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Adam Stone

Adam Stone

Chichester, United Kingdom

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I was born 1986, and live in the United Kingdom.

I am an entirely self-taught artist and am constantly learning new techniques, still much much to learn! All of my work here is created using traditional materials such as pencils, pens and paints; however I do occasionally use Photoshop to tidy things up slightly. It’s a wonderful tool to use.

I inspire to pour my heart into my work and enjoy telling stories through the stillness of imagery. I hope you like what you see!

  • Age: 28
  • Joined: January 2008


The Last Guardain - wow

Please give this video at least 2minutes of your time… / (i can’t seem to get the link to work, so please simply copy and paste in your address bar – it will be the best thing you do all day – just magical) / / It’s stunning, simply beautiful. The perfect example of videogames as an art form, as a way to capture emotion, to …
Posted over 5 years – 1 comments

Canal Trip 09 - Beautiful British Countrside

Hello all, / I just thought I’d take a moment to share some of the photos taken during my recent canal boat trip. Many of the sights I saw were perfect inspiration for new illustrations, so please keep a watchful eye out for them… / The trip itself was incredibly relaxing and so very peaceful… I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys peace and quiet for gently drifting along a …
Posted almost 6 years – 3 comments

Photos to spark a smile (or at least i hope!)

Hello all ☺ / I’ve been quietly viewing your wonderful works from behind the scenes recently – trying to tip-toe on the site whenever possible and leaving comments here and there – but nowhere near as much time as I would like. Still, things are settling down somewhat so I’ll be making sure to make more effort to catch up with all you lovely people. / A lot has been happening recently; some good …
Posted almost 6 years – 9 comments

Clearing out the rubbish... *clicks delete*

Well, maybe that’s a little harsh.. but yes, in essence that’s what I’ve done. Out with the old, in with new… as they say. / I was looking through my portfolio a few weeks back and was thinking that there was a surprising amount of mediocre works on there. And that’s not me being over-critical, merely observant. It makes sense really, for I have only been drawing enthusia…
Posted about 6 years – 5 comments