Bevin Allison

Moriston, United States

My name is Bevin Allison. I love art. All art. I also love any kind of photography so I don’t really have a niche and am...

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I am a horse trainer and riding instructor that works out of Ocala, FL. I am also a graduate of AIB with a an associates in Business Admin and Leadership and a member of Phi-Theta-Kappa. I like making web-pages, taking pictures, singing in my car, and drawing! I currently use a Sony A100 and A550 DSLR.

The reason I love taking photos is because I love the art behind the photograph itself. First its the eye that sees something and has to make sense of it. Then if the eye sees a beauty or a moment it finds worth capturing and if everything is perfect, with a click of the button it all comes together in a picture. A picture that may be edited in various ways, sometimes several times in a row depending on which way the wind is blowing our creativity.

I also love how it captures a moment in time. A moment that one can never get back. Kind of like a still time machine. I only hate the moments when I see something and it is really neat and that is the one moment I don’t have my camera with me to record it.

I hope you like what I have done. What I see through my eye and the art and love for the moment behind it. Feel free to make comments. However, please give constructive criticism or none at all, unless you want to tell me you like my work, that is ok, but just don’t bash it. Instead, tell me what I could do better and how I could achieve it if you don’t like it or even if you do , but have ideas.

If you live in Ocala or it’s surrounding area and would like me to get pictures of an event you may contact me at

Thank you for visiting :)



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Circle of Light

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What is my style?

One person said it was poetic. Another said Naturalist. I did a search on Naturalist and learned it was a very old form of photography. The idea was the photography could never be art and that pictures should be taken in the way that the human eye should take them. For instance, when we look at anything, some of it is in focus, and other parts are not. Thus, only the subject should be in foc…
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Quantary 70 300 macro lens

Ok, so I wanted to see if this lens, that I probably misspelled was better than the Promaster. I ordered it off e-bay today. I like my riding students better, its shots where clearer so there you have it. That was my reason for getting it. / I think this will make an interesting purchase and review so hopefully in the next week or so I can write that review and help anyone out who might be lo…
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Finding my perspective

Its funny, I have been using photoshop since the mid 90’s and I never really toyed w/ it as much as I do now. Like who knew you could make water out of the chrome filter. I just played w/ it and there it was. I wish I had more filters and add ons and hell, just the full blown version instead of elements. / On the other hand. Doesn’t that make one have to be more creative? Having …
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Where to begin?

I just opened a new site on Zazzle because there product range was larger, but I love this site. In fact, I like to more than Zazzle. Anyway, I want to make a go at this. I’ve loved pictures for years. I’ve had a camera since I was like 6. I don’t have money for a high end camera or high end lenses, but I think the eye can a person has can help a lot. Of course the eye mus…
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