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Frankston, Australia

adgray is a writer and a poet … / - telling stories all her life, / - writing them down once she learnt how / “Scribbling!...



The stunning Christopher Ewing gave me a thought and I thought I’d share it here with you!…

Hi Chris – great thread!

He asked what has been the best things that have happened to you this year but as per usual I go and extend that into this last Decade after all it has been a whole decade of turbulence that I have endured to get here and funnily enough it is coming a full circle sort of.
So how’s your decade shaped up?

Here are my decade’s high & lows!
☻ Worst Day 1999 – March 4th being forced to leave my family by my partner not supporting me through a stress induced mental breakdown
Best Day 1999 – Last & best Hospitality Job – becoming a “Requested” Cook at “Kate Kelley’s” Mt Dandenong Woohoo! I felt valid – funnily I would never have taken it had I not been kicked out of my family!



#Have just submitted my first completed manuscript to my publisher!!!


>> ‘Warnambool Wreck’ <<
A story of a train trip that goes a bit skewiff!
A married man and an engaged woman fight possible terrorists or was it just a jealous ex?
Where some crazy freak had watched too many Hollywood movies and the CFA come to the rescue!
All in a day’s work for some – a once in a lifetime adventure for others!
Printed here is the first few parts but remember it’s only a first draft and it might all change come printing time!

I wish to thank
Joe Mortelliti for the gorgeous cover art!

☼ Stuart (my writing class mentor) for making me publish “The Bomb Story – it’s a good one that one!”

tigger-writer of Trenwick House for the offer to publish! (Pre-o

CHINESE HOROSCOPE: Game - rather uncannilly correct!

One off the chainemail circle that people insist on sending me!
I rarely indulge – so I should be dead at least 10 times over with so much bad fortune if I wasn’t I’d wish I was!…

But this one is fun!
Don’t panic about the doomsday stuff! (If it’s meant to happen it will) but the insight about how your mind works is fun!


1st – Ge

Writing Challenges need new facilites here. Please read.

Dear readers writers and other sundry friends……

As my good friend Rosa Cobos says:

We have found quite a lot of difficulties when wishing to promote, by means of a challenge, all the writing work of the members of RB. I have read the content of this link and my contribution is to make it public to all my friends and anyone interested. AND VOTE FOR IT.

Then…you will be able to support the request of new facilities for the Writing Challenges in RB

Once you have voted please try to “spread” the news along your thread.

Thank you for you help and interest.
☼ Happy Bubbling! ☼
Rosa & me!!!


Or more direct.


Oh yeah and this was my comment on the Voting page:
Well as it is our “Book Publishing” offer became “Coffee-table Photo books” I g

=Progress: the necessary evil=

_*A great RB artist retepk posted a JE lament
Freeways Urban Growth the Economy and our Bush Reserves
about the proposed Frankston Bypass here where I exist in Melbourne.…

I’m sorry but I had to reply!
Each to our own opinion!
This was mine:*_

Sorry but BULL!!!!!
1 – the planning for these freeways have been around since before 1970 (I have a 1970 Melways in which the proposed freeways are drawn in) so don’t go blaming the current Govt!
2 – Apart from the Scar tree (Which I wonder just how significant it really is – it was just a tree they made something from) there are no real “Virgin” pockets of bush being decimated – the land was cleared for farming back in the 1920’s by the returned servicemen from the first world war.
3 – the tunnel created at the bend in Mitcham was done because of Green

What a funny thing life is!

G’day to everyone who read my words!…

You may or may not have been aware that I was supposed to have surgery yesterday (Tuesday 1st Dec 09) for an Umbilical Hernia.
The procedure would be to disconnect my navel, repair the tear in the central muscle core with a mesh … which needed to be buried quite deep in the muscle and then stitch me up. The surgery would take an hour the recovery takes at least 5 hospital days and then a week taking everything very gingerly and hopefully in 6 weeks I would be back to normal to try and regain all my strength to return to normal duties a further 6 weeks later; 3 months out of normal action all up!
The problem is that it would be tampering with my main muscle group the supporting my back, the bending & straightening and the breathing muscles. Apart from th

NaNoWriMo FREE Book Offer!

Just got an email through from Chris Baty Director of NaNoWriMo Victoria

Dear NaNoWriMo 2008 Winner,

Last November, you did something amazing. You threw common sense to the
wind and bashed out a 50,000 word novel in a month, carving your name into
the annals of NaNo history forever.

