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I'm Looking for a Pro Portrait Photographer to Take Me In...... Free Help!

I am looking for a professional portrait (Children and/or Family) photographer that may be looking for some extra help a couple times a week or whenever, who can in exchange teach me. Like a mentor/apprenticeship. I have never worked with any photographer in studio or out. i would offer my help (set up lights, computer stuff, assist you, etc) free of charge in exchange for your wise wisdom!! If anyone is interested, please shoot me a bubble mail. I am in Hollywood/LA area.

Thanks, Jen


  • Julie Marks
    Julie Marksabout 6 years ago

    Hi Jen,
    You are steps beyond me. I am looking for a photographer to teach me
    photoshop( I have Photoshop Elements and the full program) and other computer software to enhance my photographs and have fun (I still want to learn My Second Life). I have an amusing cartoon program and use life size dolls to create some of my narratives and stories. Primarily I use the elements of nature like bark, rocks, plants etc. to create abstract painterly photographs. I often feel that my camera is my paint brush. My vocation as a Psychologist has influenced my avocation, especially using my macro lens with my Nikon SLR D80) to illustrate that every tree tells a story if we take the time to look. I will think if I know someone who could mentor you and I hope you consider mentoring me. How much time I can spend will depend on your consultation fees. I am the host of the healing journey on RB and you can do a search for drjmarks or click my photo to see my portfolio. I joined RB around a year ago and have 800 images on artwanted.com/masterofthemaze. Now I post most of my work on RB. If you want to see my work on AW search for julie marks if you want to see how I have evolved over the past two years. There is so much to learn and I want to learn more skills this year. I love music and want to pair
    my photographs with YouTube and also need to learn how to create links
    and hyperlinks. My greatest tool is my imagination and fascination with nature’s abstracts. Several of my photographs are anthropomorphic and I enjoy developing stories about the characters that mostly derive from bark
    and stone. I live In West LA very close to UCLA and have and Imac and macbook
    pro. I have so many ideas that it is great to have someone to interact with and share the process of learning. I can offer you wisdom, but not as a Pro
    Portrait Photographer. The best number to reach me is my husband Charlie’s cell @ 310 795-3789 who wants to create a coffee table book of my photos. He has his graduate degree in Art History and loves my work. I wish I had the same confidence as others do and hope to meet my own standards while enjoying the playful side of working with my images. I hope to hear from you and look forward to viewing your portfolio.