I’ve been working at this thing called photography for so long, that it’s almost embarrasing that I’m only this good… though, I do have the excuse of having a day job, too. See here for what I mean: Winjeel.Com

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Another Woo Hoo !!!!

I had a photo of mine featured at ‘Daily Free Stock Image’ on Crestock on the 1st July 2008; the first time I’ve had a photo of mine featured by a connoisseur of photos! Woo Hoo to me!
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Technical Advice for new photographers

PhD student working hard procrastinating has produced this. Though, actually, at the rate of one article a fortnight. Just the same, these are meant to be easy to understand, avoiding a whole lot of technical stuff, and not getting (too) deep. For some in my Watchlist, you mightn’t be much interested in this; others, I hope it’ll help. / “How to take photos” / Genres IR…
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Woo hoo!

I’m one step closer to Dr-hood (starting a PhD). I’ve received very positive feedback on a draft proposal, and so with some more work (still confused with the word ‘bit’, in spoken English ‘a biit more work’ means a little; but ‘a BIT more work’, means a lot more effort is needed, and of course this was typed in an e-mail). If you want to know what,…
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What good is art?

What good is art? The great philosophers like Kant argue for that is is aesthetically pleasing; it is something that has no practical value, nor is it essential for basic survival, yet we create it, and it exists. The philosophers have written and postulated to no end; but what is it for me? / Hmm… the creation of it is what matters. The pursuit of making something original, or at least is …
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