We hope that you’ll be joining us for another month of literary abandon in
2009. For this year’s winners, we’re excited to announce that
CreateSpace.com is once again offering all NaNoWriMo 2009 winners a free
proof copy of their winning manuscript. What this means: A free proof copy
of your 2009 manuscript in paperback book form. They’ll even cover the
costs of basic shipping to you. We’ll be posting the code for all winners
on the “I Wrote A Novel Now What?” page on December 2. In the meantime, you
can read more abou

Being a Guest Artist and picking Features

Being a Guest Artist and picking Features
I was Highly honoured this week by being asked to do the features for the Landscape Painting Group

I personally have done just one Landscape Painting of any worth! lol
Bush Trail Ride
so to be asked to choose the features was such an honour that I was excited to say the least!

Doing the Landscape Painting features was simply the best treat for me as the beauty I see in the painted landscape is so inspiring to my poetic soul!

There were just so many I wanted to feature but when I saw these pieces I knew I had to feature them! Due to the vibrancy, the colours and the light, and how the artists captured the essence of the views brilliantly!
B R A V O !!!

(and note there were NO Lynda Robinson pieces …. <( … she begged me not to! lol Bes

Writers beware! NaNoWriMo Starts again!

Hello my friends I have just been reminded that in a few weeks time the
NaNoWriMo challenge starts again!

The objective:- to write 30,000 words in 30 days!

EDIT – Last year it was 30,000 BUT according to This Page THIS year it’s 50,000
Still do-able it’s relatively easy enough to get 2000w a day done = 60,000w in 30 days!
(I did over 72,000 last year!)

It’s not meant to be perfect just the first draft! Designed to just get us to sit down and write!

I “won” last year and hope to do so again!

So come and join in the fun!

Chookas! ♥


Today PILGRIM on behalf of Redbubble posted this quote from Gough Whitlam

“A healthy artistic climate does not depend solely on the work of a handful of supremely gifted individuals. It demands the cultivation of talent and ability at all levels. It demands that everyday work, run-of-the-mill work, esoteric and unpopular work should be given a chance; not so much in the hope that genius may one day spring from it, but because, for those who make the arts their life and work, even modest accomplishment is an end in itself and a value worth encouraging. The pursuit of excellence is a proper goal, but it is not the race itself.”
taken from The Obstacle Race by Germaine Greer (1979 edition)
(she left Australia the year I was born How Australian is she I wonder? Sorry I digress lol)

Then posed t


submission limits, page limits, word limits ……
gallery limits…

Remove your art to clean up the group
You can re post it if you like!
No one looks at old art!
& definitely NOT the Louvre!)


What happened to every work is EQUALLY VALID?
where is the quirkiness of genius minds producing masterpieces out of muddles?
what is with all the minimalistic perfections?

I have a friend who does stunning almost perfect pottery
- I say almost for she DELIBERATELY puts a defect in it!
“Cant have people think me flawless – way too much pressure!”

Perhaps it is computers
- people no longer get messy when they create artworks anymore
- They can do it in the sunshine at their local alfresco cafe sipping

Email Virus Warning

I don’t normally send chain-emails
but this one might be true in which case not good stuff!…

copied from sender who sent it to a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend of a …. you got the idea


Hi All, I checked with Norton Anti-Virus, and they are gearing up for this virus! I checked Snopes, and it is for real. Get this E-mail message sent around to all your contacts ASAP.& nbsp; PLEASE FORWARD THIS WARNING AMONG YOUR FRIENDS, FAMILY AND CONTACTS! You should be alert during the next few days.

Do not open any message with an attachment entitled ‘POSTCARD FROM HALLMARK’
- regardless of who sent it to you.

It is a virus which opens A POSTCARD IMAGE, which ‘burns’ the whole hard disc C drive of your computer. This virus will be recei


My brother has just passed this to me and now I pass it to you all!

Hi there, thought you might be interested in this? Came from our HR /
OH&S people, actually Georgena and her husband fought the fires as well,
then raised a heap of money between them, wearing their smoke-blackened
SES jackets… like you need to know this

(David Gray – Victoria University – Footscray)

Black Saturday revegetation works & National tree day – help needed

Come and plant a tree and help Black Saturday revegetation works

Sunday 2nd August 2009 (National Tree Day) from 9.30am at
LB Davern Reserve Wandong with a free BBQ lunch
(an hour from the CBD)

Why this Site?
The LB Davern Reserve, Wandong reserve was decimated by the fires of
Black Saturday. All of the past work has gone. We have a reserve full of
black sticks.

