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The “beauty of the ordinary” is one way Anthony Billings’ art has been described. His watercolor and acrylic paintings are naturalistic but touch on Pop Art and occasionally Impressionism. Close-up views of classic American cars take them almost to abstraction and force the viewer to look beyond the primary subject and consider reflections of what the automobile mean to us. Of his automotive art, a fellow artist once said, “This is where abstraction meets realism meets technique!” His landscapes and still lifes bring a fresh look at sometimes familiar places and things or make the new and unknown seem familiar. All of his subjects conjure memories of simpler times and an unpretentious past.

Anthony has been a photographer for nearly 30 years, spending several years in local news photojournalism and event/wedding/portrait photography. Much of his personal photography falls more into the fine art category. He has just recently begun evaluating his older slides and negatives for their artistic merit.

  • Joined: June 2009