Geisha Girl  by Jacqueline Baker

Taken with a Canon Eos 400D

This image is dedicated to Rick Gustafson who has encouraged me to explore myself more through self portraits and who has been a perfect gentleman throughout all our discussions. He has allowed me to be myself and to express my deeper inner thoughts…… Rick thank you from the bottom of my heart and i really do mean that!!

It’s called ‘Geisha Girl’ not because i look like a Geisha but because during one of my conversations with Rick i told him that i deeply admired these exquisite creatures who knew exactly how to show their beauty without losing their modesty. It is with that in mind that i took this next image in my series of self portraits. It feels so sensual and freeing to be me, no pretences just me as i am…..the ribbon has it’s own significance.

I have now decided to include the explaination of Geisha Girl along side the image as it was suggested i join the ‘Imagewriting’ group by the lovely Cora Wandel so here it is:-

Geisha Girl.

The girl is sat in a low lit room she is surrounded and bathed entirely by darkness. Black for me if you remember from The Secret Garden is a symbol of deeper darker desires and sensual passions that cannot be seen but are known only in the inner self. The fact that she is surrounded by blackness is symbolic of her inner deeper desires coming to the surface and surrounding her totally until they are all she can see before her. The cloth is also black and wrapped around her, overflowing her, surrounding her, taking over the pure white skin symbolic of purity and innocence.

She is seated in a submissive position with her arms raised and crossed arms, open hands all figurative of submission and vulnerability, surrender, waiting, embracing, passion, yearning and anticipation of the deeper darker desires that are closing in. But she wants it, she eagerly desires it, anticipates it and wants to embrace it…….she is waiting for it to overwhelm her to take away the responsibility and to overpower her. How she yearns….deeply, deeply yearns, how she waits for its arrival, the long awaited long desired consummation.

Her hair is not pinned up, it is free, symbolizing she is not inhibited in anyway. She lifts her hair as a further act of submission to reveal the whiteness of her skin to the viewer… the darkness, to the one who waits in the shadows to possess her. She is willing, ready and waiting but she must wait for him but he will only step out of the shadows when he is ready, when he decides and she must be patient. She yearns for his control, she feels safe with him. She trusts him that he will love her and treat her correctly and always with respect and she in turn will obey him. Her neck is a place where life flows through her veins she is offering to him her self and her life. It is also her erogenous zone; she is inviting him to step forward and to kiss her in this intimate place, to embrace her sexuality……to mark her as his. Her shape is feminine, full of curves and inviting, she is unclothed revealing her nakedness, her readiness – nothing hidden away which shows her genuineness and honesty. She longs to allow her deeper darker desires to overtake her and yield to his touch but she sits patiently waiting. She must wait.

The ribbon.

The ribbon has special meaning. It is again black – the symbol for deeper darker desires and passion. It is tied around her neck and hangs loose down her back. She desires no necklace to adorn her neck, no jewels, no material gain…no she desires something even greater, something more precious that what this world can offer. The ribbon is around her neck where it can be picked up and held by the one in the shadows and she can be lead voluntarily to the place of passion and consummation. It is her collar. It is her symbol of ownership and of being owned. She loves her collar and the one who owns her. Her collar is her visible sign of her submissiveness for her and to her owner. She can touch and feel the representation of the one who owns her anytime she feels vunerable or alone and know he is there in the shadows, he will look after her. But she must wait. The collar forms a circle and when placed around the submissive’s neck is akin to a ring, the symbol of belonging, love and devotion. In order to receive her collar the submissive must first raise her arms above her head and cross them. In Geisha Girl she is waiting…..the ribbon is a merely a symbol of her long awaited collar.


  • jacqleen
    jacqleenover 5 years ago

    LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE…………! your rich tones, lighting….pose and skin tone are just PERFECT……….very sensual yet elegant IMAGE!!! Proud of you sis :))) xxx

  • LOL and i just LOVEEEEEEEEE you my precious Jacqleen you always make me smile deep inside… help bring the woman out in me and i’m sooooo proud of you too sis… deepest love and affection to you my beautiful beautiful rare lil flower! :0)

    – Jacqueline Baker

  • walela
    walelaover 5 years ago

    Nice shot! I love black attire.

  • my dearest friend Walela how wonderful is the color black, so sensual and deep and so wonderfully comforting…….thank you so so much for your lovely comment! :0)

    – Jacqueline Baker

  • WhiteDove Studio kj gordon
    WhiteDove Stud...over 5 years ago

    no shame here wahini………absoubtly lovely ………..

  • Awwwww thank you my lovely kj and no i have no shame with this image far from it, i’m gaining confidence thanks to all my friends here in the big Red Bubble and you’re one of my favourites :0)

    – Jacqueline Baker

  • Kevin Skinner
    Kevin Skinnerover 5 years ago

    Wonderful light and a superb pose. Lovely image. You must be delighted how this came out.

  • oooooh thank you Kevin i know you are like me and love B&W’s more than the air we breathe, but i’m so glad that you took a small detour and left me such a wonderful compliment……thank you! :0)

    – Jacqueline Baker

  • VonMcKnelly
    VonMcKnellyover 5 years ago

    To explore one’s true self is to know how others see you.
    This image of you is done in a classical style I adore….bravo Jacqueline.

  • Thank you my dear dear friend…..i’m feeling quite soppy recently i just love my friends on RB. You are absolutely right Von i have found doing these images extremely beneficial almost theraputic and to get compliments like yours is fantastic! I love classical style images and so i’m really really happy that you like this one…..thanks Von! :0)

    – Jacqueline Baker

  • Rick Gustafson
    Rick Gustafsonover 5 years ago


    Very nice again. So happy to see your progress with this series. I feel there is more to this image than meets the eye which leaves much to the imagination.


  • Thank you so much Rick i am so grateful for your encouragment and faith in my abilities and so i am so happy that i could dedicate this image to you dear friend! And again your intuition is correct there is a lot more to this image than immediately meets the eye……thank you for looking deeper! :0)

    – Jacqueline Baker

  • Mark Weaver
    Mark Weaverover 5 years ago

    this is great, wonderful pose and tonality

  • awwwwww thank you Mark you’re such a lovely man and so is your comment!! :0)

    – Jacqueline Baker

  • Marny Barnes
    Marny Barnesover 5 years ago

    I have no words other than you INSPIRE ME.
    I remember when I shot Raw…and we breifly chatted about the fear…and you posted a pic then took it down a short while later. I am so impressed

  • My dearest dearest Marny what a self journey we have both been on!! I remember our conversation and yes i posted my first image but my confidence was zero and couldn’t face it remaining there. I have been able to gain more confidence to do these images since i’ve lost 3 and a half stones in weight and am a nice size 10-12 Brit sizes. I just decided to change the things i could change and do the things i could do and leave the rest to trial and error LOL.

    If i have inspired you can i expect to see some more of you? ;0)

    I think you’re brilliant Marny Barnes!! :0)

    – Jacqueline Baker

  • Jan  Tribe
    Jan Tribeover 5 years ago

    beautiful work!!

  • Oh thank you……and you’re a beautiful lady too……any self portraits in the pipe line? :0)

    – Jacqueline Baker

  • Barssel
    Barsselover 5 years ago


  • Thank you so much i love that word LOL :0)

    – Jacqueline Baker

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