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Thank Goodness for Training!

An Amazing Experience that could have been dramatically worse!

G’day Bookers! ☼Ü☼

How’d your first summer weekend go?
Mine ended up chasing an ambulance for 3 hours to hospital
- well my son was in the back!

After a terriffic BLUDGE camp at Port Welshpool (Gippsland Vic – just above Wilson’s Prom) while we were packing up son Red and a few mates got into a tangle with a spring ride in the park and ended up with Dan on the ground in agony!

Red is FINE!!! – well very sore & sorry for himself but otherwise his spine is OK and he is up and walking (like a slow old codger but walking)
But a HUGE head’s up for the danger of rough and tumble play around objects – now you can see why us caring adults try to curb it, cos sometimes it can HURT!

The hospital and ambos said we did everything correctly. Had we tried to do anything like get him up, apart from not knowing if his spine had /hadn’t been damaged in the fall, we could have actually done damage as his muscles and tendons were over stretched and therefore not supporting his spine.

I want to thank Tom & Mack from the area ambulances for their very calm and efficient administration of Dan’s medical assistance and for their six hours of driving getting us to Casey Hospital (& back) Apparently that trip we did (Port Welshpool to Berwick) cost $10,000 but could have cost more! – A Very very GOOD reason to be in the ambulance fund.

I especially want to thank Gremlin and Lozzah and the awesome Kantaki 1st Cranbourne Scout Troop for doing everything correctly during this very REAL emergency! Even just standing back and being ready to help where needs be and not getting themselves into issues while the leaders were busy was the most help ever!!! THANK YOU ALL !! See our training works!!! ☼Ü☼

Just another reason I am grateful for having been in SCOUTING!

☼Ü Happy Bubbling! Ü☼
Chookas! ♥Ü♥

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