The Crock on the Hanging Rock!

Challenged by my friend – artists Lois Romer – who put up some stunning photos of this mystical area, I set forth to conquer the enigma that is “Hanging Rock!”

‘Hanging Rock’ by Lois Romar

Well I cheated and googled it! (lol)

Funnily enough according to Wikipedia the film “Picnic at Hanging Rock” was more important than the actual lump of rock itself – no no surprises really apart from a horse race or two each year, the book & film were the most eventful happenings in it’s life cos the local indigenous people left it alone!

So below is a summarized version of what Wiki had to say:

Situated approximately 70 km north-west of Melbourne and a few kilometres north of Mount Macedon, Hanging Rock is a former volcano.
Often thought to be a volcanic plug, it is not; it is a mamelon, created 6.25

HI - taking a word break to write a few more words.....? lol

Sorry for not being active much of late!
I am in the middle of doing my polishing of drafts for MY PUBLISHER YAY!!!!!
adgray novel Book(s) finally coming SOON!!!!!

☺♫♦↕§♫←♪☺♣☺ Happy Dancing !!!! ♥☼♫↔♥↓§↑♣♪→§♦↕♫☺

BIG TIME!!!! lol

What once was known as the “Daintree Daughters” is now known as Victorian Valour

and my publisher [gee that feels so good to announce :O) lol!!!] likes it! This is what he sent back to me after reading just the first volume “Bachelor”:

Wow. Bloody good story. Overall, it moves very well and keeps the reader interested. It’s a good story on it’s own and is complete, but it also leaves a lot of questions unanswered, but not frustratingly so. A wel

Writers shouldn't cook!

Darling Joak put up this bit of fun:
Tea Time!
and as I was thinking of telling you about what happened to me Monday but was having issues in HOW to admit to such stupidity I thought this was the best incentive! lol Yes I know he will give me nothing but a good roasting over this possibly forever! but what better way to get over such a shock? (lol)_…

…. so this was what I wrote in his comment box:

LOL I shouldn’t laugh that could have been me Monday!
I actually called the fire brigade and had 2 HUGE trucks turn up!!!!
I was cooking myself a bit of steak … why am I telling you this … for my lunch got engrossed reading something on the bubble and the next thing – FLAMES SERIOUS FLAMES out of my grill & all up my oven!
I turned everything off but I couldn’t get it out – It was IN the grill!!!!


I wanted to show you my favourite pieces
from the stunning Gallery of the very talented artist Mrs Lynda Robinson
Please click on any image to be taken to their page


I can sit and stare at her art for hours!


Apart from the obvious brilliance of it, this is also why….

‘Regeneration’ by Lynda Robinson
This was the first of her images that I found and it made me cry with longing for the bush! There is nothing like the feel and smell of a gum tree & this cluster of leaves looked so real!

‘The Shallows’ by Lynda Robinson
OH MY What Stunning water!!!!! Look at the movement of the reeds in the shallows yet the sky goes on forever!!!!! and that light! How does s

HELP!!!!! Readers desperately needed to help me chose work for a competition!

I know I write a lot of words but I need readers to help me big time!
Could you please have a read of these poems and let me know your 5 faves!
I’m trying to pick a selection to present for an “Off Site” Poetry competition!
I can afford to send in 5 but I haven’t a clue which ones.
Please HELP!!!!!!!!!

{UPDATE – the hearts are ones you guys have helped me with so far THANK YOU!}


My Journey


My Beast

Growth Gap



On the Wings of Our Love

Going Home

I Miss My Bonnie Dora

When Once You Were Mine

The Hint of a Scent

Dream Lover of Mine


Bush Free

My Outback Shack

The Bend in the Bush

Mountain Mists

High Country Calling

Up Top

Dear CFA Firey Mine


Watercolour Hue

Life Philosophy:

Subservient to the Impossibly Iridescent Great Blue

"War - Lest We Forget" ☼ Memorial Day Features

To honour the 141st Memorial Day in the USA
_I hope all our American Buddies had a good one!

I am a writer – a story teller by vocation – and I hope you can all see that this feature board is a story I have tried to tell!

Some of the featured art I put up really struck home to me the importance of this day
That the aftermath of the Civil War should MEND the rift between the fractured people of America and UNITE them all in one country. The image of the women laying flowers on the graves of the fallen both Union and Confederate alike is strong in my mind! In Death as in Birth we are all equal and the same – perhaps it best we also remember that in Life! [ citation – me just then! ] It is a vision that hits home the creation of the United States of America and then the ideals

Hello to all my Scottish friends [that I have and that I may yet have!]

