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Update 4.2.09

New Photoshop Tutorial Added to my Journal. Check it out! Photoshop Trick to Take a Vertical Composition and Make it Horizontal Without Losing Pixels or Subject’s Size!!

National Protest Against Prop 8. Yes, I said NATIONAL

Just Added to My Journal Do You Need a Photo Assistant to Work For Free?

I am a freelance photographer and am almost entirely self taught. I am self taught as a photographer, web designer or most anything I’ve done. I like to call myself the Jane of all trades. LOL.

Just added A Lil Bio in My Journal




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I photograph celebrities, special events, parties and my favorite, CHILDREN’S PORTRAITS! Currently, I mostly photograph children and families and do it professionally. I love photography and am inspired everyday by the people and children around me (especially my beautiful nieces and nephews). Candids are my favorite.

I can’t really describe my style, I feel that it changes based on the subject. I never thought I would need someone’s opinion as I take pride in the work I do and have found my persistance and determination to be a great quality. Now, I feel to get to that next level of consistency and creativity, I require the need for feedback, both positive and especially critical.

I joined to be part of a photographic and creative community, that until now, membership consisted of only me.

Hope you enjoy my photos!

Check out this really cool slideshow of a portrait session with my family.

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Abfab Photo Studio | Los Angeles Children’s Portrait Photographer

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Featured on the Homepage:

I am looking for a professional portrait (Children and/or Family) photographer that may be looking for some extra help a couple times a week or whenever, who can in exchange teach me. Like a mentor/apprenticeship. I have never worked with any photographer in studio or out. i would offer my help (set up lights, computer stuff, assist you, etc) free of charge in exchange for your wise wisdom!! If anyone is interested, please shoot me a bubble mail. I am in Hollywood/LA area.


  • Age: 36
  • Joined: September 2008


Manhattan SOLD!!!

OMG, I’m thrilled. My image Manhattan was sold as a greeting card to my good friend Jennifer Barclay!! / Thanks so much Jen, really honored. / This was my second sale, both sales for this image of Manhattan!! / xoxoxo / Jen
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Please view my Brothers Photosesison Website!

I just finished my brother and his family’s photosesison (the editing) and uploaded it for them to view. I hope they love it, I’m sure they will. / This is the first formal session I have done of them. I also did one for my other brother, which I will work on next. / I’m pretty proud of the site and the images, hope you like them!! / Thanks for looking!! Turn up your speakers to…
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Almost Published.....AGAIN!!!

So I’m so stoked. So an Armenian newspaper here in LA has contacted me to run a photo I took from the March, which I’ve currently uploaded here!!!! Crossing fingers I’ll get my name credited of course!! / This will be my 2nd publishing. For those of you that missed the first and dreamlike publishing here it is / I feel so lucky and on cloud 9! / xoxo / Jen
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Newest and Dearest Features!!

Hi everyone! Wanted to share some features with you starting with the newest! I am very grateful that my pieces from the Armenian Genocide March has been featured several times! This means a great deal to me, especially so that many people can have a look and know about it. / My featured works for the last 3 weeks are as follows: / Never Forget – Armenian Genocide Series was featured in Cur…
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