Procrastination Killer! ~ Bruno Update!

4 weeks ago I said “Buggar it we are going to go!”

I used an excuse of taking kittens to a friend’s and packed the kids into the car and we went! The kids grumbled and slept pretty much through the whole trip but they did get out at one town and were happy enough to walk into a house I insisted they walk into. An hour later I was dragging them out to be on our way.

We ended up camping by a river and then driving to the top of the world. Half way up we met a Mountain Trail riding group and helped the chuck wagon set up. we then found a slate mine at the peak and were astounded that people carted slate from here for over a hundred years for their homes and buildings! Then after a hair raising drive DOWN the hill that rivaled any amusement park Big Dipper! we found an abandoned mountain cattle farm and had lunch in a mountain meadow by a mountain stream!

Finally reluctantly I packed us all back into the car and we left via the southern route. It took ages to get home; easily twice as long as to get there. we saw homes along rivers we dreamed of living in and others that amazed us in their construction. Yet it seemed to take so long to get down off the mountains.

But just when the kids were about to start on the “Are We There Yet?” the eldest and most disinterested of the kids saw something the rest of us missed
“STOP!!!! Back up!”

We complied and there on the side of the mountain was a small waterfall right beside the road!
We happily stopped and filled every bottle we had with the pure mountain water and took photos in the fading evening sunshine. The trip home was suddenly happier again.

It seemed like I had dragged them out and up there and then I had to drag them back home again. Their world of DVDs & convenience was forgotten for the beauty and freshness and true life values of the High Country. I am so glad we went!

Last week the news was full of the Black Sat Bushfires [07-02-09]
and my children stared in horror
the town we had stopped in was Marysville
The house was Bruno Torf’s art gallery
both gone now

Had I not dragged them out we would
- never have seen the beauty that we saw
- never have stood and stared at the wonders of the rolling mountains
- never have stopped at a waterfall for fresh mountain water
Had they not have just been there
- they would not have cared about the devastation
- they would not have understood
- they would have missed out

Yes we are sad, I have been crying all week and will some more
But I am so glad they saw the beauty before it went
A lesson so very very valuable!
Sadly learned the very very hard way!
Don’t learn it the hard way like us!
(We’re running out of bush / nature’s beauty!)
Chookas! x♥x


Bruno survived! [many of his friends and neighbours didn’t]

He lost many artworks and the gardens could be destroyed
but he plans to rebuild and bring the tourists back to Marysville

You can help him too – Here
Chookas Bruno Chookas all! ♥

the stunning Rosie Appleton has been posting awesome images of Marysville and the places we had been in this report.
Please look at THIS piece for more info to her helping Bruno & Marysville!

Mostly they ask “Please don’t forget us!”
We wont! ♥

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Procrastination Killer! ~ Bruno Update! by 

This was the reply I gave to a journal entry from Steve Hookstudio about the need to do today what you shouldn’t put off until tomorrow!

Bruno’s Studio


Rosie worked on this and we gave it to the Phoenix Appeal
- it has sold copies to help!
Her image Marysville View & my poem Watercolour Hue


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  • dinghysailor1
    dinghysailor1over 5 years ago

    wow this gives me goosebumps reading this! what precious memories ! take care and good luck….

  • Thanks mate
    I feel like I had been holding my breath all week
    I feel like I need to help
    All I can do is record it with my words and get it out to the world of people I know.
    Chookas! xXx

    – adgray

  • Robert Elliott
    Robert Elliottover 5 years ago

    wonderful, heart felt words and the message for all of us is oh so true

  • Rosie Appleton
    Rosie Appletonover 5 years ago

    What a wonderful sweetie you are :-) , thank you!! Glad you got there in the end, don’tcha just love kids and their lack of enthusiasm for anything not electronic!!!

  • Sally Omar
    Sally Omarover 5 years ago

    You are an awesome writer!!!!! You allow the reader to follow you on your journey!!!! xoxoxooxo

    BLYTHARTover 5 years ago

    I am so glad you got to see it, but so sad that it has been destroyed.

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