I am writing seeking help! Would anyone be able to take photos of a Scottish Village for me – I’d like to purchase a calendar of them for my mother!…

My mother is 81 and going strong but her dream was to see the town her father came from – Gattonside near Melrose – But I doubt she ever will now!

I know this is a HUGE ask but would it be at all possible if anyone is next passing that way to take some pictures of the place for me to then buy & give my mother in a calendar of shots?

I feel responsible you see for her missing out on possibly her only chance at a trip there that my brother was going to take her on 2 years ago.

Before my gorgeous Skik came into my life had lived a life of drama and bad health. Selfish husbands and very little income and my last partner took my children from me

Image Feed Surfing!

I love the image feed!
When I’m bored I go surf it and get such awesome inspiration!…

I found a gorgeous Caving picture that I am now writing a story to

Then when I went back to my page to go image surfing again this was the sight I saw:

how pretty was that! lol
and why?
Cos I write Exphrasis poetry to art I see and someone on my watchlist has favoured my poetry and the pictures that inspired them and thus this pattern has been laid lol

Mystic Lake by Clive
to which I wrote Swan’s Flight Silhouette

The Dog’s Grave by Darcygirl
to which I wrote Thank Heaven for Dogs

Lioness by LorusMaver
to which I wrote Dream to Fly Free

Gypsy by Sande Elkins
to which I wrote Freedom Ride

Light at the end of the Tunnel by John Spies

Thank you to these awesome artists for these gorgeous pieces

Help - Travel anecdotes required!

I was looking at some of the gorgeous art from a bubbler Scarlett Tomes and it hit me that she may have “Done the Continental Tour” like was done in the romantic times of the 1800s. Excited I thought she could help me with research for my next writing project – a sequel to my “Daintree Daughters” Saga so I contacted her. Then in writing a request bmail to Scarlett I was thinking “Why didn’t I do this before? I could put the call out to all the people on bubble to furbish me with anecdotal material of their homes & their travels! I’m a bloody Drongo! Fair dinkum!” lol…

As you may or may not know, I have a mammoth saga novel “set” in the making which is set basically in the 1850s in Melbourne.
Daintree Daughters
[Mind you the title should be changed for I have another novel story thought fo

Our Aussie Language

Blueclover posed 3 questions about this in a General Forum in order to assist her in an assignment…

= *"I’m studying English language at university in the UK, and I’m doing an essay on the Australian language and its development.
If possible i would like some of you lovely Australian people to help me.

1) How different do you consider Australian English to be from UK English?
2) Do you think the influence of American English is changing Australian language?
3) Are you proud to use Australian English? Why?"* =

So ok Here’s my take on it all

Having been at uni studying a double degree
Education (primary) – Child Psychology & teaching majors (practical & performing arts minor)
Arts – Australian History & Literature Majors (philosophy minor)
I have a pretty good handle on what this topic is about!


It’s only taken 14 months but

My Writing
363 total, 344 public, 19 private, 30000 views

look look look look look

30,000 views for W R I T I N G !!!!!!!


☺♫♦↕§♫←♪☺♣☺ Happy Dancing !!!! ♥☼♫↔♥↓§↑♣♪→§♦↕♫☺
♥♫↔☼↓§↑♣♪♦↕♫☺*PARTY TIME!!!!* ☺♫→§♦↕§♫←♪☺♣☺♫☼♥
☺♫♦↕§♫←♪☺♣☺ Happy Dancing !!!! ♥☼♫↔♥↓§↑♣♪→§♦↕♫☺

My Art
67 total, 42 public, 25 private, 5521 views ………… (that’s not bad for a writer! lol)
Journal Entries
157 total, 129 public, 28 private, 14178 views …………… (see I blather well! lol)

that makes a total of …. uuuummmmm ………



Just got a very nice letter
pleading for me to receive 9.5 million dollars US ….. (or something like that) ….. into my account
Then to return 85% to them & for my trouble 15% would be mine!…


!!!!! Y E A H . R I G H T !!! A S . I F !!!!!!


Here’s the funny bmail to read lol
From Desmond williams
Please reply this mail to my private email address (w.desmond36@yahoo.fr)
Dearest One,
Greetings. With warm heart I offer my friendship and greetings, and I hope that this mail will meets you in good time.However strange or surprising this contact might seem to you as we have not meet personally or had any dealings in the past. I humbly ask that you take due consideration of its importance and immense benefit.
My name is Desmond will

♫ Susan is Perfect just as she is!!

