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Nanowrimo Home Stretch!

G’day Peoples of the Pen!
The last word from Lauren the Melbourne Leader to help us Wrimo’s to fuinish up!

Hello lovely Wrimos!

If you have already reached 50k, validation is now available on the site. Go forth and get your purple bar! (And, if you haven’t already donated, a golden halo is the perfect complement to a purple bar…)

The last few write-ins are as follows:
Complete Post, tonight 7.30 PM until tomorrow morning about 10.30 AM. There are doughnuts and chips and there will be pizza, plus a quiet room for dedicated novelling and a TV room for break times. Thanks to Monique for hosting this and for all of her help over the month!
Sunday: Geelong write-in at Hermina’s, details at
Sunday: Croydon write-in at Aimee and Scarlett’s, details at (AFAIK this is going ahead but keep an eye on the forums in case it gets cancelled)
Monday: Brunswick write-in at miss marmalade, details at
Tuesday: Rowville write-in at Alana’s House of DOOM!, details at
And then that’s it! Tuesday is the last day of November and it will all be over!

Well… not quite. We will still have Wednesday night drinkies at three degrees on the 1st and 8th of December (details at, just as a wind-down from this fabulous month.

Also, the Thank God It’s Over party will be on Saturday 4th of December. I am still taking venue suggestions on the thread on the forums, but Abbie has offered to host if nobody else can. Jump onto if you have a venue suggestion or any other ideas. The TGIO party is usually about getting together, winding down, and sharing some of our novel excerpts, so we need a venue where we can do a fair bit of talking.

Finally, here are the current region war standings. Remember, the region war winners are based on average word count, not total word count (otherwise Melbourne would wipe the floor with all our challengers).

Saskatoon: 23,470
Melbourne: 20,490
Yorkshire: 20,444
Nashville: 20,377
Sydney: 18,458

We have to stay ahead of Nashville everyone, because fly issued the challenge ‘Losing region’s ML have to write and perform a video song about how much less cool you are than us. And post it online for everyone to see.‘, and I don’t really want to have to do that. And we have to stay ahead of Sydney because we don’t want to be donating in their name again this year. (I think all we can do about Saskatoon, however, is congratulate them on how well they’ve done this year.)

I think that more or less covers everything. I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend of writing. Remember that even if you don’t reach 50k, every word you’ve written is a word you wouldn’t have written if you hadn’t given it a go. That’s what this is all about — giving it a go and having some fun. I hope everyone’s been having fun this month. I know I’ve enjoyed being your ML for the second year in a row, because it’s a truly rewarding role.

Love, Lauren

I have uploaded my manuscript – all 78,091words!!!
I guess that makes me a WINNER!
…. it makes me a writer!
NOW the HARD slog begins
- editing & rewriting and not loosing heart and turning it into a finished novel!
Then IF it get’s published it makes me an AUTHOR
Take Heart! We’ll get there one day!

Chookas! ♥Ü♥

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