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MOnuMENTalUM Go with it / Flow with it / It’s bigger than you / Don’t have it in view Perspective Perhaps an understanding / When it escapes us / Or an explanation / In disorder and chaos She Wonders My heaving bosom / Burgeoning heart / Pleasure personified / In trembling thighs Sixty Ticks Of Nothing Take in that which you miss / You must it has missed you too / Absorb the tranquility / Arouse each sense Return To Innocence Harness the exhilaration / That transcends the highest ebb / Free fall in weightless wonder Unspoken Covenant New or old that connection will extend / To all the moments we witness together / The silent pauses where no words are needed / The heartfe… Do You See What I See Who has always been by your side / Yet you don’t recognise me now / You cast a shadow of doubt over Lost That fight you know / Still resides in my soul / Though progress is slow / I will make it back home The Feminine Unique This time is her time to be all that she can be / To fulfill and embrace that long fought legacy / She knows she could do anything that sh… The Power Of Allure There is power in sexual allure / Don’t underestimate it’s pull / In ways no words could express / The heights of arousal it ca… Silent Calendar Entries For those dates I have special rituals that I do every year, that help to ease that pain. I make sure to do it the same way and with the sa… Twas The Night To Get Laid Checked the astrological / Charts just a little earlier / Our stars were aligned / The timing was right