Mr Ken Tregoning
has created his ideal Susan Boyle – >


And he is making her look like this because ???

[& By-the-way tinging her hair red does NOT make her a red head! lol]
(& Ok thin out her eyebrows if she’d like to, cos that makes no difference to voice quality – expression yes! lol)

Ok I know what he is trying to say BUT by what authority has he to even state so clearly that she is “UGLY and as such Needs FIXING” by this journal entry?

I am a singer have been for all of my life. My father is a celebrated Opera Singer from the 1950’s and beyond and he trained me. I have been involved in amateur and professional choral band Jams and theatrical work all my life. I was a member of the Melbourne Youth Choir, Trinity Singers and Church Street Singers as well as accep

♫ Susan Boyle '09 ☼ TRUE Inspiration!

I Dreamed a Dream
………………..Debut on YouTube

(~Images from Anorak on line~)

In a world made of artificial plastic perfect images along came the real deal
a woman who was purely there for the song
to sing for her Mum

to do the only thing left to her in this life – sing

and the world stood up and took notice

May they NEVER change her into their pathetic expectation of cardboard cut out perfect

and may her talent be recognised for all that it is

All Power to her voice for such a courageous and brilliant performance
that has given our youth the reality of the beauty of music for what it truely is ORAL SPLENDOUR!
and has laid the harshest critics in the isles and shown them up for what they really are – PLASTIC LOVING FOOLS!

BRAVO Miss Susan Boyle!
☼ B R A V O B R A V I S S I M O !!! ☼

Chookas Means ....

G’Day Everybody!! :O)…

C h o o k a s !!

I use this word an awful lot and really there had only been ONE person who knew what I was on about. So I guess now is as good a time as any to give you a meaning to Chookas!!
[and sorry, no it is not my nickname ☺]

“Chookas” is a theatrical term for Good Luck that my mum and her cronies in the [Australian] National Theatre Ballet & Opera company made up back in the 1940s / 50s.

Back stage in a theatre it is bad luck to say “good luck” [or whistle or mention “Mac…” That Scottish play lol ☺] and the usual wish of “Break a leg” is not a dancer’s favourite so Chookas was invented.

It has spread down through the theatre over the years as I have heard it from people I’ve not told! [It was great when I saw Danni Minogue teach a contestant (& subsequen

Ppssssssssssttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oi !!! you RB Writers out there!!!!! shhhhh but ......

From one RB Writer to another :O)

In the Community forums there is a link for Ideas & suggestions for RB link
And in there is the call for RB should sell Books
And in there Peter [one of the two RB owners] would like interested bubble writers to email him for inclusion on the first round of books – so that he can experiment on how the administration will deal with this and what the market will do

To help sway them towards facilitating books securely, purchasing
Anne van Alkemade’s

Haunting Emma [the 1st RB novel] will help them determine the value of the market for books! [Help “Emma” sell out!] and that secures us having books to sell too!

Quietly Spread the word! Shshshshshshshshshshshshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chookas! ♥

Ok Folks here's my view on the Bubble facelift

Right a short story but I promise you It has a reason that you need to know! So please bear with me and read on. …….. [for you guys who understand computers I hope I got this right lol]…

When I was an active 24/7 house-mum of 5 kids, I was also partner to a bloke who was one of the best British Computer Programmers in the 1980s. He had to be good he set up the initial computer systems of Shell Oil, British Telecom, British Underground, [and best of all Glenfiddich!] to name a few. [I dare say they would have been revamped several times over per year since then but he & his team started them ok!] Then after we split up [he was a dang hot blues Muso when I knew him when he came here] he returned to computers and his first client was Rio Tinto – as I said a good IT man.

I learnt a lot from t

Wanna Fix RB stuff?

Look what I found
(waaaay down in the middle of the journal about the new bubble page – don’t start me!)…


Surely RB you could have made this a little better known!
And only 3 votes? sad sad sad!

But then look at this
ONLY 3 tasks – that is all they have completed?
The first one only had ONE VOTE to be done – yes it is a good thing but it was NOT IMPERATIVE!!
And what on earth are the other two about?
When I signed up I clicked “Never contact me by email” and never have been! How hard was that?
And the other? I wish people dealt with the world given to them and stopped playing policeman! These people as children were probably the ones who cried “I’m gunner tell on you!!!” when something happ


THANK YOU to the Fabulous Sweetscent! She bought a card of each of my art!!!!

