It’s a tee. It’s a dress. It’s the new Graphic T-shirt Dress.


~ Thinking about Group Rules ~

In reply to Lois’s journal entry about Groups

What is with the RB group rule power wielding unaccountable hosts?
I’m a group host – hit me if I tried these bloody stupid tricks!

Do you agree that hosts have a wee bit too many rules stifling members and not enough restraint for their own actions? It is an issue in the works of the hosts forums.

I believe some live to wield their power [sad I know but true] some are too overwhelmed and some have no bloody idea of their own rules themselves and so change them as they go along and sadly some people are persuaded by “friends” to accept their work always even if it doesn’t fit and then when picked up on it change the rules to suit.

RB need to restrain hosts from changing rules & changing names! And there are groups wi…

Stuffed Hospital Emergency System

Why is our Hospital system seeming as bad as a 2nd world’s one?

I have had my [and yours and the bloke down the road’s and the lady up the street’s] . fair share of dental pain, body injuries & all manner of ailments requiring hospital emergency trips, but I am not so sure that the local Chemist couldn’t help better & faster!

Mick has a huge dental abscess that is really knocking him about – of course there are no dentists or doctors open and the hospital emergency waiting times is nearly a full day! …… It really can be up to 18 hours waiting time! …… and then there are no beds to put you in if you need one!

I kid you not!!
18 HOURS!!!

What do you think is fair waiting time for EMERGENCY treatment? …… I would say immediately for serious stuff

Manners Remembered Finally!

OH MY!!!!

I am slack! lol
One day I’ll keep an eye on the honours I am awarded!
[and then people won’t think I have no manners!]


The following groups have again featured work of mine

Up & Coming Writers featured me as a writer and my poem “Brilliant Flight”

Bits & Pieces has featured my “Hurry Home” piece

Masterpieces:Literary Workshop has featured my “2 poems one inspiration” piece

All things Poetic, Artistic, Philosophical featured my semi-autobiographical bush ballad “Gray Lads”


My piece ♥ First Love Quartet♥ was the winner of the Up & Coming Writer’s challenge



Reflection on RB's Writing Feature Page

Was a bit disillusioned with how the front Writing Feature Page seems to have been the same page for over a week where as the Art page and the actual Home page seem to change every 6 hours!
So I wrote a forum entry here if you are interested in commenting or whatever!

