I am very out-going, not a tiny bit of shyness in me! I am very goofy, I get that from my mom! My mom is also where I get a lot of my inspiration from. I love my mom to death, I talk to her as if she were my bestfriend! All my friends are jealous of my mom. She is, as most of you know, who got me into photography. A lot of people have asked “Do you do it for her, or yourself?” I am kinda selfish, so I do it for myself :P But I also do it because it brings me even closer to my mom, and that makes me love it that much more! Photography is very relaxing I find. I enjoy most arts, I want to be a model, photographer, or designer. I would kill myself if I ended up with a desk job! I hate school, just like every other kid. I’m not the smartest, but then again I don’t try very hard. I am sure I could be smart if I put in a little more effort towards school. I am a very “Live for the Moment” kind of person. Just like most teens these days, i don’t care much what people think about me. I do hate it when adults aren’t fond of me though. I think someones photography says alot about them. Most of my photography is of me and friends. Alot of my photography is also just simple things, but what is simple to some is very complicated to others. I am a very complicated person. I am easily inspired and very easily ammused! My favourite things in life are: family, friends, and sleeping! I HATE it when someone tells me I can’t do something!! I am very rebelious. Reverse psychology works well on me! There is a lot more to me then a few words.. I was planning on keeping this to a few words but I got a little carried away. Thanks for reading! :)

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