Tasmanian Trip

Hi everyone, sorry for the week of no redbubble activity, I have been taking a photographic holiday in Tasmania! Got back yesterday and after driving a loop of Tasmania, kinda tired!! So much for a holiday :)

What a beautiful land Tasmania is, from the moment I started on the highway out of Launceston, I was captivated with the beautiful landscape. If only there were larger shoulders on the highways, I could have stopped more!! Of the 6 days there, 3 were rainy, I think that is quite normal odds, but thankful it held up for the most important days, where driving travel was limited, and photography was the main part of the day.

Over the next few weeks, I will be uploading my photos of the trip. One of the things I learnt about the place, 6 days is NOT ENOUGH!!! In fact, 6 weeks wouldn’t be enough :)

I hope you enjoy my shots, and if you havn’t been, I hope it inspires you to visit there soon, it’s well worth it!

Adam :)


  • Joy Watson
    Joy Watsonalmost 5 years ago

    Sounds like you had a wonderful time Adam.. I’m sure you will go back again then. I would love to go one day also.

  • Ann Warrenton
    Ann Warrentonalmost 5 years ago

    :-) Happy your back safely and had a great time. I can’t wait to see your fantastic art.

  • Marilyn Harris
    Marilyn Harrisalmost 5 years ago

    Hi Adam! Look forward to seeing your photos!! Tassie sure is a beautiful part of Australia!! :o)

  • Kat36
    Kat36almost 5 years ago

    Can’t wait to see your pics Adam, I went there for 3 weeks honeymoon about 11 years ago, and have vowed to go back so I can take lots more photos now I have a better camera and gear! :)

  • wiz66
    wiz66almost 5 years ago

    Glad you liked our Island state

  • NickMilton
    NickMiltonalmost 5 years ago

    yeh gotta do that myself someday.

  • tinnieopener
    tinnieopeneralmost 5 years ago

    Now why didn’t you drop in???

  • Sooty6
    Sooty6almost 5 years ago

    I wondered why no pics from u. Cool- I wish I could do a trip somewhere colder than here in Caboolture. Last few days had been wickedly hot. I am not looking forward to summer.
    I might move to Tasmania.hehe.

  • Teacup
    Teacupalmost 5 years ago

    Tasmania is such a beautiful place. My parents lived there for a few years and I made 2 trips there in the 90’s before moving to Oz. Should think about another trip – long over due. Looking forward to the many incredible shots from you. x

  • simonjohnmarlan
    simonjohnmarlanover 3 years ago

    I spent three weeks down there last february, and did the east coast, port arthur, launceston and the 8 days in the cradle mt / lake st. clair area, gorgeous spot :) heading back down there next monday to do walls of jerusalem and the west coast for another three weeks :) look forward to seeing the shots you share.

  • Cheers Simon mate, have a great and safe trip. I hope you capture many magical shots from that pristine part of the world!

    – Adam Gormley