Eve Parry

Eve Parry

Frankland River, Australia

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NOTE – My images are not public domain, they belong to me and are not to be used in any way without my permission.

I retired to Frankland River 16 years ago, after living in Perth since 1971; originally I was from Shropshire, England.

While in Perth I belonged to a couple of camera clubs and it was those clubs that I missed most. But I soon found people on the internet who were interested in photography, so I now have contact with people from all over the world.

Most of my work now, is done in the lower south of Western Australia, mainly Frankland, my garden, and Albany. However, I do visit my family who still live in Perth, and try to take the opportunity to photograph other places.

My favourite things to photograph are landscapes, plants and birds and you can find most of these images on greeting cards at My Bubblesite

  • Joined: February 2008