovyersmoothtorky

Mmm’s huggems were stiff – one clap’ands on th’tabe the shutthems white-as-clouds; the other held tw-ooo bowl ‘n’poon out-of-the-way.
‘Please Hunny not now.’ Mmm pulled back from Hunny’s nappy and pulled her th’air away but her peepers did not look up at Hunny ‘Eat your breakfast it’s getting cold.’
‘I don’t need you to tell me what to do and I don’t want mush for my breakfast!’ Hunny’s bigands grabbed w-uunn bowl from th’tabe and made it go fast to th’wall and make a wadda-bi-ignoise! ‘I want eggs and bacon, steaks and snags’ Hunny was wadda-bi’ignoise

Mmm got smaller and put tw-ooo bowl ‘n’poon in t’maketea and put a nappy to th’tap then held it in her her pinkies touching th’mush on th’wall.

‘We don’t have any.’ Mmm was hush shhwhisper now
‘We never have any, just mush!’ Hunny quityerkicking Mmmschair to all-fall-down and bignoise ‘What do you spend all the money on? ‘
‘Smokes and grog for you! Nothing ever for me!’ Mmm b-ignoise!
‘That’s coz I’m the only one who works around here!’ Hunny waddabi-ignoise then giggeldy-piggeldy ‘Well at least you can have your meat! C’m’ere!’

Hunny bigstep then bigands tickled Mmm but Mmm wasn’t giggelly-piggelly. Hunny pulled Mmm from the wall and tuned her-all-about but Mmm wasn’t singsong hogiepogie-dance.

‘No Hunny please no’ Mmm sounded oh-wassup
‘Shut it! You’ll scare the baby!’

Hunny pushed Mmm on th’tabe on her tumtum and Hunny seeto Mmm’s changeyoupants. Mmm’s claphands were hidyseek hindm’back in Hunny’s bigands and her chinny-chin-chin was on the table. Mmm’s bigboddumlip was caught in her smileygirl pearlyteef as Hunny jiggedy-jig Mmm bouncy onm’lap.

Mmm’s peepers showme the nicies of walkies, torrtreez, bigsky, perdyflower, the bigbathy, but no duckies. Instead there were Ohmybabygirl bigtears.

And then Hunny made a bigyawn bi’ignoise and stepped back.
Hunny gone in t’maketea th’tap splishy-splashy and orlwet Hunny’s hothead.
Hunny was little-girl there.
Hunny m’yumyum m’smoke in his mwaah and made th’end little burnies.
‘Sorry’ was a little word then Hunny gone.

‘Dada’ Molly pushed out her aah hearing the doorbang
‘Yes your father’s going tata’s big time!’ Mmm growled like bigblackdog on walkies, Mmm’s wet peepers hot and as scardyasthunner.

‘Mmm Mmm Poon Mmm’ Molly pushed out through her aah; her claphands twingle-twingle and smacked the tray and her m’yumyum pretending yumm-yumms was in it.
‘Yes Molly my darling baby, time to feed you!’ Mmm wipeth’tears and ahwaah-ed on Molly’s curlytops!

~ adgray©2009

= Not In Front of Molly =


Frankston, Australia

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Artist's Description

I found this picture

1234 in the gallery of the stunning Mr waitin’ for rain and I was transported back in time to my babyhood where I remember my own beads on my own highchair.

Having talked to my mother she assured me her highchair for us was yellow Formica with chrome trim and the plastic beads were red blue white and orange and yes I remember that one too (I’m pretty sure that’s why I liked green cos it was missing from the beads on my tray.)

But I also remember a wooden one that looks just like this one. … but how?

Finally my Dad has come to the rescue – his Mother (my Nana) had one like that, [dating early 20th century], for him and his brothers and she must have used it when I was staying with her as a baby. He confessed he’d taken no notice!

Now having said that I must tell you
this story is NOT autobiographical in any way!

…. other than imagining the language as how a baby would learn things before language came fully.
I hope you can work it out
… and perhaps learn how confusing it is for a baby to work us out!
(or anyone who doesn’t know our language or our ways)

Chookas! ♥

Riginals Group 02-06-09
Thank you!

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