First Bush Trail Ride

and another one of Creative Mind


☺♫♦↕§♫←♪☺♣☺ HAPPY DANCING !!!! ♥☼♫§↕♣♪→§♦↕♫☺



Fainting now!!!!


Childhood Dreams

The wonderful "Tania Rose ":http://www.redbubble.com/people/taniarose posted a journal about childhood ambitions & losing the dream of your youth’s plans.…

My response was too big to add there so these are the thoughts that Idea stirred in me!

You know somewhere along the way in my lifetime someone started saying Children are just little adults …. I think that’s when our children stopped being allowed to be children
I know the inventor of that philosophy wanted some adults to respect children as being people too but the backfire is that in creating this thought more people started wanting children to behave like adults and stop being so childish!

I mourn that lost innocence of our population. I see in my own children that enforced adult responsibility and maturity [from their circumstance

SOUND RELIEF!!! - for the bushfire survivers to rock on!

This is another journal that I shall post and update as the rock concert goes along so keep coming back! After all what else are you goner do on a wet cold rainy afternoon & there’s nothing on the vidiot box to watch (I looked lol) not even this concert! Blooody stooooopid TV stations!!! Tomorrow we can watch Desperate Housewives aaalll bloooody day but we cant see this awesome rock concert??? They are NUTS!!! Woodstock wouldn’t even rate either to them would it? Just as well Vega 91.5fm is telecasting live … well as live as they can get! Chookas! ♥…

The music scene of Australia and around the world have gotten together in two cities to create the most awesome of Rock festivals >> “Sound Relief”
@ $75 per head flat rate (all procedures going to the bushfire relief funds) the crowd has flock

owowowowowowowowowowwowow lol

I just happen to look up and notice my writing’s views click over to the mahjik 25252 number

25252 views of my 320 writings
11766 views of my 115 journals
3899 views of my 23 art pieces lol
40917 views of my 458 pieces

Thank you all Thank you very very much!!!
This just proves that You like me you really like me! lol

no wait does looking at your own work count as a view?

thank you all 8 of you who like me :O) lol

Chookas! X♥☼♥X


I just had to shout it!
There’s no doubt about it!

It may not break our drought just yet
but with the drop in temperature there is the best news …. you bet!


There is no longer any predictions of horrible Hot Windy Days until summer again next December!
There may still be windy days but there wont be the heat!

We are not completely out of the woods – crews will still be monitoring the fire fields for possible flare ups and some of the 4 major fires are still burning although checked in containment lines!

Now we can get on with the business of mopping up – cleaning up – and rebuilding!
we have been through almost a whole month of bushfires!
That is a record in itself!


♥ SHARING & CARING ........

G’day just a quick one!

the awesome Mr Snappy Dave posted THIS to share!
Go read weep & learn the fate & stop it if you care!
spread it round your home & town in here or over there!
and we shall see our common sense revive and reappear!

Chookas! ♥


G’day I just had to let you all know…

Gypsie our Border Collie, Kelpie cross has just had 5 puppies!!!

I have 2 that look like the typical BC one black the other chocolate brown!!! YAY!!! and they are big booffa boys too lol then there are 3 black ones one male and 2 females – one female has chocolate and fawn on her the other two are predominantly black but with white stars on their chests!

B&W Boffa Boy!

Which way’s tucka?

Already the two brown ones are spoken for and one of the other ones too! [but not picked]
She did loose three but for her first litter and having had absolutely no idea what was happening to her she did a fantastic job! Nature is just so amazing!

Dougal is the proud dad!

We are so proud of them! lol

Chookas! X♥X

PS I took the pickies when they were only an hour old!


To be Faved or not to be Faved - that is the question!

The stunning Mr Roy Barry directed our attention to this forum discussion Favourites
and I was going to reply with the following but it would have been on p17
and besides it is too long for a forum posting
- people just go “God another writer blathering on who’s next?”
but this way they may click on the link to SEE what I have written …
and boost my journal popularity
- thereby proving my point that views means NOTHING!!!
- cos they’ll still say “God another writer blathering on who’s next?”
and go back and NOT read it! – but the views will be up!…

My reply to that topic:

I can’t believe that there are 16 pages of comments about this topic [or that I have tried reading it but got bored so skipped to the back page where I found a very interesting discussion about malicious pillowcases taking

☼ 22222 views! ☼ lol☺

Just noticed it lol

there’s another 10909 in the journals and 3456 in the art
(which is stooopid cos I’m a writer NOT a visual artist! lol)
but people always look at the pictures first!

