Managing Director at Swear Words creative studio is my main deal; but photography is my hobby and what some would call my art.

I hope you enjoy my work.

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What next

going thru a photo equivalent of writers block…just not feeling like picking up the camera. The “photo vision” is still on when I walk around, but cant be bothered going any further?? / Inspiration, help, anyone? Does anyone read these things anyway?
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The lure of the female nude.

ah yes, a pretty woman half naked, breast in silhouette, nice tone and lighting, black and white of coarse, maybe throw in a contrasting background and if your really good a bit a story behind it…. and bang you have your self a red bubble winner? / Maybe? Maybe not? / So what is it about the the lure of the female nude, has it been something forever present? What is it about the female form…
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It will never burst.

I have been putting off writing in my journal for a little while now, hoping that one day I would come up with a witty stroke of genius making everyone love me. Not so. / Instead maybe I just use this journal, as a ahem.. a journal? / I will start off by saying that I really enjoying the big RB, it is really pushing me to think and stretch my photographic and artistic skills.. mind you it is R…
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