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Los Angeles, United States


Please view my Brothers Photosesison Website!

I just finished my brother and his family’s photosesison (the editing) and uploaded it for them to view. I hope they love it, I’m sure they will.

This is the first formal session I have done of them. I also did one for my other brother, which I will work on next.

I’m pretty proud of the site and the images, hope you like them!!

Thanks for looking!! Turn up your speakers too!

Visit the Website


Almost Published.....AGAIN!!!

So I’m so stoked. So an Armenian newspaper here in LA has contacted me to run a photo I took from the March, which I’ve currently uploaded here!!!! Crossing fingers I’ll get my name credited of course!!

This will be my 2nd publishing. For those of you that missed the first and dreamlike publishing here it is

I feel so lucky and on cloud 9!


Newest and Dearest Features!!

Hi everyone! Wanted to share some features with you starting with the newest! I am very grateful that my pieces from the Armenian Genocide March has been featured several times! This means a great deal to me, especially so that many people can have a look and know about it.

My featured works for the last 3 weeks are as follows:

Never Forget – Armenian Genocide Series was featured in Current Issues

Armenian Genocide was featured in Multiracial Beauty

Remembering – Armenian Genocide was featured in Multiracial Beauty

Got Hoops? was featured in Photography 101

Say it Loud and Proud was featured in Quorn

Civil Rights for All was featured in The L Word

Just Do It was featured in Candid Photographs of Friends & Family

Jake’s 2nd Easter was featured in Images & Ideas


1915 Armenian Genocide - April 24, 2009 March in Hollywood, CA

Hi everyone. I’d like to share with you a personal and special day for me with images I took. There are many and I will post some, but if you would like to take a look, I have created a photo gallery. Iy would mean a lot to me. The song is a famous Armenian singer and they are singing about the capital of Armenia, “Yerevan”.

Many of you already know I am Armenian and Assyrian. This day was special to me and my family.

In 1915, in Turkey, many Armenians and Assyrians were murdered. It is called the Armenian Genocide. Many countries, including ours refuse to recognize that very day as a Genocide for political reasons.

Please visit www.abfabphotostudio.com/neverforget

Please if you have your opinions, keep them to yourself, do not comment. I am sharing images I have taken a…


Hi all. Tis me again. I’m so happy to say that Kaylie is Da Bomb has been featured 3 times sonce I uploaded it this week. That means so much to me. Sometimes I doubt a photograph ands well my family says “they love everything” LOL, but it’s nice to have my peers think the same.

Kyle Loves Basketball was featured in Mood and Ambience

Kaylie is Da Bomb has been featured in Canon DSLR, Family Unlimited and The Woman Photographer

Thanks so much to all the groups! You’ve made my week.

Jen-ster :)

Photoshop Trick to Take a Vertical Composition and Make it Horizontal Without Losing Pixels or Subject's Size!!

Ok, I thought I’d give back what I’ve learned since so many people on the Internet have helped me out! If you already know this and I’m the only one who just figured it out recently, then I’ll slap myself silly and call it a day LOL.

Today, I’d like to show you how to get the most in terms of pixels on your subject, without cropping or enlarging the actual subject. We all know that when you crop an image, you lose pixels, when you enlarge, you may get blur depending on the software you use. I use Photoshop CS and CS4 (recently got).

Let’s take this picture as an example.

It’s a nice tight shot taken vertically with some white space all around her. I have learned to frame my subjects like this and ensure I have space all around, because later I ca…

Featured Works !!! :)

Hi all. I’m very happy to report some more features the last 2 weeks or so. I am very happy and appreciative of some (well all) of these works, as they have been like a milestone I passed in terms of both technical and creative aspects. Well, not super creative, but creative enough for me, as I’ve always stated I’m not to creative, just pretty good at capturing life as it happens. Thanks so much to all of you for your support and motivation!

The following works have been featured:

Hold my Hand Dad was featured in Canon DSLR

Happy Baby was featured in Oh Baby

Meet Teddy was featured in Images & Ideas

C-H-L-O-E was featured in Family Unlimited

Bass Player was featured in #1 Artists of Redbubble

Feet was featured in the groups Family Unlimited and Mood & Ambience


Studio Flash: Alien Bees vs. Continuous

So I have a great set of daylight running 40 inch softbox incredible continuous lights. These are the first that give me enough power and color temperature comparable to flash. I can actually shoot at iso 100 and over 125 shutter speed. Those using continuous will know that it is difficult to shoot at high shutter speeds when using continuous lights. But I have a decent pair that cost me over 1,000, not to mention the set I have from before that cost me 500.00! Both I haven’t even had for one year. They were great starting lights for training and what not. They are actually great lighting even for now. MY light heads have 4 bulbs at 250 watts each and very high lumen and they are not YELLOW or HOTTT!!

But, I have just become the proud owner of several Alien Bees B1600 monolights. Th…

Great News: Studio Space!!

Ok, so for the last month or so, I’ve been looking for a space where I can get off my lazy but and stop “doing” and “learning” photography online or by books. I thought in my mind, I know so much and have shot several photoshoots, but never with a full setup, never learned entirely, as I am self taught all the way! I’m just missing the hands on experience, so I can be confident and have that experience. Not to mention, build my portfolio!

So I came up with Jen’s PHOTO BOOTCAMP for myself!! I thought hey if I can find a large space where I can have all my lights setup and go everyday, I’m bound to come out better in 30 days! RIGHT? RIGHT!

So I found the most perfect space. It’s a 20×20 400 square foot storage, like a bonus room un…

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait