Clean & Repairs Co.

After reading this interesting journal entrance (yeah, give me back my journal! hehehe):

Interesting Journal Entrance / Click Me!

I decided it was time to arrange and put some order in my portfolio. I deleted a lot of test renders and stuff that wasn’t that good. Now I feel it is acquiring a more “professional” aspect, though I’m not done with it. I’m still leaving some minor tests and pictures that I thought were crucial to understand the origins of some pictures (and because maybe one day some may find it interesting) and I’m way too lazy to make heaps of journal entrances.

I might re-render some works too at an even higher resolution as soon as I get a new computer (which I hope will be by Christmas… I HOPE)

Seems like today it was the “Clean Up” day! Everyone pick the vacuum cleaners!

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  • Craig Goldsmith