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{Sorry I must vent somewhere and this is kinda here and available and and and it will explain why I have not been on creating & commenting & such as much of late!}

IT is all TV’s fault! & the vidiot I am living with who is addicted to it!
I’ve decided there is NOTHING good about it!
It is pitched in a way that I feel angry and irritated and annoyed when it’s on.
The very few pieces of any kind of interest is destroyed by advertisements reminding me of my intense social poverty and I have no ability to think with the bloody thing on!
So now that he is up and it is on again I am incapable of creativity so I’ll go take my frustrations out on finishing the house work >/

and he wonders why I’m always tired & cranky & he doesn’t get any ….. no that’s a whole OTHER kettle of fish >/
ggrrrrrrrrrrrrr >/ rbrbrbrbrbrfhjfdmnfrjkhfnbvkhrrmhrbfm!!!!!!!! >/

PS If you haven’t guessed I am a radio – music loving kinda creative soul! OH well <)
Thanks for the vent
See you when he’s asleep again & the *F#@king TV’s off !!!!
Chookas! ♥

KEEP HAPPY!!!!!!!!!*


  • Sally Omar
    Sally Omarover 6 years ago

    Alyssa, Give me music any day …. The news on TV is all sad, bad, and obnoxious,
    the reality shows prove that people will do anything to be on TV….nothing worth watching
    except when there are some good foreign movies on TV (those are my favorite…true
    life…true people)….And now I will say it for the first time CHOOKAS…oh, that felt so very
    good…Hugs, Sally xxxxxooooo

  • RMonroe
    RMonroeover 6 years ago

    LOL…..I’m with you….. you go ahead and vent away….Cheers:)

  • thank you Robin – my kaleidoscopic thought patterns became thin timid shards of scared colours all zooming for cover! leaving my mind an angry black void full of swirly red mist and pictures of bloody TV screens of crap! <(

    – adgray

  • adgray
    adgrayover 6 years ago

    Thank you I’ll come back later … when I have given him another project to do that will take him away from the idiot box. The most annoying thing is I will get pissed off & go away and when I come in he will be sitting here with face book up & staring at the TV too! & yes he watches bloody Big Brother! I’m so annoyed my ABC channel isn’t receiving I could stomach that just … well the comedy was good!
    I think I hate most is his bloody ad-break surfing!
    Well at least I know he wont read this – he avoids reading!!! <(

  • adgray
    adgrayover 6 years ago

    I think I need earphones that plug into radio/.CD whatever so i can hide in my bubble world & ignore him!
    It’s always so loud and designed to make you look up! It is so brain evasive!! I hate it!
    I read somewhere that they have designed TV so that it has seeped into our subconscious and replaced the ancient inherent urge to stare at flames of a fire.
    & look at the units you can get for them – they and the ducted heating systems have replaced fireplaces – for millions of years we have had a fireplace in our home and now we have a TV & a Microwave …. <) …. & they call this progress! <)
    I need chocolate <(

  • adgray
    adgrayover 6 years ago


    I need to go camping again! <(

  • AngelArtist
    AngelArtistover 6 years ago

    PC Monitors?

  • artificial light in square boxes that is addictive!
    but at least I use my brain on it! <)

    – adgray

  • AngelArtist
    AngelArtistover 6 years ago

    I wish we lived in the days of Candles and Fireplaces too.

  • Don’t we all – horses and letters and music and dances
    and the reward for effort is satisfaction for jobs accomplished!!
    Have to go do the washing now <)

    – adgray

  • Davies
    Daviesover 6 years ago

    That’s no good Alyssa and how do you ever have a decent conversation when the TV is on all the time and how do you get out and see this beautiful country when he is sitting in front of the TV there is more to life then TV. Yes if he was watch a documentary and learning some thing that would be fine but not all the time. I think I would pull the plug out and say lets go for a walk or do something different for a change. ALYSSA IT IS TIME TO TAKE A STAND AND PUT YOUR FOOT DOWN.

  • adgray
    adgrayover 6 years ago

    he learns stuff but he NEVER applies it!
    I guess Money stops us going out more – petrol is just astronomical!
    I know all excuses but why must I constantly put my foot down?
    and yes we have conversations – the same regurgitated facts and stories are told to me in their entireties over and over and over again and again and again ……..
    CHOCOLATE!!!!!! peppermint chocolate dark chocolate gallons of chocolate!!! <(
    I’ll go do the washing!

  • binjy
    binjyover 6 years ago


    It’s not the TV’s fault,tho! :)

    It’s the programmers/designers who work things so that the human brain becomes addicted.

    Don’t take it out on the poor TV :( :P

    Addictions are a very subtle and insidious force.

    Eat chocolate-dig up weeds,