What say you?

~~~☼ ~~~

Reflection on the Bubble

Are we confusing our artists with too many group requests?
Do these group requests conflict with each other?
Rules for this and rules for that please do this don’t do that
We all know that each group has a focus
It should be plain in the title we give it
But our art can trans-cross all our focuses as our interests do
Should that then create confusion within the art itself?

We need freedom to create – by our very nature
Artists are beyond rules they stifle us restrict us
In fact we create culture and from there the rules are devised
And yes we create new from the conflict of being restricted by the old
But here in the bubble, in our glorious IT artist community
The boundary stretching we do should be applauded
I have visions of smaller bubbles pushing out of older ones
and then growing larger i…

Does it look any good?

I just updated my profile page
What do you think?
I don’t have sparkly widgetty picturey thingys [my PC & windows package wont do them!] But does it look ok?

More importantly will it get people to go check out the Campaigns I’m supporting & be tempted to buy the art on offer so I can write out poetry for them?

… must ask RB if I can get them to post my poetry to them for me if I drop it to them – surely they’d agree ☺
… and if I get it to them fast enough it could be included in the artwork package!

They will be hand written on good quality paper [I have a fair hand – people think my writing is beautiful so I’m told!] and I’ll sign them so they MIGHT become valuable!

Hey I know if I write them all out like this and take photos of …

OH MY!!! Featured all over the place again!



☺♣♪♦♫♥☼ …………….… ☼ !!!!!!!!! YAY !!!!!!!!! ☼ ……….………. ☼♥♫♦♪♣☺

Doin my happy dance again! ☺
I get this feeling you like my words or somethin!

Featured work Oct – Nov 08
“The Path” was featured in the group Bits and Pieces
“Seeing Hoar Frost” was featured in the group Bits and Pieces
“natures repeat” was featured in the group Light In The Darkness
“same” was featured in the group Mornings & Evenings —Sunbeams & Storms
“Soft the Dawn” was featured in the group All Things Poetic, Artistic philosophical
“Once there were Sheep” was feat…


In this era of helping those doing it hard we all immediately think of the African plight
BUT the wise ones say CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME

Well in my back yard there are thousands of people doing it BLOODY HARD!
The awesome Darren Stones is selling an absolute GORGEOUS calendar of his Drought shots & I have an an offer to go with it to sweeten this pot! It’s at the bottom of this page. Yes you can skip to that – if you PROMISE to HELP! [Go to ◄☼►]

But first the WHY -

People disregard farmers – “What are they grumbling about? They live on the land, they know weather induced hard-times are inevitable in their line of work!”
True, BUT this is the worst drought in over 100 years history! [Bear in mind our country isn’t much older than that and recorded history hasn’t been going…


At 2am last night / this morning – sorry Sunday – (whatever!)
I uploaded my NaNoWriMo Novel! ”Freedom Pioneers” ( for want of a better title! lol)

……………… ☼ !!!!!!!!!! YAY !!!!!!!!!! ☼ …………..

Don’t ask me how, don’t ask Mick either [he was non-compos or wisely absent for most of it!] but I managed to upload close to 75K Saturday 22nd into here. It’s not finished [that’s what this week is for!] but I’ve passed the min word count!
☼☺☼ YAY!!!! ☼☺☼
I dread to think how it reads though! lol

The Challenge is to just sit down for a month and write a novel!
You don’t have to edit – that’s what December is for! – you just have to get the story on the page!
November has 30 days so it’s ab…

NEVER have a friend as a boarder!

Hi guys!
Over the last 2 months I have had the added pressure in my eventful life of having my fiancé’s best friend [now ex friend] lob in on us having left his wife.

Yesterday at my wits end I let it pour out into a bubblemail to a new bubbler friend – I shouldn’t have but I trusted that the bubbler would forgive me my rant and thankfully she did. [her reply is in italics

As I was writing a reply to her it struck me that others might learn from this experience too – other writers might get inspiration for a story or for character profile etc. So I decided to put it up as a writing – but then bloody long writing! lol and it’s not fictional or whatever so I thought journal! lol [bloody long journal too! lol – sorry …. sort of! lol]
So read it if you


I have to point you guys this way! >>>>
Brilliant Capture

& read the story in his comment a few under the shot!

Stunning Breathtaking Fascinating Passionate … just simply Brilliant!

He was definitely in the right place at the right time! as was the rescuer!

Bravo Adrian


COURAGE vs today's teenager!

11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month – We will remember them!What’s that?

With the 11th of the 11th coming around – and 90 years of remembering the worst war, the great war, the war to end all wars, the horrendous war, the first world war, I felt compelled to create a remembrance of my own. At the end are links to my relevant art & writing to help me, at this time, remember those I know who sacrificed all for this future of peace.

And then there was this a journal entry by the wonderful Ms Sharon Perrett and I realised that I wonder where the honour has gone.

It clarified for me that we have all become a nation of lazy soft selfish namby pambys and I wonder if the boys who went on their “Great Adventure” in 1914-17 or 1939-45 and forced t…

The Reason

Today is the 4th anniversary of the start of my black time – the 556 days when I did not see my children [when my ex refused my children to see me and threatened me with the destruction of my life and with pure physical violence, to stay clear of them]

During this huge horrible black time, I wanted to die, but then I heard something and I wanted to live again with a force that renewed me.
I wanted to feel something I wanted to survive to see my kids again.
I knew I had to change I had to get better, get stronger, gather resources to fight the battle of my maternity and my children’s lives!

~ this song came on the radio:

“The Reason” – Hoobastank 2005

*I’m not a perfect person
There’s many things I wish I didn’t do
But I continue learning
I never wished I’d…

♣ A tale of Irish Luck for you !☺♣


His name was Fleming, and he was a poor Scottish farmer. [Yes Scottish] One day, while trying to make a living for his family, he heard a cry for help coming from a nearby bog. He dropped his tools and ran to the bog. There, mired to his waist in black muck, was a terrified boy, screaming and struggling to free himself. Farmer Fleming saved the lad from what could have been a slow and terrifying death.

The next day, a fancy carriage pulled up to the Scotsman’s sparse surroundings. An elegantly dressed
nobleman stepped out and introduced himself as the father of the boy Farmer Fleming had saved.
‘I want to repay you,’ said the nobleman. ‘You saved my son’s life.’
‘No, I can’t accept payment for w…

I Suffer from accute "EKPHRASIS"

Finally my condition has been diagnosed


According to Wikipedia Ekphrasis is the art of creating art inspired by art

For those of you who dislike following links outside of RB:

What is ekphrasis?

Ekphrasis has been considered generally to be a rhetorical device in which one medium of art tries to relate to another medium by defining and describing its essence and form, and in doing so, relate more directly to the audience, through its illuminative liveliness.
A descriptive work of prose or poetry, a film, or even a photograph may thus highlight through its rhetorical vividness what is happening, or what is shown in, say, any of the visual arts, and in doing so, may enhance the original art and so take on a life of its own through its brilliant description.
One examp

Fighting Procrastination!

To those of us who always put off until tomorrow what they could have done today

You will always wish for better
in what’s past and what’s to come
but only right this moment
is where everything is done!



Ok Folks! Chookas has landed! lol

If you want in on this chaos that hopefully will become a calendar collaboration club! {lol} bubble me and I shall give you the password to upload your image for me to stuff about with ….. ? ……
[ Hey I’m learning as I go here – the only way to tap-dance! [gotta keep moving or you’ll fall in the sink!] :O) ]

ALL HELP REQUIRED!!! This is OUR calendar club! lol

Chookas all! X♥X

To all you artists that I have written a poem to your art ... HELP! <)

Ok people
My awesome writer / photographer friend Miri came up with a great idea to create a calendar of her short twisted tales. She used her own photos as her back ground. Go peek – awesome huh?

Well as I don’t have that ability …..
[Come on you’ve all seen my attempts BAaAaAaAD Vibes is a doozey don’t you think? :O) ]
….. and most of my pieces on here are inspired by the awesome art of others I thought “Hey – I wonder if I could come up with a collection of 12 poems and their inspired art pieces as a Calendar for me and the artists to sell” … Yeah?

So …. short of opening a huge can of worms here … if the idea appeals to you and you have no real grudges to attempting this – more importantly if you have the abi…


I cannot believe it!

I load a simple little 2 verse poem and >>>>>>>>> WHAM!!!!

>>> FEATURED!!!! <<<

On the TOP OF THE LIST on the FRONT PAGE of the WRITER’S FEATURE PAGE no less!!!!!!

None of you would have had a second to have even read it!

I am STUNNED silly!!! ……. [No I always have been silly! lol]

I am SPEECHLESS!!! ………[Wrong again! lol]

I am truely honoured! :O)

Thank you Redbubble – you like me you really like me! <)

Oh man! This thank you is longer than the bloody poem! lol

Keep Happy! :O)
Chookas! X♥X

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! :O)

WOW! Three in one hit and another two more to boot!!!

I have been honoured by this wonderful group Light in the Darkness
They have Featured not one but 3 of my works!

Like Mother Like Son :O)
Soft the Dawn

I was also honoured by the New and fabulous group Mornings & Evenings – Sunbeams & Storms and Sally Omar on behalf of the Bits & Pieces group
who both featured my The Beauty of a Hard Life

I wish I hadn’t found that Featured in a group button
Thank you so much to all the mediators for flattering me with such accolades :O)

Chookas to all! X♥X

Flattery will get you everywhere! :O)

FANKOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! ……….. :O)

Someone congratulated me in a BM on being featured and I had no idea what they were talking about!
“I am not good enough to be featured!” so I thought – But apparently I am !! :O) who’d have thunk it!
….. So I pushed [for the first time] the “Work featured in a group” button and – WOW!!
