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So the survivors and the families of the victims of the Bushfires & Floods could Rock ON!

This was another journal that I posted and updated as the rock concert went along!
After all what else were you goner do on a wet cold rainy afternoon & there’s nothing on the vidiot box to watch (I looked lol) not even this concert! Blooody stooooopid TV stations!!! Tomorrow we can watch Desperate Housewives aaalll bloooody day but we can’t see this awesome rock concert??? They are NUTS!!! Woodstock wouldn’t even rate either to them would it? Just as well Vega 91.5fm was telecasting live … well as live as they could get! Chookas!

The music scene of Australia and around the world have gotten together in two cities to create the most awesome of Rock Benefit Concerts
+ <<
@ $75 per head flat rate (all procedures going to the bushfire relief funds) the crowd has flocked to the MCG Melbourne & the SCG Sydney
The crowd is 80,000 in Melbourne alone!

Rock Guru Ian Molly Meldrum started the concert in Melbourne welcoming every one and dismissing the rain as a blissful sign from heaven for the true relief of our fires & drought! Because people it is POURING in Melbourne!!! – thunderstorms and all! Winter has come and may we all hope that it stays till next September and break our drought!

The first band in Melbourne was JET a band of boys from our own Dingly [about 10mins drive north of me]
They did an array of songs including their world hits of
Are You Goner Be My Girl?
& Look What You’ve Done

More to come … Coldplay @ SCG
(sorry there is such gaps in this telecast and I don’t know why – the temptation to call Vega and ask why lol – One reason could be that they will replay it tonight on TV [cos there was film of it on the News Break] but that’s just cheating lol)

So the SCG has burst onto the Aussie fm airwaves with the awesome sounds of COLDPLAY
(NB when you click on these coldplay links scroll down to play the video clip of the song)

Their first song YELLOW is PERFECT!!!! (lol yep one of my faves lol)
then Lost
Viva La Vida

WOOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! YES !!!! (sorry tad of a fan lol)
Duetting with Coldplay! the King of Aussie pop music [country rock & ballad] the awesome Mr John Farnham performing his anthem! You’re the Voice {"Lyrics":http://www.metrolyrics.com/youre-the-voice-lyri...}

Well they made this roomer come true lol
Thank you so much you wonderful boys from the UK!!!
Thank you our Fantastic JOHN!!! AWESOME Trooper that you are!!!

(But I have to admit even as one of his biggest fans, I feel I understand why he no longer tours. At 60yo he is slowly losing his ability to “Belt out a number!” and this anthem is dearly one that needs to have both the musicality to sing it solemnly and also Belt it out!)

MCG coming up……
Nope SCG

Kings of Leon
1 ? / 2 ?
well I’ve found this song [3rd of their offerings today]
3rd On Call
Oooooh I know this next one lol
4th Use Somebody
Thank you you Tennessee-an boys lol

Ok MCG kicks back in with South Australian, Melbourne adopted Paul Kelly
Leaps and Bounds
Dumb Things
To Her Door
God Told Me To
[Then he went off into some Bob Dylan-esque / gospel songs]
Thank you sir your music is awesome !!!

(I have to apologize if I have song titles wrong and for not finding links – often there is no intro and the bands are using this as a chance to air their new stuff which I don’t recognise and then to try and find Lyrics there are a lot of bands that want you to join their fan clubs in order to get them! – shiesh all that for a song title! lol)

Next up – The HOODOO GURUS on the SCG stage
1 ? / 2 ? / 3 ?
4 Come anytime (I know that one lol)
5 1000 miles away
6 What’s My Scene?
7 Like Wow – Wipeout

Back at the MCG

Kasey Chambers and Shane Nicholson with Troy Cassar-Daley
[NB Kasey was the only female performer of the night …
….. who? Kylie? do British budgies count?]

1st Rattling Bones
2nd Monkey on a Wire
3rd Captain
4th Your Day Will Come
5th The House that Never Was (apt Lyrics)
Brilliant People!!! Thank you!!!!

Still at the MCG Neil Finn of “Crowded House” Fame
Playing with friends some new material – very weird very off beat and very strange!
(lol so strange Vega has cut to a studio record lol)

Ok now they are playing CROWDED HOUSE music so Vega is letting us hear them lol_
Don’t Dream it’s over

Tim Finn just joined in – YAY!!! Brother of Neil & founding member with him
[then with the third being Paul Hester (who sadly is with us no more – depression is a horrible thing) & the fourth Mark Seymour – made up the original New Zealand Started Crowded House]
Weather with you
You’d better be home soon


Next up the mellow tunes of the awesome Mr Jack Johnson
1st Banana Pancakes
2nd Same Girl
3rd Times Like These
4th sitting waiting wishing
5th Gone Gone Gone
6th Flake
7th Better Together
(Wow this guy ran all these together one after another brilliantly
and the crowd was singing along!)

THANK YOU SIR for caring and coming over to share your compassion!

May I point out here all these artists are NOT GETTING PAID for this!
The crews setting all these up and working the concerts are working for free too!
THAT is our Aussie way!

B R A V O !!!

(May I also point out the predominantly OS owned Power companies have NOT come to the party & the power bills will need to be paid!)

(there’s a pretty big storm happening at the mo’ [hail, tree flattening wind, heavy rain, Cracking lightening overhead! the lot!] that’s stirred up the animals and then I have to feed them and us and all that lol C U Soon!)

Right into the evening shift – cos this goes on until sometime late tonight! lol

I think I have missed something (I think it was Kylie Minogue {no great loss} I don’t think she sang {Thank goodness lol} she may have just blathered a bit and let the men drool away their annoyance at the rain lol)So I have emailed Vega to find out what I missed and I hope to hear back from them soon – but if anyone else can help me fill in this spot I would be grateful!

