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adgray is a writer and a poet … / - telling stories all her life, / - writing them down once she learnt how / “Scribbling!...

*W O W O W O W O W O W O W O W O W O W O W O W !!!!!!!! :O)*


The fabulous Miri has taken the time in her precious busy schedule to pay me this massive compliment!
You can go read it here

Please please check out her fabulous work and the sights of those I have listed in my [sorry <) ] very long accolade part, as they have all made my bubbling so … uuuummm …. bubbly? :O) they have ALL definitely contributed to my creativity :O)

I watch so many gorgeous artists in here I am sure I have forgotten people who mean a lot to me! If you are one then please don’t be offended I am truely sorry to have missed you <)
[I cant believe I did an interview seemingly cohesively with 5 children 2 dogs & 3 cats and Mick all vying for my attention on an ongoing basis! I almost wrote it over night when all attention seekers slept – oblivious to my not sleeping! – such is the plight of a popular mother! :O)
But I thank you all and am grateful for each one of you and the worlds your art takes me to and stimulates my brain!
Keep Happy all of you!! :O)
Thank you all of you! :O)
Chookas all of you! :O)
x XX ♥ XX x

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