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Back to the Stone Age: Visa Argentina says no to Paypal and other oddities (Anger Overload)

And I say we are absolutely screwed. That’s it. Officially, I can’t purchase, get paid or anything through Paypal using a Visa credit card (sadly those are the only ones we have in our family…) This also turns my paypal account into an “unverified” one (no credit card), ergo I have that lame limit for transferences.

Not only our money isn’t worth a penny outside of the country, not only the official postal service doesn’t let you make International Postal Money Orders without using a third-party service (Western union, which many sites seem to dislike a lot), not only they won’t let you pay in dollars. WTF? You are the official postal service for god’s sake and you cannot accept dollars? HOW THE HELL DO YOU KEEP TOURISTS HAPPY? DO I NEED TO SHOW A DIFFERENT NATIONALITY (preferably european) TO BE TREATED BETTER? God, I’m so fed up.

My simple, stupid, plain and retarded, even childish and naive idea was to actually do the following:

1) Purchase music cd from a site (options were PayPal and IPMO)
2) Purchase a poster from Redbubble through PayPal

Easy, right? Yes, in a serious country.

I can’t do any of those. First, because for PayPal I would need a credit card in order to transfer money from a bank account to PayPal or to posses a USA bank account. Now, the only credit cards we have are from Visa, ergo, we are screwed because our Central Bank and Visa don’t like their citizens to buy stuff from other countries (usually cheaper, hell the cd I’m trying to get would cost four/five times its real price here)

Then I’m beginning to think I won’t even be able to send a postal money order for the simple fact that the seller might not appreciate Western Union at all (hopefully it’s a popular seller with good reputation and has been operating since 2001) I’m crossing my fingers, hoping they won’t mind me to pay through that source which is, actually MY LAST RESOURCE.

WHO THE HOLY RECONTRA F—— I CAN ONLY HAVE ONE POSSIBLE SOURCE OF PAYMENT? Which is also hindered because I AM going to get ripped off by Western Union’s obscene taxes for international orders. (21% here, 2% there, 2usd of extra charges and what not) What kind of shit is this? (to hell with self-censoring I’m angry now) What the fuck is wrong with this government? They think they are puppeteers or something, lying with the inflation index, lying with the prices, lying with everything. I know most governments lie but these guys put Pinnocchio (sp?) in shame.

I’ll kill the next person that spits the “but you have to like where you live”, “progress there, build something” crap. I don’t buy it anymore. This is cyclic. FREAKING CYCLIC! It happens every ten years or so, for the love of god this movie happened in 1989 (hyperinflation), 1998-1999 (deflation, recession, my father was fired and we entered in an economic debacle that hit its peak in 2001 and reached the worst point in 2002 with the devaluation…) We are in 2008.

Time for another crisis? Look at the newspapers, oh the irony, GLOBAL ECONOMIC MAYHEM. And what does the government say here? We are protected because we have superavit. What the hell? You call superavit ripping everyone off with obscene taxes to the point we are years delayed in terms of technology?

Jeez. I want to get out of here but I can’t even do that. 120 flights cancelled since December. And apparently that actually made it to the news of other countries… Yes, because tourists were affected by that. Oh, yeah, even getting the passport can be THE odyssey.

Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, you got to kill to stay alive. Yes, Iron Maiden rules.


No wonder tango is popular here. The music for the melancholic and the lonely.

Yes, it’s quite hard to purchase stuff online here.


  • HelenSewell
    HelenSewellabout 7 years ago

    It certainly sounds like a struggle. Hope you’ll find a way. Thank you for giving others an insight into your world

  • luckydog
    luckydogabout 7 years ago

    Abyssal, when i get my bopo, I’ll buy the poster for you

  • Arienmir
    Arienmirabout 7 years ago

    Cada vez estamos peor, yo quiero hacer unos pedidos al exterior también y no hay caso. Uno es prisionero de unas reglas estúpidas que no parecen beneficiar a nadie.

  • Pero sí, es una cosa de locos. Además, me trataron muy mal en la sucursal oficial. A partir de ahora voy a una oficina secundaria (una librería que me queda cerca) para mandar cartas y esas cosas.

    Me da pena realmente. No puedo usar la tarjeta (estamos en campaña para evitarla lo más posible por cuestiones de ahorro) y descubrir que es una complicación total usar PayPal es un palo de aquellos. Ni que hablar de recibir lo que uno compra. Más de un mes de espera para que Aduanas me despachara el cuadro que gané acá (cuatro horas de espera fácil) y, ENCIMA, me miraban como si fuera un chorro. ¿Que querían, una notebook con todos los archivos fuente del cuadro? Dios. Mejor no empiezo con cómo manosearon el “envío” (cayó de la cinta transportadora cual ladrillo viej, ¡y el gil que manejaba la cinta se “olvidó” que había llegado hasta que le avisé que se estaba yendo del circuito!

    Pero ahora que sé que sólo puedo pagar via Western Union… me doy cuenta que, irónicamente, casi ninguno de los vendedores online me acepta esas “Money Orders”. O sea, mi dinero no vale un pomo afuera… Por suerte fui a una casa de cambio y compré dólares con lo que había ahorrado. No sé, quizás todo lo que junte de laburos terminaré pasándolo a dólares, yenes o lo que sea…

    Concuerdo absolutamente. Reglas totalmente ridículas.

    jaja, no sé… capaz que a ellos les resulta de ciencia-ficción. No es que el correo sea más eficaz en otros lados (por ejemplo, Australia tampoco tiene International Postal Money Orders) pero que al menos funcionen cosas como PayPal (que supongo que sí funciona bien en Australia…) o alguna forma de poder comprar sin que me arranquen la cara con los 75usd de un UPS o cosas así… y que Aduanas se lo afane o te cobre 100% de impuesto al aire.

    Uy, me fui de mambo. Perdón XD Me dejaron furioso estos tipos.

    – AbyssalSoul