I have been featured as a member in one group and my words have been honoured in others!
I usually don’t like drawing attention to myself – I figure with my red hair and what everyone acclaims as my talent I don’t need to add to it! Plus I have a MAJOR issue with intruding! So accolades etc … thank you but you really don’t have to!

BUT I thought this is a great chance to suppo…

A story of Two Choices

I actually dropped in to spread this story … think I’ve read it before but when I saw it in an email I decided it should be bubbled about too!
So read at your leisure & enjoy!
[but keep your tissues handy if you’re prone to tear-ing up! :O)]
Chookas! X♥X


Two Choices

What would you do?
You make the choice! Don’t look for a punch line – there isn’t one!
Read it anyway.
My question to all of you is: Would you have made the same choice?


At a fundraising dinner for a school that serves learning disabled children,the father of one of the students delivered a speech that would never be forgotten by all who attended. After extolling the school and its dedicated staff, he offered a question:

“When not interfered with by outside influences, everything …

ooh ooh ooh ooh !!!!


I have FINALLY! crossed over the 10,000 views threshold for my writing! :O)

Now I really (really!) feel like a true Bubbler! :O)

Thank you to my 6 friends who now have really sore fingers from clicking their mouses on my words! lol :O)
NO NO NO no no no no no no no no no no!!! lol ONLY JOKING!!! :O)
[There’s 10 of them and they cant complain I paid them 10cents a click! lol -——
-——- ….. still joking! :O)]

In all seriousness – Thank you to the wonderful people who have dropped by to read my words :O) I hope they have entertained you if not assisted you in some way!

Chookas to all of you and to redbubble!

Keep Happy! :O)

So guys & gals about my boobs .....


Ok finally on the 18th of August I had the opp!

But only after much to-ing & fro-ing from the hospital and a full on blast from me for stuffing me about & destroying my faith in the medical capabilities of that team! I was finally taken on by the head of the plastics surgical department in this region! But I still didn’t believe that it would happen until I was actually admitted.

Then as I sat on the table waiting to go in Mick sat with me and held my hand [awww shucks …!] – making sure I didn’t take off cos I wanted it all to stop! It was all too much fuss and bother about me and I didn’t want to be causing so much work & worry. I mean I’d had Huge orbs for longer than I haven’t so what was all the fuss really about?
[you may guess…

###>>>> Hello Everybody !! I'M BAAA-AAAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <<<<###

Did you miss me? …………………………. huh? huh? huh? huh? :0)

Apparently there is this vicious rumour going about
that I am here to verify for you all and leave in in no doubt
You can suffer illness and reach near death from starvation
but there is no one there for your true salvation
The addiction to this site I suffer still
but first you gotta be sure to pay the F… bloody phone BILL !!!!

……………………………………. :0)

So guys what’s been happening in the world without me?

I have had my breast surgery and am still as skint as before [so this visit might again be short lived if I cant pay the #@^*# bill again! </ ] and no …


I just saw a report on 60 Minutes about how our turtles in the pacific are being killed by the plastic we humans dump!
2 of every 5 turtles are dying of consuming plastic which they think is fish or food of some kind. There are millions of bird chicks being killed by their parents mistakingly feeding them plastic instead of fish, and zillions of fish that are toxic because of consuming plastic also!

The report didn’t say exactly where the rubbish is coming from but personally I blame the manufacturing of the crap in the first place!
I remember when I was a child you bought your groceries in brown paper bags and carried them home in boxes. You could buy a certain amount that was taken from the big storage bins in the shop and shoveled into a paper bag for you to take home. these bags…

Oi!! You Waterfall loving Yorkshire lads! :O)

Ok you lot now this is a waterfall :O) Didn’t Trudi capture it well? :O)
I tell you the climb down to this is stunning in itself – used to be a real climb down rocks and mud now they have put in steps and walks [for the pansies!] to save the sides from eroding! The worst part is the climb back up! <)

Chookas! XX♥XX


{Sorry I must vent somewhere and this is kinda here and available and and and it will explain why I have not been on creating & commenting & such as much of late!}

IT is all TV’s fault! & the vidiot I am living with who is addicted to it!
I’ve decided there is NOTHING good about it!
It is pitched in a way that I feel angry and irritated and annoyed when it’s on.
The very few pieces of any kind of interest is destroyed by advertisements reminding me of my intense social poverty and I have no ability to think with the bloody thing on!
So now that he is up and it is on again I am incapable of creativity so I’ll go take my frustrations out on finishing the house work >/

and he wonders why I’m always tired & cranky & he doesn’t get any …

Chookas Means .......... :O)

*Heya everybody!! :O)

I Use this phrase an awful lot and really there has only been ONE person who knew what I was on about. So I guess now is as good a time as any to give you a meaning to Chookas!!* [and sorry, no it is not my nickname :O)]

“Chookas” is a theatrical term for Good Luck that my mum and her cronies in the [Australian] National Theatre Ballet & Opera company made up back in the 40s 50s. Back stage in a theatre it is bad luck to say “good luck” [or whistle or mention “Mac…” That Scottish play :O)] and the usual wish of “Break a leg” is not a dancer’s favourite so Chookas was invented.
I use it now to wish people well – good luck & happiness and all that :O) and it is spreading! :O)
I taught it to the singers Kylie & Danni …

*W O W O W O W O W O W O W O W O W O W O W O W !!!!!!!! :O)*


The fabulous Miri has taken the time in her precious busy schedule to pay me this massive compliment!
You can go read it here

Please please check out her fabulous work and the sights of those I have listed in my [sorry <) ] very long accolade part, as they have all made my bubbling so … uuuummm …. bubbly? :O) they have ALL definitely contributed to my creativity :O)

I watch so many gorgeous artists in here I am sure I have forgotten people who mean a lot to me! If you are one then please don’t be offended I am truely sorry to have missed you <)
[I cant believe I did an interview seemingly cohesively with 5 children 2 dogs & 3 cats and Mick all vying for my attention on an ongoing basis! I almost wrote it over…

For those who live with depression

I have read out there there are many suffering depression as I do. Not only those but the people about them who care for someone who suffers.
Being the generous helpful soul that I am, I feel compelled to help by offering what I have learned and developed for my own solutions, and encouraging others to read it and help themselves find their own solutions.

I am fortunate and have worked hard to retrain my brain and try to control the dark thoughts like non-depressed people do. I have not taken drugs feeling that to just be a cop out, a diluting of the problem not a cure and in such dilution the acuteness of the triggers are not discovered or dealt with. Instead I have sought counselling and from the multitudes of sessions have reasoned out my own re-education of my thoughts and these are th…

Staying Near Stanly

To collate my recent posted story for easy access by you readers I have gathered them here:

Part 1 ~ We meet Rosie alone and pregnant in a mountain cabin. only the hound and her 6 pups for company until a man comes … her husband Stan returning? No, but someone to help her at least.

Part 2 ~ Rosie has her baby but there seems to be complications and so the assistant decides to take her to town for help.

Part 3 ~ In town they find shelter and help but what will Stan think of his wife and dog gone?

Part 4 ~ Stan arrives in town wanting his wife back and set to murder whoever took her. when he finds her safe and too weak to return his real inner softer side cannot drag her back out into the snow and solitude. With great courage he trusts the stranger to return her to him safely.

Part 5

I can be such a Dougheid at times! <)

Here I was thinking the “Work Featured in a group” button was to do with just going to see all the groups’ featured work. As I have hundreds of you that I watch I really don’t go seeking new artists unless I get bored [usually my afternoon times :O)]
But I accidentally clicked on the button this morning and Lo and Behold!!!
I have 5 pieces of work featured! :O)

W O W !!!

The beginning of my story Warnambool Wreck was featured in A Novel Idea Thank you Hosts

My sweet poem reflecting my mother’s lost love Soft the Dawn , a collaboration with Mary Campbell’s poster version of her photographic art Morning on the Ocean , was featured in Bits & Pieces Thank you acting host Sally Omar [you’re doing a brilliant job!:O)]

The photo of those bloody gates! is in Mature Wo

Calling all my Artistic & photographic Friends!!!!!

Recently I was honoured with being invited into the Friends of Red Bubble group – a group set up for advocating direct feed back to redbubble and I gather explanations from RB [I could be wrong on that though lol]

Anyway Jo Brien has asked us to ask you lot this question – so they can get as much feedback to use for updating the site as best they can so care to drop a line here re answer so Jo can peruse it in the next 12 hours ok? FANKOOOO!! :O)

Jo O’Brien wrote :-
“I’m trying to find out within the next 12 hours “What Adobe tools are Red Bubble users utilizing?” and in particular usage of Adobe’s Creative Suite’s products.”

You may see this around a bit as there are a group of us doing the seeking bit
[ IT phone trees! lol ] but I guess the more the merrier…

ANZAC Private Alfred Gray’s Writing!

I have finally posted all the writing I have that my Great Uncle Alf left us about his experiences in the war! [the GREAT WAR – WW1]
As my folio is so big I thought collating them as links in a journal entry might make it easier for readers to find.

Please don’t think I am trying to express hatred to enemies of my country’s politics a hundred years ago.
I don’t Hate anyone!
As I wrote in the end of it :
Great Uncle Alf [1896 -1981] came home to us and lived a long and productive life as a gardener – helping to look after the Wimmera region of the Victorian west. He married a lovely lady named Alfreda (Yes Really! lol – such is the comedy of my family! lol) and fathered 5 children [seems to be the normal number of off spring in our family! :O)]