Thank you to the rest of you who come read my words too!
Chookas! X♥X

☼ GOLD!!! ☼ HEATH LEDGER - Best Supporting Actor Oscar ☼

Our Heath Ledger is the brightest star in our Southern Cross! ☼…

HE DID IT!!!!!!

Heath Ledger – shadow by griffinpassant

HE REALLY DID IT!!!!!! ………… Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his role as the Joker in “Dark Night!”
[ 23-02-09 2:15pm est ]
And the Oscar Goes to….! – by Adam de la Mare


Why so serious? by Teelecki
Joker Sky by jefferyedoherty
Heath Ledger by Priestessblayd

As I dry my ecstatic eyes I must tell the world that He has collected the second Posthumous Oscar win!
BRAVO to the ACADEMY and to the people of the biggest acclaimed EKPHRASIS industry in the world
for acknowledging that a star was the brightest and sadly snuffed out too soon! It hit me that he was really gone at that moment that he did not leap to his fee


You may think “Waltzing Matilda” or “True Blue” are the next best songs to represent our nation but in my humble opinion this is the unofficial Australian National Anthem!…

Bruce Woodley and Dobe Newton, 1987

I came from the dreamtime from the dusty red soil plains
I am the ancient heart, the keeper of the flame
I stood upon the rocky shore
I watched the tall ships come
For forty thousand years I’d been the first Australian.

I came upon the prison ship bowed down by iron chains.
I cleared the land, endured the lash and waited for the rains.
I’m a settler.
I’m a farmer’s wife on a dry and barren run
A convict then a free man I became Australian.

I’m the daughter of a digger who sought the mother lode
The girl became a woman on the long and dusty road
I’m a child of t

ONE VOICE - The song

The words & chord-charts to the first song I ever sang that made me community concious.
Yeah OK Barry Mannilow is a dork and having actually been in the choir backing him performing this song in Melbourne back when I was young and stupid ….. [Come to think of it, this song was launched Christmas1982 – just before the Jan 83 Ash Wednesday Fires!] I can say the way the man behaved killed my like of him; but that’s just him unwittingly failing to meet my expectations. His music however is still good.…

~ Barry Manilow

Just one voice singing in the darkness
All it takes is one voice
Singing so they hear what’s on your mind
And when you look around you’ll find
There’s more than one voice singing in the darkness
Joining with that one voice
Each and every note another octave
Hands are joined and

I have to

I wasnt going to ….
I promised myself I wouldnt encroach with Bushfire stuff any more
but I have to …….…

I found this Report on the Heraldsun website

It may help some people to understand an arsonist ….
It didn’t help me forgive but it helps a bit for me to understand him!
Although I can understand the man’s dissappointment for being an enigma and not allowed to join the CFA I cannot understand why he was able to become this self possessed obsessed fire fennatic
We his community failed him but nowhere near as much as his family and his loved ones did!

To the workings of the bigger picture, the completion of the finest jigsaw, every piece is important; every job is important every person is important
We need to make sure even the enigmas know this
Perhaps then they will refrain from burning us

Bushfire Poetry

When the Victorian Black Sat Bushfires hit Saturday 7th February 2009 we artists turned to our creativity for solace.…

The side effects are – recording the event, creating culture & thus History, recordning the emotional effects of the events and assisting in the grief process for all seeking healing. In this awesome Redbubble site that is on a world scale!

We created the PHOENIX APPEAL site to donate our work to raise money for the survivors – we know people will donate more if they think they’ll get something for it (Guilt donations)

But here in Redbubble writers have nothing to sell
it didn’t stop us writing though

These are my pieces written to the images others have given
( to help me cope with my inability to help any other way ):

when fire destroys all else
[had been written to “Bank


Tonight there is a huge TV telathon to raise more money for the bushfires
I want to keep a talley of the moneys raised as I bubble
so keep checking in to see what it’s up to
……………………………. 1800 811 700

$55.800,000 in the Red Cross Bushfire Relief coffers so far

HOST – Eddie McGuire

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd greetings

CD “Bushfire Aide” – on sale tomorrow!
prelude for a giant bi-city rock concert being organised for a week or two’s hence

Rock concert at the Whittlesea Bushfire Relief Centre
Kicked off with:
men-at-work – “Land Down Under”

& in the studio
Jimmy Barnes “Working Class Man”

8:30 Talley

Anthony Lapallia & wife Gia Carides = $50,000

Gumleaf Maffia: Mel Gibson, Hugh Jackman, Cameron Daddo, Jack Thompson, Anthony Lapallia, Gia Carides, John Farnham, Gl

think about this ......

