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10,000 + marchers at tonight’s No On Prop 8 rally that banned gay marriage in California. I was very proud to be part of this historic event that brought many people together, Gay and Straight, White and Black and everything in between…

More (much more) photos to come…..


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  • loya
    loyaover 5 years ago

    love it lady next time i will go with you and summer and be with you in this fight for rights

  • DEAL!!

    – abfabphoto

  • kathy s gillentine
    kathy s gillen...over 5 years ago

    another excellent capture

  • Thanks again Kathy!! I really like this one as well….. :)

    – abfabphoto

  • eelsblueEllen
    eelsblueEllenover 5 years ago

    Good for you, get out there and tell the world that this is wrong!

  • THANKS Ellen, ol buddy ol pal!!! You know I really appreciate it so much!!! MUAH!! :)

    – abfabphoto

  • cougarfan
    cougarfanover 5 years ago

    Woooo Hooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well done:)))))))))))

  • WOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!! Thanks. I’m glad you like it!!

    – abfabphoto

  • dlmorrow
    dlmorrowover 5 years ago

    Good shot. I think CA needs to do a recount!!!!!

  • FOR SURE!!!! Thanks David! :)

    – abfabphoto

  • dlmorrow
    dlmorrowover 5 years ago

    I read in the NY Times that a lot of people think that the reason so many voted for it was because they were misled into thinking they were voting FOR gay marriage and not against it. So, a re-vote is definitely worth pursuing.

  • This is true….It’s one of the reasons…. People thought yes meant no and vice versa. Also about 2 weeks prior they ran ads showing school children and talking about gay education and school, using children as an attempt to persuade voters to vote yes was justridiculous…..

    Plus I just found out through the state that over $400,000 of the campaign funding was from businesses and peoples from the state of UTAH!. Now that should not be allowed and people living in those states should not have a right to influence or “buy” votes or even donate in California for these issues that affect Californians. It has nothing to do with Utah…..

    – abfabphoto

  • dlmorrow
    dlmorrowover 5 years ago

    I totally agree. Just moved (a year ago) to Chicago from Boston. Keep fighting out there. It’ll happen. If I were out there I’d join you. And where was David Geffen with all his money in all this? Ha!

  • abfabphoto
    abfabphotoover 5 years ago


    awwww… Thanks David… Cyber support is just as nice!! :)

  • meltaylor
    meltaylorover 5 years ago

    Seems to me, if it is decided that gay people do not have the same rights as straight folks, then gay folk should not have to go by the same rules under this government.
    Melissa Etheridge said it…“we shouldn’t have to pay our state taxes, if we are not fully recognized”.
    We should get out in mass and object to the hatred that the mormon (moron) faith is projecting in states (other than it’s own).
    I think that the mormons need to buy a nice island (far away from everyone else) and just go do what they do, without having a voice in politics or even a place to live in the U.S.!
    Once, I had two mormon “twinks” come to my door, talk to me about the mormon faith and for about two weeks, would not leave me alone, even tho’ I kept telling that I was NOT interested.
    Finally, Patrick, my partner said, “did you tell them that you are gay?” I hadn’t. So the next time the two darkened my doorstep, I said, “should I tell you that I’m gay….will it make a difference??”
    They both looked very awkward and said, “no, that doesn’t make a difference at all!”
    I never saw them again!! (lying bastards!!) But hooray for me!! That was one time that I valued the predjudism!
    Patrick, my partner and I have shared our relationship for 21 years.
    We ARE the same as married folks, just don’t have the same rights.
    I don’t get bitter about it, except when things like this happen…
    In these times…I figure that everyone should understand homosexuality!
    It is not something that we “choose”. Why would anyone choose to be looked down upon????
    And whatever happened to “separation of church and state”?
    Wonderful images in this series!!!!

  • Hi Mel….. I agree with you about the “twinks” (too funny by the way lol) being liars…. You being with your partner for 21 years has lasted longer than what society sees as a “real” marriage and you should be very proud! I hate using the word partner, as if I’m different or we just completed a Business Merger together, but don’t know other words to use…… I got emailed this yesterday, you might like to read it…. “They” say that Marriage and Domestic Partnership have the same rights, so “Why do we want to be MARRIED?” Besides for love and equality, here are just a few of the 1400 state and federal benefits that gays and lesbians are denied by not being able to marry:

    1. Joint parental rights of children
    2. Joint adoption
    3. Status as “next-of-kin” for hospital visits and medical decisions
    4. Right to make a decision about the disposal of loved ones remains
    5. Immigration and residency for partners from other countries
    6. Crime victims recovery benefits
    7. Domestic violence protection orders
    8. Judicial protections and immunity
    9. Automatic inheritance in the absence of a will
    10. Public safety officers death benefits
    11. Spousal veterans benefits
    12. Social Security
    13. Medicare
    14. Joint filing of tax returns
    15. Wrongful death benefits for surviving partner and children
    16. Bereavement or sick leave to care for partner or children
    17. Child support
    18. Joint Insurance Plans
    19. Tax credits including: Child tax credit, Hope and lifetime learning credits
    20. Deferred Compensation for pension and IRAs
    21. Estate and gift tax benefits
    22. Welfare and public assistance
    23. Joint housing for elderly
    24. Credit protection
    25. Medical care for survivors and dependents of certain veterans

    – abfabphoto

  • Oh and thank you so much for the compliment of the series! Appreciate it so much!! :)

    – abfabphoto

  • meltaylor
    meltaylorover 5 years ago

    Yeah…Patrick WANTS my Social Security…smile..

  • LMAOOOO!!!

    – abfabphoto

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