Sadly I never got to meet him …

So Whaddidmisswhomissedme? :O)

Heya everybody I’m Baaa-aaak !!!! :O) So’s Skik , bjboo , Gynnirox & all the rest of our clan that you ain’t met yet :O)
So didja missus? hu hu hu hu ??? :O)

Sorry but sometimes my life just sneaks up like a bloody great diesel and shunts me off into the never never and I just don’t get a second to think before it does <)

This was a 4 day sabbatical [from the bubble] into the wilds of the Victoria / South Australia Border. These 2 weeks I have my children for the mid semester holidays here in Melbourne [YAY!] and that weekend was the only chance we would have to do the 6 hr trek [each way] to take my children to Mick’s country home town Kaniva [no you can’t !! ] and meet his family before we get married next year.

So we’re back now and I …

Just a quick wee Joke :O)

Just goes to show, manners aren’t always everything!!! :O)

During one of her daily classes, a teacher trying to teach good manners, asked her students the following question:

‘Michael, if you were on a date having dinner with a nice young lady, how would you tell her that you have to go to the bathroom?’

Michael said, ‘Just a minute I have to go pee.’

The teacher responded by saying, ‘That would be rude and impolite.’ then turned to another student
‘What about you Sherman, how would you say it?’

Sherman said, ‘I am sorry, but I really need to go to the bathroom. I’ll be right back.’

‘That’s better, but it’s still not very nice to say the word bathroom at the dinner table.’
the teacher then asked a third student

‘And you, little Edward, can you use your brain for once and show us your good…

Great wet afternoon reading! :O)


Hi to all my watchers and a big hello to anyone new to my bubble! :O)

I just realised I have HEAPS of writing on here lol and my really good stuff is waaaaaaaay up the back and being ignored and neglected <( – So I decided to send you all looking at it again :O)

These are my Page Six works { Quick read them before they become page 7 works lol :O)}

The first piece I posted was
This is the first poem I ever read out in public :O) SCARY stuff! Considering I’d never considered myself a poet in any way :O) but then what is an oralist but someone who communicates by mouth – and words do come forth from my mouth at an alarming pace :O) What’s worse is they are faster in my brain! <$

My Beast
Is proudly about my writi…

Do you need a laugh?? What Religion is Your Bra?

This one came to me in a chain email lol but it is funny! :O)

A man walked into the ladies department of Myer’s and shyly walked up to the woman behind the counter and said, ’I’d like to buy a bra for my wife. ’
’ What type of bra?’ asked the saleslady.
‘Type?’ inquires the man, ’There’s more than one type?’
’ Look around,’ said the saleslady, as she showed a sea of bras in every shape, size, colour and material imaginable.
‘Actually, even with all of this variety, there are really only four types
of bras to choose from .’ the sales lady admitted
Relieved, the man asked about the types.
The saleslady replied: ‘There are the Catholic, the Salvation Army, the Presbyterian, and the Baptist types. Which o…

Buy My Poem please! It comes in an awesome poster :O)

Hi everybody :O)

Just a quick one to tell you all that finally you can purchase one of my poems :O)
The most wonderful woman and excellent RB artist, Mary Campbell has honoured me with asking to add my poem Soft the Dawn to her picture in a poster :O)
I have never been asked to collaborate before and I can’t believe how wonderful it feels to have that honour bestowed on me! :O)

She has done all the hard yards in creating the poster and i thank her with all my heart as I wouldn’t have the foggiest on how to go about it! As it is I’m having issues loading it onto my PC so I can post it in here [BIG POSTER! lol]

It will also be entered into a collaboration contest in Live Love & Dream group and if we win I want her to take the prize as she has done all the work – I …

Retraction of the "DAMN!" entry - All's Good :O)

Sorry if I created a wave of panic amongst the writers in Red bubble
>>>> OUR WORK CAN BE SEEN !!! YAY!!! :O)

The friend I had who told me she couldn’t see my writing had done something wrong with her PC and thus couldn’t see RB properly – I don’t know what, I am not IT clever but my son went to her house and he sorted it out :O)

So never fear we can be seen here :O)

Now all we have to do is sell it!

Keep Happy! Chookas ~ :O)

Punctuation is Powerful ! :O)

This one made me smile :O)

An English professor wrote the words:

“A woman without her man is nothing”
on the chalkboard and asked his students to punctuate it correctly.

All of the males in the class wrote:

“A woman, without her man, is nothing.”

All the females in the class wrote:

“A woman: without her, man is nothing.”


## DAMN! >/ ##

Dear Mr Red Bubble

I just found out from a friend of mine that you cannot read writings as a buyer!
You can see artwork but you cannot see written work!
Here I am sending everyone I know to RB to read my words and they can’t see it without becoming a bubbler!
Ok I know RB likes to get bigger but really guys if I were to send Literary agents or Publishers to this site to read my work I doubt they would care about joining up to do so!
So RB what’s the give?

~ sad and disappointed RB writer! <(

not-happy invisible-words writing-views

5,000+ views! :O)

in this bubble I have learned that writers have a very hard time attracting a crowd! lol
They say “Pictures speak louder than words!” & “A picture paints a thousand words!” etc so reading the thousands of words to equal the pictures would be exhausting! So I fully appreciate you all reading my words :O)

And now to announce my 100 writing pieces [totalling 91,346 published words – not including the side blurbs and the hidden ones still to be finished] has managed to earn 5,12650 views in 6 months!

NB – That also isn’t including the 2000+ journal views and the 700 art views!

That has got to be a milestone !! :O)

I guess I feel happy about all that :O)


To All Parents :O)

I don’t normally forward chain-emails but this one was nice :O)


Is there a magic cut-off period when
Offspring become accountable for their own
Actions? Is there a wonderful moment when
Parents can become detached spectators in
the lives of their children and shrug, ’It’s
their life,’ and feel nothing? When I was in my twenties, I stood in a
Corridor waiting for doctors to put a few
Stitches in my daughter’s head. I asked, ‘When do
you stop worrying?’ The nurse said,
‘When they get out of the accident stage.’ My
Dad just smiled faintly and said nothing.

When I was in my thirties, I sat on a little
Chair in a classroom and heard how one of my
Children talked incessantly, disrupted the class,
and was headed for a career making

To All you PAGLY loving People!

Last night I had an amazing 2 hour cross continent phone conversation with said wonderful lady Trisha! Pagly2

For those of you who have missed her for the last 5 weeks and did not know she wanted me to inform you of what has happened to her.

She was involved involved in a T-Boned Car accident at about 4:30am when rushing to assist her daughter. The road was wet and gravelly and when she applied breaks it had no effect! Country roads are perilous at the best of times but even worse after some rain! But you’d think at 4am in the morning you could miss whatever amount of traffic was on the road … but no. she slid into the path of a bloke who suffering the same road conditions couldn’t even swerve to try and miss her! All he came away with was a broken Nose!

Pagly is her usu…

Just a quick one of Thanx!

Thank you Novel Idea for Favouriting the beginning of my Warrnambool Wreck tale :o)
I guess that means I gotta finish it then huh! lol

And for everyone who is reading said story I know you are all possibly waiting to give comment at the end But it’d be nice if I had a # in the comment box from you so I know you are wanting to find out what’s happening! lol Just put a # in the box and post it and then I know who to thank in my Oscar speech! lol
[ “Speed 3” lol]

Chookas! :o) xoxox ♥ xoxox

Interpretations of Political Art

What makes an opinion political?
And when does an opinion stop being just a thought and start to be art?
Or is it only art if other people like it?

I have been Bubble Mailed by some not wishing to be known for supporting me and that is fine Sadly though they feel Redbubble is not the place for this kind of discussion

I wish I knew the difference between voicing my opinion in words and others voicing them in art

All the modern artists of around the 1920s were voicing their objections to the last war and the political destruction of Europe ….. and I am sure that there are still artists today voicing their opinion about what happens to the world and it’s occupants in their art …. and I’d include any artist who photographs any endangered animal …. which is a hug…


I guess I am out of favour with people at the moment for voicing my views on the issues we face in our ecology in Australia at the moment
I have my information from several sources … my brother is the most prominent as his life work has been to eradicate introduced pests and re-nourish that which once was.
It is all tied into why we cannot support the life we have here and why if we are not very careful the planet will die!! – perhaps not now but there is serious doubt we will see out the third millennium

For those who didn’t see the uproar [easily missed not to worry lol] you can begin the linking here if you so desire to go see
Remember her art work is stunningly beautiful – it is her attitude that is narrow minded, one eyed and pig headed :o)

But I am not sorry for…

Australian Culling ~ Native Flora & Fauna Vs Introduced Species

This was going to be a reply to aphoto4you on her work Close Together
It is a gorgeous shot and the debate ensuing was detracting from that.

I wanted to clarify my understanding of the whole issue of introduced species vs native fauna & flora

First I want to emphatically state – No I’m not defending needless killing … and I would completely agree with leaving nature to deal with nature. But as you should know here in Australia a mere 200 years ago whiteman introduced several species that have been allowed to reproduce in plague proportions that have wiped out habitat and native species alike and fed our own “Rodents” into their own plague proportions!
Rabbits Foxes Grass [and other weeds that were brought as pretty flowers] Cats Rats Mice camels horses cows…

Was I full of it or on the money?

This was my rather long winded reply to a redbubble forum post here
So was I full of it or on the money?
Don’t forget I’m a writer – besides couldn’t think of a picture that would express these thousand words :o)
Hope you have a coffee on hand :o)

