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I love Photography Digital Art, Nature, computers and the big outdoors. My wife and I live on a farm in south west Australia.. My interests lie with photography and digital art .My ambition is to have my work used in some way, to actually sell something and maybe one day hold a real exhibition. Cor…….that wouldnt arf be nice!

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Impromptu Bubbler convention Dumbleyung

Dumbleyung Meeting. / Recently I found a fellow bubbler, Artist, Kerry tucked away in a beautiful art shop in Dumbleyung, in the great southern. As I have found, finding other bubblers is an exciting and rewarding experience. My wife and I spent a most entertaining afternoon together with Kerry and Don. Kerry,s RB presence is “scallyart” well worth checking out. During the afternoon o…
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Flag counter setup?

Anybody know the formula for adding flag counter to member page? / Answers gratefully recieved!
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Over the last week or so it seems I cannot access Red Bubble in the mornings?? I have tried on three different computers using three different browsers and all I get is a fully loaded blank page, EG: my own page but blank. Why is it so? In the afternoon my problems are gone. Any others having same issues?
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Missing pix

For some reason no pix that I add to anything eg, feature wins, blogs home page of group or anywhere, all of a sudden the formula doesnt work?? There is a pix in the header of this message shown ! http://www.redbubble.com/people/adbetron/art/7427906-styx3 ! I have added spaces to show formula. Anybody throw any light on this? / Adrian
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