Scanning Portfolio

Scanning Portfolio

After the massive cleaning and re-arrangement of my portfolio, a titanic bad mood (and I’m still angry), stress and other things, I’m bringing to the surface some old and new works that were either ignored or just didn’t recieve much attention. So, this week’s featured works are (click on the image to view them separately):

Mother of the Stars

Embryonic Planet

The Diamond Engine Experiment (Stable)

I absolutely love the first as it took me a lot of tweaking to get the “shape” and it has a mystic aura on it.

The second is, of course, a pretty obvious symbolism. The stars background looks a bit prettier in this one and the lighting is more exaggerated but the idea is to remark the planet.

About the third, one of the most recent but absolutely skipped (come on, it has eight views and those eight are from me! xD) is a test of reflection/refraction with 3dstudio along with heavy use of volumetric lights and all that fluff to make it look alien.

Ok, that’s it for now. I might randomly bring up older works this way but perhaps also mixing stuff from other people that deserves to get attention too.

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