~~~~~~~~~ * ~~~~~~~

You mean if I write long enough I get to eat ??

Off to write now … too busy to write here ….
no wait!
If I write here will I get to eat sooner ?

Now someone said
“Great art is done by people who are dead that’s what makes it great! ”
Bloody hell! If I could get a bloke to paint something when he’s dead I’d think it pretty good too!!! … Would that help me eat ?

The consensus appears to be that when you die you will automatically be great artists –
W R O N G !!!!
So many people who can do wonderful crea…

Calling all Gaels and Scottish speaking bubblers ~ HELP!!! :o)

Thank you for coming to see what I’m getting myself into :o)

I have stupidly decided that one of my characters needed to be a Scott and again stupidly I have put him in the late eighteen hundreds as opposed to the more infiltrated contemporary time.
But I want to explore the language differences:
Scottish vs Australian/English & 1800s vs current.

It would be a great thing for the character to read like a guttural Scottish highlander – a Scottish version of Heathcliff or Oliver Reed, Orson Wells, Russel Crow? [ lol :o) ]
BUT with all you wonderful Scottish bubblers in here I do not want to offend with my pathetic attempt at sounding Scottish, I really would like it to read true.

[I know the pain of badly pronounced iconic sayings –
“Good daoiy mate” = ̶…

The Bubble's Done it Again!!! :o)

Heya folks!

How are we all this fine evening/morning/day/night/whatever? :o)

I must apologise I’ve been all strange and moody lately and for my friends I apologise for my absence of comments! [mind you I did hear the collective sigh of relief after a bit of me not leaving my usual 4-10 liners! lol]
I have been watching and reading but Life just gets in the way a bit! :o)

Today was no different but I was determined to cheer up! so again I come to the bubble with hope of being purged of my frustrations and ugliness by the beauty and goodness I usually find here and I was not disappointed ! :o)

Not only have there been glorious works to view, I learned a new trick! :o)
Thanks to lady LisaG, I can now add pictures to my writing & journal pieces … Like this :

[This is me and…

My "Koala & Lizard" Joke :o)

Koala was up a tree when a lizard looked up and saw him
‘Hey what you doing?’
‘I’m getting high on leaves man!’ the koala dreamily replied
‘Can I do that too?’ the lizard asked
‘Sure get yourself up here and have a leaf or two ‘
So the lizard climbed up the tree and started munching on leaves with the Koala. Soon he became really thirsty
‘Oh man these leaves are sooooo cool but now I’m soooo thirsty!’
‘Yeah leaves’ll do that man but there’s a creek just down there go get a drink and come back’
So the lizard climbs down and staggers to the creek and promptly falls in!
A crocodile swims over and rescues him up out of the creek & onto the bank.
‘Now what have you been up to mate?’ he asked the lizard
‘Having Leaves with the Koala.’
‘Really? Is it fun?’
‘Oh man it’s ace!’
‘Ok I think I’ll g…

Photographers HELP!!!!!!!!!

Hey all you gorgeous artists that I watch in here [and who watch me :o)]

My man Mick skik has finally decided to really improve his photography but he needs some help picking a camera.
Can You please take a moment to go look at his journal entry here and if you can think of a good camera for him to get I would be grateful [it will make my Pointing and him Pushing less Painful :o)]

Thanks so much for your time
Keep Happy :o)

Beyond the Noorat Gates

Ok so this is a recap of all that has happened about these gates!
For starters Lumineux had taken a picture of these gates she found when she and Geoff were coming over to the Otways and took the wrong turning at Noorat. If you read her comments you will see how this adventure developed. There are other comments on her other works from that day here and here

Now you have seen the back ground then you can see why Mick [skik ]and I took time out of packing his flat [to move him over to Frankston with me] and went round the corner from his place in Terang to look up these gates!

