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Aden Brown

Aden Brown

Kangaroo Flat, Australia

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I Grew up in an artistic family, so i could not avoid finding my passion in and artistic world. My dad Is a painter and also displays his artwork on redbubble.

For me it was photography that captured my heart, the spontinaety, versitility and the somewhat mechanical means of creativity is what drew me to photography.

I learnt the basics on film and refined my craft on digital so i find that i enjoy making images that are unmolested as possble, all my images have only had minimal photoshop manipulation usualy in the form of colour/tone correction and cropping.

  • Joined: April 2008


Frog In a Blender

This is the first journal entry i have made on redbubble, It regards a trademark infringment isssue for my artwork “Frog In a Blender” / I have been recently informed that there is a concern over my use of a Kermit the Frog puppet in this artwork. / Personaly I believe that i am within my rights as an artist to photograph this object and sell my work in the mannor to which I have used…
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