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The Wynne Prize Debate - my opinion

The Wynne Prize – Is it OK to copy another painting?
The group Painters In Modern Times posed this question? in a forum for comment

Spot the difference … Boatmen Moored on the Shore of a Lake by Adam Pynacker, circa 1660 and (right) Proposal for Landscaped Cosmos by Sam Leach

This was mine

Dare I enter into the fray?

being the Host of :The Exceptional Ekphrasis Group":http://www.redbubble.com/groups/exceptional-ekp... (the EEG) I have this issue to contend with all the time

Ekphrasis is
“Creating art that interprets other inspirational created art”
In Pictorial art it is known as “After” so’n’so

It is generally expected to be cross genres
ie – Illustration to a book, dance to music, animated film to a comic, sculpture to a sketch, or painting inspired by music etc….
But as in “after” it can be a “copy” of another’s style and/or subject

BUT IN ALL CASES there MUST be citation to where the inspiration came from – the art and artist MUST be inked into the description box!

In my case I write poetry (and other fictional pieces) to pictorial art in fact to be precise it’s ZETE

• Zographonic – Life commentating• Extemporaneous – Impulsive – without prior plan or decision• Treatise – focus writing on a topic• Ekphrasis – Interpreting another inspirational artwork

Now I have looked at this issue and read all the posts and agree with everyone.

Sam Leach should not have won! (or kept the win)

Not because he copied an older work – for it could be argued that he made an ekphrasis piece to the original (Not being able to see the artwork in question “in the flesh” I cannot tell if he actually made the painting or just printed one off and over painted it or whatever)

But for the simple reason it is NOT an Australian Landscape!
Not by an artist’s definition and not from the point of view of a layman of Australian or any nationality!

AND he should have known that his work was NOT an original piece
– no one can FLUKE an original that coincidentally happened to look that copied from another artwork! So he entered the competition with the knowing intent to commit fraud.

BUT also the judges should resign for such a fowl-up followed by an abysmal attempt at cover-up!
Ok there were thousands of entries and it would be impossible for any group of experts (let alone any one person) to know ALL the artworks in the world
but if any judge was worth their weight they should have seen the copy traits of the styles and recognize them enough to wonder if …. ?
Then when you get the entrance numbers whittled to a manageable size each one should have been thoroughly investigated!
Such a prestigious award should have researchers investigating and checking the entered artwork’s originality – and whatever else is called for in the criteria.
Failing all that if one slipped through and “won” and then was shown up to be fraudulent THEN the award should have been revoked and an apology given and the runner up awarded the prize – that’s why we have runners up!

Apart from all that in my humble opinion it is such an ugly painting ….. well it just shows I’m no judge of good art ….
Anyway it does illustrate why I hate art competitions – It is impossible for one piece of art to appeal to everyone!

Well that’s just my 2 bob’s worth …………… ehehe bOb lol bloody Rowen Atkinson! Ü

So what think you?
Chookas! ♥Ü♥

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