Please read the following message received today from Vic Morphy.…

My family and I live in Broadford, an area in which the fires came very close on that Fatal Saturday and have been alert for a wind change ever since. I have volunteered at the local CFA. The folk there are in touch with the Whittlesea Recovery Centre. (WRC) WRC is currently gathering the names and any special skills and details of volunteers so that they can match workers to appropriate tasks. As of yesterday evening, they have enough volunteers on the ground but are concerned that when the media coverage dies down, volunteers will be harder to find inspite of assistance being needed for some time to come. So here is one good avenue people wishing to help can pursue.

Also, it is apparent that the CFA will have to attend to

RE our Victorian FIRESTORM



I had no idea what I could do to help
Then I found that the Brilliant Darren Stone as always is totally on the bubble (ball)!

He has created this Journal Entry as a way of helping out our fire effected fellow bubblers

Please go see what you could pledge in assistance & support the other bubbler’s pledges!

ALSO the PHOENIX APPEAL has risen with This Please check that out! & add to it if you can!


RB will match our appeal donations – dollar for dollar!

C’mon everyone let’s sell our donated work!


It seemed to sweep through town




The brilliant Paul Louis Villani
has HONOURED me with posting an interview he had me do lol

thank you thank you Gorgeous Paul my sweet man you! thank you thank you thank you !!!!!!

So grab a cuppa …… [you know me nothing is to the point & boringly brief!]
& have a gander at this:
adgray laid bare

Be kind now lol

Chookas! X♥X


Anyone in Melbourne who likes the Golf & wishes they could go to the Open?

We have 6 passes to the course & clubhouse
We got them for free so you can have them for the same price FREE ☺

Its On NOW!!! 29th, 30th, 31st Jan & 1st Feb
Sorry Guys I shoulda thought of this afore! …. lol ….[Get it > a FORE ….☺ lame I know]

Anyhoo if you’d like them Bmail me! there’s 2 days left of it I guess

Chookas! ♥

Sorry we got them just before Mick left the Capitol Course & I didn’t look at the dates until this morning! I hope someone can use them!

Keyboard Spidey!!!!

Man I wish I had the ability to take macro shots!

I have to be careful how I type cos I have a keyboard spidy! ☼ lol

He is white-ish-green & is hiding on the “&/7” key
He is tiny enough to hide in the circle of the bottom loop!

So I’ll leave him for the night and see if he’s there in the morning
G’Nite all! ♥☺♥

Re Heath did it ....etc

He won a SAG but they haven’t done the Oscars Yet – some stoopid excited channel 10 reporter got it wrong! so I’ll hang onto that other journal for when he does win lol
Chookas ! ♥


Sorry back on my Drought Soap box ………

But there is a new revelation into the stupidity of people in the city!

These are the same people who have no idea that milk comes from cows, or eggs from chickens, bacon & ham from pigs or meat from steers or sheep etc…. They think water comes from a tap … or even from a bottle the stupidmarket makes!

So have you heard about the horrible scam going on in the suburbs?
There are signs you can buy from Bunnings/Mitre 10 wherever, saying “Tank Water in Use” which if you display in your garden it exempts you from the mains water usage restrictions, enabling you to water with hoses from your tank …

BUT !!!!
It is not policed

….. and some STOOOPID SELFISH people are actually buying & displaying these signs but still using the mains tap water to hose their blo


Just got Broadband
I can see everything in less time than a blink!!!!!…

I guess this is more a heads up to all you photographers that Dial up takes about 2 minutes to load a picture for viewing and the more on your page the longer it takes – so for any buyers out there who are on dial up all the unnecessary extra pictures slows down their loading until their system shuts down on them!

but now the laptop is on broadband I can HEAR things on line and I can see Youtube and all the videos and long journals and awesome artworkI have been missing!!!
[but I cant use my cute alt symbols cos the laptop hasnt a full keyboard!
DRATS!!!! <( lol]
so look out bubble the adgray & mob have become FASTER!!!!!



Why do people FLOCK to Asian places ???

ok the cheap shopping & the difference of culture & countryside

Bali is just a fireball waiting to happen!

& now Bangkok – a tragedy for the death trap night club had only one exit was not in any way fire safe & was over crowded! and now more people are dead!

such a waste …. why why why?

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