Yes it is all rather silly but now it has become an obsession! I had to write a report about what was up there as we couldn’t ask the owners for permission to photograph their home.
So we know what is up that dri

Update - OHGODOHGOD etc ... lol :o)

Hi for those of you who have been concerned for my freak out I just wanted to say that the Boob job has been put on the shelf for a bit as I need a second surgeon to assist and they didn’t organise that! lol But it means I go to the yucky old hospital and not the nice new one – shiesh! <)

But at least I don’t have to wait the rest of the 6 years [of the 8 year waiting list] so that will be good and now I have time to adjust to the idea of suddenly being small chested! lol

The day I had my pre-admission check up [Wednesday] they messed about with the mastitis lumps and I’m still in agony! And now I cant wait for them to be fixed! lol So come the end of May I shall be bottom heavy & no longer top heavy! lol …. and now it’s not soon enough! :o)



Oh God! <(

I have always had this issue and for the last 10 years it has become a painful issue.
I’ve had it now so long it’s like an old annoying friend
but SUDDENLY……. !!!!!!!

Out of the blue my turn has come and within two weeks – in fact only a few hours over a week – the issue will have gone
replaced by possibly another issue
[ I wish my belly disappeared again, do my thighs look big??? ]

But…… !!!!!
I’m not ready !!!!!
I don’t want to now !!!!
But I know I must ……..

Next Tuesday night, tomorrow week,
I will be a very sore size 16C
and no longer 16G!!!

Mumma! <(

We're Home Safe & Sound! :o)

Hello Everybody We’re BA-AK!!! :o)

Mick [skik] and I have just returned from the wilds of western Victoria with car & trailer loaded and a quick over night stop in Colac for Mick to have a little repair surgery [& me and 2 dogs to sleep in the car!] sweet F A sleep and 3 hrs driving [half in traffic] and then of course I get to UNLOAD the car & trailer in the dark! Thank god my son has big strong strapping mates who are available to drop over and help! :o) [Thank you Matteu!]

So I shall look over what I have missed and try to catch up on comments and replies

And for those of you hooked on my slightly better than horrendous adventure episodes I shall post 2 tomorrow to make up [yes and 2 the next day lol – so much for one a day lol]
Keep Happy!

Catch you round the b…

Fellow Bubbler Needs Help!!!

Heya every one!

Was hoping you could help me a bit. Hopefully you have the time. It’s not really my problem but a fellow bubbler’s.

I don’t know if you know this RB artist Jodi Tweed but she is in a bit of a dilemma regarding an actor wanting her work but not offering to buy it. She put up a journal entry about it
I know it’s a big ask but have you any ideas how she can handle this situation?
We are talking a young actor that isn’t very widely known outside the show he’s on.

If you have any ideas Jodi would be welcome for them
Thanx :o) ~ adg

Inspirations from Words

I have been Bubbling with a fellow artist Mariam Muradian and she recently posted a journal collecting inspirational quotes.
This was my rather greedy [in size] post and I would love to share them with you too and please feel free to add your own too!
The more the merrier! :o)

I love each and every one of these:

“It takes one to know one!” – local school yard! :o)

“This too shall Pass” – E Roosevelt

“Today’s mighty oak is just yesterday’s nut that held its ground!”

“Laughing is good exercise. It’s like jogging on the inside.”

“Most beginnings are small, and appear trivial and insignificant, but in reality they are the most important things in life.”

“Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional!”

’It’s frustrating when you know all the answers but nobody bothers to as




…………………… I’M GONNA BE IN PICTURES!!!!!

Well my poem
is gonna be in a book of pictures!

The most wonderful
Mr Jerry Alcantara
is going to add my poem to his book!!!! I get a whole page!!! :o)
I am ECSTATIC!!!!!!


It will be my first piece IN PRINT!!!!!
OH MAN!!!! :o)

How do I describe the magnitude of emotions I feel?
Suddenly I feel my dreams are actually achievable!!! and it’s SCARY!!!!!!
[Yes I know there is no money with this step but there will be eventually because there will be more steps! And then I can pay them all back!!!!]

And here I am alone at my PC with no one to dance for joy with!!!
[well I trie…

Musical Memories

Re Duran Duran’s concert that Bellmusker went to last night and posted a journal entry about…. which I commented one of my famous book like entry’s to lol
Go peek and you shall see lol
I missed them first time round and probably will again this time round too – one day I’ll have money and time at the same moment to indulge in such delights of life

What an amazing memory of realising the power of sexual attraction. I cant remember when I did but I have a sneaky suspicion it involved Gene Kelly or Rock Hudson [yes I know now he was gay but I didn’t then!] most likely Gene Kelly because I felt so jealous of Olivia when she got to dance and sing with him in Zanadu!

But then I was always into alternative stuff – Cole Porter, George Gershwin, Folk and Medieval music. Rock…

Am I "Old" yet??? :o)

In reply to my friend Lianne’s latest poem I deciphered what being “Old” to me would be.
Go read her poem Ecclesiastes for Sixty
then my comment will make a little more sense :o)

Very thought provoking poem love the seasonal and gardening references [will I be able to garden then too? I doubt it I’m all black digits lol Just as well Mick is a horticulturalist! lol]
and as the others have said thank you for warming the bed for us! lol :o)
When asked what I would be when I grew up I always answered “Old”
My mother is 80 this year and I’m yet to see her “Old”
Mind you my step mother turns 70 at the end of the year and she’s been “Old” for more than 20 of them
I think it’s the child within that makes you enjoy your life … your youth, the challenges of your middle years and the rela…

What I've been up to!

Hello people!
Thought I’d give an update here cos I’ve not posted much work of late. I have to apologise to you all who watch me but I have been rather busy with living in 2 towns 4hrs drive away and Mick’s PC plays up something atrocious! lol
So no I’m not angry or upset or anything … just frustrated I haven’t enough time to do what I need to do creatively :o)
I have also begun a bit of an action tale … it wont make the box-office but just an attempt at a bit of tension writing. I shall post it when I’m happy with it maybe :o)
Meanwhile I’m poking about when I can
So happy bubbling! :o)

Is daylight savings over for Victoria yet ??

