On tour around Australia!

Hey my Bubble friends! I’m currently about half way around Australia on my round the coast trip. Taking my new Phase One setup around to the popular, and sometimes not-so-popular sites around Australia. Working on my new Australia book, to be completed in the next 12 months.

Follow my journey on Facebook, where I try blog every day with recent “fine art photos”, and some “happy snaps” of the car and van I’m taking. You never know, I might even add some of me!! (I don’t usually photograph myself, typical photographer!)

As I use the Phase now, the images in full size for printing are often 100+ MB, and 100+ megapixel, so Redbubble does not accept them. Get the thumb-nail previews from facebook.…

Tasmanian Trip

Hi everyone, sorry for the week of no redbubble activity, I have been taking a photographic holiday in Tasmania! Got back yesterday and after driving a loop of Tasmania, kinda tired!! So much for a holiday :)

What a beautiful land Tasmania is, from the moment I started on the highway out of Launceston, I was captivated with the beautiful landscape. If only there were larger shoulders on the highways, I could have stopped more!! Of the 6 days there, 3 were rainy, I think that is quite normal odds, but thankful it held up for the most important days, where driving travel was limited, and photography was the main part of the day.

Over the next few weeks, I will be uploading my photos of the trip. One of the things I learnt about the place, 6 days is NOT ENOUGH!!! In fact, 6 weeks would…