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Los Angeles, United States

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"National Protest Against Prop 8" Yes, I said "NATIONAL"

I have great news. This is a national effort, not just in California. Help overturn Prop 8, the ban on Gay marriage. This has also passed in Arizona & Florida! It will be held at your “CITY HALL” Please visit Join The Impact for more information and locations in your state and help us fight against DISCRIMINATION AND INEQUALITY!!!

Protest Location By State Here

Just to name a few: California – San Diego | Los Angeles | Bakersfield | Sacramento | San Francisco | San Jose | Moreno Valley

Colorado – Denver; Iowa – Des Moines | Iowa City; Florida – Jacksonville | Miami | Orlando; Massachusetts – Boston | Northampton; New York – Syracuse | Albany | New York City; Utah – Salt Lake City; New Jersey – Newark; Arizona – Phoenix

They have put together a NATIONAL PROTEST and start a mobilized movement for equality! When we all come together as one voice on November 15th, we will show the nation that we can do more than just talk, we can act! We won’t solve everything in one protest, but we will fuel the fire to a conversation that can not be silenced! If we stop talking about equality for all, then we will lose the battle. If we allow others to stop talking about it, then we will lose. Hate is not the lack of love, it’s the fear of that which we do not know. This protest along with many others gives us the chance to build on the conversation and educate the masses. It’s very simple: Infiltrate, Educate, and STOP HATE!



Come on Ellen, it has your name all over it lolGet you camera out and go to NEWARK!!!


  • LaraLuz
    LaraLuzalmost 6 years ago

    This whole thing really gets me. Just give us the equal rights we deserve!

  • Tell me about it…. Im getting tired of protesting …. LOL Come on folks!!

    – abfabphoto

  • H Maria Perry
    H Maria Perryalmost 6 years ago

    I will spread the word.

  • Thanks girl!! …..spread like a disease or spread it like butta…. LOL

    – abfabphoto

  • cougarfan
    cougarfanalmost 6 years ago

    Thanks Sweetie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Iwill:))))))))))))))))

  • Thanks feisty!!! :)

    – abfabphoto

    CATNIPMEOWalmost 6 years ago

    Good luck sweet thang :) My fingers are crossed for you and yours !!!!

  • THANKS!! I wonder how it will turn out….ooooooh

    – abfabphoto

  • eelsblueEllen
    eelsblueEllenalmost 6 years ago

    Newark is about an hour from me. We are seeing Tina Turner in Newark on Thanksgiving! :)

  • Rollin Rolling Rollin down the river…… LOL Tina turner huh…. that should be fun….. I get many jokes for you though… LOL

    – abfabphoto

  • loua
    louaalmost 6 years ago

    im with you all the way ladies and mans i will vote as long as i can love th eemossion for so many people . loya

  • Thanks!

    – abfabphoto

  • Kenny Gulley Jr.
    Kenny Gulley Jr.almost 6 years ago

    yes..theres no news
    on the gay activists charging a church while it was in service in Mich and disrespecting everyone inside

    and nope no news on the letters sent to mormon churches in LA and Salt Lake City filled with white powder and hateful messages

    cover evenly mate

  • Kenny, you have the right to your opinion and that is fine… I’m not a newscaster “giving the news”, so I hardly do not need to show both sides….. However, I Have not said anything against the churches or Mormons, but have only spread word about protests and shared my photos of an event I went to for personal reasons….

    You comment makes no sense to me… and trust me, the media never has issues showing the bad side of any race or in this case any gays that have caused harm or have been arrested…. So the more you can show the good side of things, the better that is the job for people like me… let the news media handle everything else. Im not a journalist….

    The only reason we are in the news now for good things, is because now we are fighting to be treated as human beings.. otherwise, you show me if the news shows Gays being beaten and killed. Gay kids comittting suicide because of intolerance in school…..

    So MATE you need to reseacrh before you speak your opinion.. However you always have the right not to look at my photos and listings, or you can always come in and comment and/or appreciate my art and writings….. I am not here to get facts from the other side…. Im here to show my art and share my pain with others here like me who are going through this as well……..Right now I care about my rights and my rights only as a human being…..

    – abfabphoto

  • Kenny Gulley Jr.
    Kenny Gulley Jr.almost 6 years ago

    ok, not looking for a fight.
    just saying, this is one topic…protest to overturn gay marriage
    fine…but going out of your way to attack people for their affiliations is basically the same discrimination your trying to fight (im using you in general) in the cases i stated above. You (abf) can at least note it as a way NOT to protest since it would seem very hypocritical to discriminate against people when you feel your being discriminated. Thats what i meant..

    but i can understand if you dont respect direct democracy
    and the rights of the poeple to choose and govern themselves
    as they did on Nov 4th

  • I do and I know totally where you are coming from…. In my protests, her ein Hoolywood/Silverlake, we had the largest protest of 10,000 people and no violence or arrests…. I do not condone a grou of idiotic people who make it harder for us to fight the fight…. but what I do believe is peaceful protesting and the fight for me to be able to marry and have kids and be treated fairly… I do this in peace and the rallies I’m part of is completely peaceful. No one gay or straight should fight back with violence and hate….. its just not right period….