So how was your peaceful Sunday?
Here it is 2:15 am or is that 1:15? or 3:15? it seems like next week! – in the short space of time since sunrise I have had a gorgeous morning with fiance … no food…. a cup of tea at the local CFA while he chatted / sorry networked … no food … a very greasy fatty Mandala [bacon & cheese sandwiched between 2 potato-cakes (scallops) battered / deep fried & cola cordial … [not really food] … sorted washing, packed car (Said fiance did most of carting down stairs to car – thank you hun I love you hun :o) !!) left Terang 4 home in Melbourne consuming on route; a pear [YAY FOOD!] a packet of thins crisps (sour cream & chives flavour), a packet of berry jubes, three chicken pieces flavoured with salt &am…

Just Mooking About :o)

Who is making Mooks?
I thought it was a redbubble thing or do we make our own mooks or do we collaborate with others to make mooks???
I wanna make a mook of my poetry so how do I organise that??
You seem to be the man in the mook know lol
Mook it to me lol – shall we make mook a common word like google is?
? lol
I shall mook it; I mooked it; will you mook with me? We got mooked lol
I’m all mooked up! lol [well I’m enjoying mooking !!! :o)]
I think I’m interested in mooks :o)

How does one mook? Do you mook all alone?
Must you mook in a group or in pairs on the phone?
Can you mook in a room or mook in a soup?
If you mooked all alone would anyone look?
Do you look very well when they look in your mook?
Can you mook on the ground on a boat in the air?
Do you mook over here or can y…

G’day Folks! We’re back :o)

We have had a fantastic weekend with my new in-laws and told them about the engagement and I was warmly welcomed into the fold!!! How excellent is that?!!!!
There were kids and dogs and house renovations and talking and food [my mother-in-law is an excellent cook so are her daughters shhh don’t tell them lol] and bikes and trampolines and balls and laughter and eventually chocolate!
And we acquired a new puppy “Gypsie” a black and white [merle-ish] Kelpie/Boarder Collie cross girl 8 weeks old and just the biggest talker!!! lol
We hope to finish the film, get it processed then scan the prints in to then learn how to add pictures so you lot can see her! :o) yep the old fashioned way! lol :o)
But on the whole we had the most brilliant Easter weekend!
I hope you have had as good a break as we hav…

A very Happy Easter to redbubblers all!

To all you happy bubblers out there in red bubble land
We hope you have a safe and wonderful Easter
and don’t get too hyper on all the chocolate! lol
Keep Happy & safe and love all your loved ones be they with you or afar
Chookas! ~ skik & adg [aka ~ Michael & alyssa]
& sundry children – bjboo & gynnirox being just 2 :o)

Thank you !! Thank you !! Thank you !! ~ AGAIN!!!!!

Dear Friends
I find I must post this journal entry and try to express my gratitude. [ Forgive me I’m not used to receiving such praise and so many compliments!]
Belated Announcements I know but then I am having a hard time drawing attention to myself lol
Two things -
First –
Redbubble Community added me to their watch list and I’ve ended up on the “Say Hello to…” red box on the community front page
I have no idea what that means nor how I got there but thank you to all those responsible!
Second –
WMG again has used my words in their blogmag. My Author’s note on my mammoth manuscript – “Daintree Daughters” has made it into the journal section of the monthly mag!!!
So again I have no idea what that will instigate but my fingers …

Why I write & dont take photos lol

I long to be able to photograph what takes my eye but as yet have to improve on my camera skills my 3P system [point & push & pray] doesn’t seem to be working!

So I write what I see what I feel what I think and hope others like what I do and either are entertained by it or prompted to develop themselves from what thoughts my writing has evoked.

Sometimes though it is spare of the moment writing and I enter almost a trance like state in order to get it all down before the thoughts are infiltrated by life and thus changed

So please be open and honest with me – tell me where I go wrong what sounds wrong where my thoughts are up the putt and then I can grow! [remember spelling is the bane of my life !!! lol ] I think I am professional enough not to take a productive critiq…

Just Saying G'day!

Hello Angi and all the country bumpkins
I thought I’d introduce myself – considering I live in Frankston you may over look me as just another one of them city slickers.
I may not be a country bumpkin by birth or by current (or ever) living situation but I have always (& I mean since about 5months when I first rode a horse) yearned to live in the freedom of the bush
I have been a scout and scout leader just so I can escape bush whenever possible
and I have had friends that I have half lived on their properties so I’m not a complete city slicker! I do know a thing or two about the bush and splitting wood, plucking chooks skinning roos & dealing with dunny cans!
Mind you still yet to shoot something useful! lol [In all senses of the word! lol ]
So when I saw this group st…

"Daintree Daughters" Synopsis

This began as a story about a young lady out of her era who flaunts the system and does what she feels she must for herself.

I gave her sisters either side of her and a deceased big brother. I had her dad give up his title [have to look up heraldry – thank you John from the train :o)] and land to his nephew and heir when the son, Robby, died; and bring them out from England to assist in the new colony and marry his daughters well out here.

But father, Harold, has an unfortunate accident in the bush when they go to inspect their allotment granted to them and is brought home with a bad hip injury incapable of walking possibly ever again. So back in Melbourne a bustling little town on the verge of booming, Harold promotes his business assistant, a young Scottish gent Reginald Scott, to being…

"Daintree Daughters" - Authors Note

My first completed novel, that is I have an ending to it (lol), is rather unique. The story about why I wrote it is almost as long as it lol but I think needed to be told in order to find the solution of whether to push on and have it published or not.

2003 I was assisting my son’s high school production of “West Side Story”, and the two principals I was coaching finally got their song right! So I, in my silly over the top way, did a small victory dance and managed to roll my ankle severely tearing every ligament in it! Rendering my next 8 months heavily dependent on crutches having physio and hydro therapy twice a week, and incapable of returning to my University Double degree [Arts/ Education]
So here I am house bound and mostly alone and without a book to read! I couldn’t get to a book …

Peek-a-roo !!! :o)

Lol you gotta go find the aussie equivillent of “where’s Waldo!”
Gerry Mac has a great one for you to try your bushie skills
Look at the pic first before you read the comments – that would be cheating cos Gerry hints where they are lol
My hint is they’re staring at you in your face! lol
So Play


Have Fun!!!! :o)

Misty Mountains Calling Me

2009 : Flamejob put up a new photo

Olinda Pano by Aaron
It resurrected such a strong longing in me that I must share it
May 2011 and I have another image for you

Mt Dandenong Panorama by Richard Cubitt
(Mt Dandenong is to the left and One Tree Hill (Ferny creek) is to the right)

For several years after I was ousted from my family I lived in Ferny Creek – the other end of the Dandenong Ranges from Olinda – and worked in a pub/restaurant there “Kate Kelly’s” as a cook [see Darreeen I really can cook!!! lol]
Living up the mountain taught me to be kind to myself, reminded me that I was a valid person and that I was a creative person.
There was a musician who played at Kate’s often and we got to be friends. He wrote wonderful songs and the one I have posted belo…

Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!!! :o)

I got into the Writers Market Group Blogazine!!!
They liked my “On the Wings of Our Love” poem and I feel so special now!!!

Thank you so much to all of you who read my work and gave me feed back
But Mostly I wish to thank Skik for giving me the feeling with his love
and Saleire for giving me the focus with her “On Wings of Love” artwork!

I feel validated!!!
Now I truly feel like I am a writer! A real writer!!!!
Can’t wait to tell Dad!!!

Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!!!

Keep Happy always with love!
:o) ~ alyssa xox

Photographers HELP!!!!!!!!!

Hey all you photographers out there in bubbleland!
I have a friend in here with a great piece of art but is having a wee bit of trouble photographing it without the shine of the flash on it can anyone help her?
you can view her piece

Please say you can help – it’s awesome work!
Thank you keep happy!
adg :o)

Medieval Music

One of my creative passions is singing, in fact I sing better than I do write! [the spelling mistakes aren’t as noticeable!]
One aCapella choir I was in sang medieval music – church and madrigal stuff – and from this I have been privileged to have learned the first song ever written down.
“Sumer is icumen in”
The story goes a monk devised how to write music. He wanted to write a church piece but was told he couldn’t as that would devalue the music as sacred – only for church to hand down. So said monk went a wandering and came across peasants in the fields working – bringing in the hay. They were singing and the monk decided he couldn’t get into trouble writing a song they all knew anyway so he wrote it.
[But of course he got into trouble…

Who Haven't I Told?

Oh my!
I guess this is the official announcement!
[well in redbubble anyway!]

*Skik asked adgray to marry him and adgray said yes! *

lol what a funny way of telling the world!
But hey in here I CAN tell the world! :o)

*Michael A McDonald asked me to marry him YAAAAAAAAAAAYYY!!!

I will soon become Mrs Alyssa Dorne McDonald YAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYY!!! :o)*

I’m sorry if I sound like I’m going a bit over board here but I’ve never been asked before!
My first husband found out I was pregnant and decided we’d get married on x date!
Hubby #2 I asked on leap day – OMG!!! that was 20 years ago tomorrow!!!!
and the last one didn’t believe in marriage! [funny how he’s been married for 2 years now – to someone else!]
So I guess third time is lucky!

So to be asked w…

Family Values

Hey every one

Yes my tribe is infiltrating redbubble lol
For those who haven’t worked it out yet

skik – is my fiance Mick
bjboo – is my daughter Becky
gynnirox – is also my daughter Lauren

There are 3 sons and a step daughter to come yet:

Michael – is my son and a writer drummer and Musical Director of a band
Thomace – my second son is a performer and singer and cartoonist and photographer [although many of his shots of late have had him in them hugging the subject!]
Daniel is my baby son – he is an exceptional artist and exploring graphic styles he also loves reading and stories and is also a performer – singer & dancer
Jannah is Mick’s daughter and only just starting school and exploring drawing and reading but already she shows remark…

Another song lyric to share

Need to add disclaimer –
sadly this is not my work [wish it was I’d be rich like Missy now!]

To quote what I replied to Linaji below –
[& thank you for making me see my blunder]
This is a song a top charting one here in Australia – Missy Higgins is one of Australia’s top Country singers and this was her second song the one that sealed her future as our best. Her first was “Am I not Pretty Enough!” – I should post that one in here too. I do Love her work as it’s following in the wake of other Aussie country singers – adding a lot of rock to their country – but she also adds a touch of jazz!

I hope you OS people can hear this through the net somehow! ~ adg

SCAR ~ Missy Higgins

He left a card and a bar of soap and a scrubbing brush next to a note
That said use this

I'm Compelled to Share this other Poet's work with you

This is a poem written by a farmer in Australia to highlight the seriousness of depression people are suffering out there. Get your tissues out it’s beautiful.


His cattle didn’t get a bid they were fairly bloody poor
What was he going to do he couldn’t feed them any more
The dams were all but dry hay was thirteen bucks a bale
Last month’s talk of rain was just a fairy tale

His credit had run out – no chance to pay whats owed
Bad thoughts ran through his head as he drove down Gully Road
“Geeze Great Grandad bought the place back in 1898
Now I’m such a useless bastard I’ll have to shut the gate
Can’t even support my wife and kids not like Dad and those before
Even Grandma kept it going when Pop fought in the war”
With depression now his master he abandoned what w…

The Most Moving Song I've ever heard!

“In Your Silence!” - Leigh Forster & Jane Mead 2005
[performed by “Youngbloods” on CD “Input-Output”- Doveton Musos]

Friday late in May 05 only 2 days before recording started, Youngbloods had music for their first original song organised but no lyrics. Finally Leigh, the guitarist, produces a poem that his Mum had written to help him come to terms with his father hanging himself in the garage ten years before. The boys play the music and Ben reads out the poem and before the end of the first verse he’s singing it. That’s how well it fitted. They tweaked it a bit but on the whole it was as written and 2 days later after only a few hours rehearsal they record it, taking only 5 takes to get it this perfect! Leigh’s instrumental riff was done in one perfect take that he was …

A Song for you all

Chasing Cars
~ Snow Patrol @ 2007

We do it all every day on our own
We don’t need anything or anyone

If I lay here if I just lay here
Would you lie with me and just forget the world

I don’t quite know how to say how I feel
Those three words are said too much then not enough

If I lay here if I just lay here
Would you lie with me and just forget the world
Forget what we’re told before we get too old
Show me a garden that’s bursting into life

Let’s waste time chasing cars around our house

If I lay here if I just lay here
Would you lie with me and just forget the world
Forget what we’re told before we get too old
Show me a garden that’s bursting into life
All that I am all that I ever was
Is here in your perfect eyes they’re all I can see
I don’t know where confused about how as well
To know that th…

One week later and I found my way home! lol


What a week!
I found this awesome place and discovered not only zillions of gorgeous artworks and equal doses of wonderful writings, I have dared put up some of my own wordy attempts both in some form of poetry and in comments to the images and words that have struck chords within me

And in my real life I have had the dream of love become a tangible reality in that he asked me to marry him! [and used a green glow bangle as a pseudo token ring lol] so Now I need a jeweler to make me a ring! lol [and a winning lotto ticket to afford to buy it! lol]

And thanks to the awesome Saleire the two hemispheres of my worlds have blended and encouraged me to write of my love

Bliss! such bliss should touch every heart and soul!
I wish you all the luck to find this bliss – and if found, the str…

Hello I'm New :o)

Hi you far more talented folk than me,

Thanks for popping in and reading my words; thanx very much also if you leave a few of your own too! – The more the merrier!!

I may be in my middle age [oooohhh scarey lol but I don’t want to live past 90!] but I am new here – and to this medium – and still trying to navigate myself round here – I get waaaaay lost chasing links through people’s faves and it’s sooo much fun!!!! :o)

Thanx too for accepting my first offering I only started writing poetry this last winter [August 07] when my friend died of throat cancer and I was trying to find a voice to express the grief I felt. I wrote Oralist and then I wrote a poem for him – maybe I’ll get up the nerve to post that some day. I usually write loooong stories – “novels” I’m tol…

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