One thing I did miss was the minute’s silence! I partially remember thinking my radio had packed up or there was a black out or something … (I tend to tune out when radio people talk – like ads etc lol) apparently though from people who were there at the MCG 80,000 people went dead silent for a whole minute! Now THAT had to be impressive!

The next thing I missed [although it could be out of order]
was Our Windsor Royal Princes, William & Harry sending us an address
♦ They spoke of how very sorry they were for not being able to be present at our concerts
[would we have had one in each city ? (Wills in Sydney & Harry with us cos we like rangas lol) or both together – no doubt in Sydney so they could stay at the GGs Place]
♦ They like the world know that for the families of the victims and those injured and homeless have not been forgotten and that they know it is still far from over!
♦ They also wanted to remember the courage and bravery of the awesome emergency services and of the nameless people who have done more than necessary to help those in need
♦ Harry taps in with saying the efforts of everyone are outstanding and that the concert line up looks amazing!
♦ He wanted us to enjoy our evening as the proceeds will go a long way in helping those in need
♦ and Wills then told us their thoughts and prayers are will us all!
Thank you Your Royal Highnesses!
I hope the dignity & grace you have just displayed will strengthen your positions of leadership and power when you receive them!

On the MCG stage are the AWESOME HUNNERS!!!!! HUNTERS & COLLECTORS reformed just for this benefit concert – how good is that? !!!

1st When the rivers run dry
2nd Do you see what I see
3rd Turn a Blind Eye
4th Say Goodbye
5th Holy Grail
6th Throw Your Arms Around Me

Woooohoooo an encore!
The Slab

THANK YOU GUYS – You have shown yourselves to be true troopers thank you! We miss you!

But this is how this tragedy has effected us all – people have put their differences aside to pull together and help!

I wish I was there – wearing my Dryzabone and Barmah hat and gumboots to dance on our hallowed turf and be alive for all those who aren’t there! I grew up listening to these bands and these songs believing they would always be playing like the Stones but they all stopped …. and here they are all playing live and I’m not there! So I sit here doing the next best thing and listen to it in my world of earphones and share it with you all in my world of words!

SPLIT ENZ has just hit the MCG stage!
Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooohooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
[Not really surprising lol – both Finn brothers were here & they made this band up too – the only bunch of guys to have 2 hit bands in 2 different feels at pretty much the same time! – Now THAT’s Professional!]

1st Shark Attack
2nd Alien Smile
3rd I Got You
4th Message to my Girl
5th Dirty Creatures
6th Six months in a leaky boat
With the most outstanding piano instrumental intro ever!
7th History Never Repeats
8th I See Red

THANK YOU ENZ!!!!!!!A W E S O M E !!!!!!
♥ We Miss you !!!!! ♥


The AWESOME OILS!!! – MIDNIGHT OIL – Have just exploded onto the MCG!!!
Peter Garret is our Federal Minister for Environment I hope this performance reminds him of WHY we elected him to represent us!

1st Read About It
2nd Blue Sky Mining
3rd Advance Australia Fair
[a stunning electric guitar solo that had the crowd singing it!]
4th One Country
5th Beds are Burning
Woo!!! …… dancing now!!!! ….. hahahaha! … doing the desk chair bop! lol
How can we dance when the earth is turning!!!
How can we sleep while our beds are burning!!!!
☺♫♦↕§♪♪♣♪♪♣♫↓§↑♥↔♫☼♫↔♣↓§↑♫♪♣♪§♦↕♫☺ …. lol
6th King of the Mountain
dedede dedede de de doo dedede dedede de de doo
dedede dedede de de doo dedede dedede de de doo
dedede dedede de de doo dedede dedede de de doo
7th Capricornia
dedede dedede de de doo dedede dedede de de doo
dedede dedede de de doo dedede dedede de de doo
8th Power and the Passion
9th The Best of Both Worlds


I soooo want a copy of this concert! (yes even with all it’s stuff ups lol)

I have tried to give you an idea of what these bands sounded like but it was NOTHING like the LIVE version! The musicality of these musicians and the ambiance of the concert ……..!!!!

AWESOME!!!! {sigh} Just AWESOME!!!!!

I wish I had have been there! That we all had been!
This was the next best thing and in a way a good thing as I was able to archive how it went!
Thank you for sharing this with me!
☼ Chookas to all of us! ☼
☼ Goodnight! X♥X ☺{{{{{waving!!!}}}}☺

This concert is said to have raised $5million for the Disaster Fund Relief AWESOME !!!
The AGE report

How did I miss ICEHOUSE ?
well I know they played Great Southern Land cos it’s on youtube already!
what else did they play? & where? I bet it wasup at the SCG & they didn’t tell us!
& with Kate Cebrano too!

aaaaahhh! during the afternoon gap Taylor Swift played Love Story in Sydney & we knew nothing!

I wonder what else was played & not telecast! It would make so much sense to know that the venues were jumping all day & not just dead for ages between what we heard! Makes me want a DVD all the more now!

(Oh & apparently Kylie sang Still call Australia Home in her perfect British accent! lol)



Frankston, Australia

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They still have no homes to go home to!

Your Compassion is Greatly Appreciated! ♥

Ian Molly Meldrum
John Farnham
Taylor Swift
Paul Kelly
Kasey Chambers and Shane Nicholson
Troy Cassar-Daley
Jack Johnson
Kate Cebrano
Kylie Minogue
William & Harry

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