    The only thing that is not right to consider discrimnation an option on the ballet and in no way calls for direct democracy….. Many people were confused as to what yes and no meant and what do you think about the ads that stated that teachers would now have to teach gay marriage… Did you hear about that? My brother is a teacher and the entire teaching coalition and groups stated this is wrong….

    What do you think about MISLEADING AND down right LYING to manipulate voters into voting for someone’s Human rights..

    Let me tell you this and I will leave it at that… You remember when Blacks couldn’t marry whites or jews couldn’t marry blacks, etc?? How would you feel if something like that was up for Direct Democracy and your rights were in the hands of the popular vote?? So in 4 years, if african americans, hispanic or Armenians, etc lost the right to marry or and was on the ballet, how would you feel? Would you trust America to make the decision for you?

    Regardless Kenny, it’s just not right… period….

    – abfabphoto

  • H Maria Perry
    H Maria Perryalmost 6 years ago

    Well damn. Why does this always happen? No matter what the issue, someone always comes in with some ugly negative comment and has to criticize the person posting because they didn’t address some alleged bad act on the part of an alleged member of the group they are speaking about? Why the hell does that happen? As if that somehow lessens the importance of the message!

    Hey everyone! Listen up! Over here friend — pay attention now.

    There are bad people dong bad things in every single sector of society. How on earth does that have anything to do with the message of the right to equality? Does the bad act by a few members of a group somehow negate the message of the entire group? It doesn’t.

  • Kenny Gulley Jr.
    Kenny Gulley Jr.almost 6 years ago

    I wasnt trying to do this whole run around thing but im not gunna just leave ur qustion up in the air.
    (oh stop helen)

    I figured a “what if” situation would arise.

    First of all, that “what if” situation wouldnt happen, but “what if it did?”-
    well for one thing it would go all the way back to the center of the issue…
    and that is the definition of marriage.

    The reason this is a “moral/religious regarded” issue is because of what marriage is.

    Marriage is an institution created under religion between a man and woman.
    It had nothing to do with the Govt at all until money/taxes became the issue.
    Then Govt would recognize i so that these things could be settled (what they didnt do though was define it because iof its obviousness). Between a man and woman as it universally was from the constitutions foundation.)

    But our brilliant forefathers knew something.
    That is, for the constitution of the US (Cal, etc) to be efficient, they must be allowed to breath life into different generations.
    I believe ga marriage would be allowed later down the line but not now…and it being forced upon the people of Ca by the govt has forced the people to make a drastic choice. ban gay marriage.

    Instead of trying to force a originally religious institution (which shuns homosexuality) to be altered to accept something it wasnt designed for.

    My call was to change civil unions to = that of marriage.
    And that remains my call. Instead of fighting what the people of Cal , Florida and Arizona have voted in favor of….

    they should accept it and nw go to alter what available.
    Banning same sex marriage isnt discrimination because marriage wasnt designed for it (being a religion created union) rather its an un-qualification.

    therefore if voters approved a ban on bi-racial marriage, the fight would go back to “what is marriage?” and it is what i have stated above…having nothing to do with race.

  • I think it is ridiculous that you think all that. You are very young and by no means have fought the fight and are the “millenial” generation that has more resources available to them and so much more intelligence than previous generations that you cant even begin to think what you parents or grand parents or even me, being twice your age has to fight for…. I will not argue with you about something you do not understand or have NEVER been through….. If marriage is about religion and is seen as marriage between a man and a woman, then why were Blacks and jews banned as well?? Weren’t they Man and Woman? Because it is the SAME AMERICA that VOTED then as they have NOW…. You wait and see until your generation and the rest of the millennial’s vote, these children will make the difference, not the americans we know now, most who probably voted in the past for blacks to sit on the back of the bus as well….. I do not want to argue with you and if you want to keep up a political debate, that is fine with me, I can definitely hang..but do not use my post to share your political views. Be an adult and post a new forum for discussion or bubble mail me…. This is hardly the place for you to voice your opinion when this was an invite for those supporting it, not those against it….. FAIR?? Or do you not understand that either?

    This same America who voted against it is the same America who voted against gays adopting children…. hmmmm…..rather leave children in the system without a family and a loving home because of someone’s sexuality…. thats interesting… You definitely still have a lot to learn…


    – abfabphoto