Why do we love?

Love; it hurts, it scars, it ends broken
the dark side of love remains unspoken

Tears hearts apart, rips them in pieces
innocent victims become an awful species

The one you once loved becomes a demon you can’t defend
and that heart puzzle will never be fully completed again

Loneliness; nobody can hurt you, untouchable, only please yourself
not finding yourself going insane over a partner is only best for your health

The only emotional pain is that created by your shadows
the only harm done could only be performed by your echoes

Any routes in life are the paths you yourself chose
no surprises, the world makes sense, the days flow

There’s a clear easy option involving easy life
yet through love must everyone strive

What’s the addiction, the attraction, the need,
that we can’t live without someone to please?

We put ourselves through pain, fights, disagreements and sometimes betrayal
hoping that just one love will not fail

It’s human nature that family, friends and ourselves isn’t enough
we need someone to kiss, to hug, to love and to fuss

We need our hearts taken, even stolen
though not always treated well, love makes us wholesome

No matter what pain humans won’t stop trying
every human will search once to gain a love before dying

Life is funny, we’re taught about what hurts and harms
yet we still approach what’s known to pain humanity most with open arms

We’re irresponsible, senseless and we should take better care of our emotions
we shouldn’t trust anyone, or give ourselves to anyone with full devotion

We know that, yet that sense aside we shove
And why? because we’re in love with the idea of love

Love is always sweet before it turns sour
and that taste of sweetness blooms like a flower

The taste so special, so strong, so nice
it burns through the sour taste of loves ugly price

And it’s that same sweet taste that draws us back to returning
it’s that same speciality that claws us right back in

To with stand the awful pain we’ve felt before
to open up our hearts again to the possibility of more

Because that taste was so sweet
any ugliness in the past it defeats

And that’s how we know true love is worth
re-searching for again and again till found on this earth

The need for love is no curse
love always gets better not worse

Because once found, scars are healed and bad memories forgotten, buried deep
beneath the glory of true loves feet

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To think how many people are broken hearted and how many people have experienced the pain of hurtful love when it’s failed, everyone knows this yet we all still go out looking for love. It almost seems ridiculous. But the pain of love is far less than the glory of it.

Please tell me what you think. :-)

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  • UntamedDreamer
    UntamedDreamerover 2 years ago

  • Yay! Thank you so much! :-D

    – Alexandra Parapadakis

  • msdebbie
    msdebbieover 2 years ago

    Some nice ideas in this one Alexandra. Congrats on the LLD feature xxx

  • Thanks! :-) xox

    – Alexandra Parapadakis

  • KParapantaki
    KParapantakiover 2 years ago

    Congratulations! Very thoughtful and able!!!

  • Haha, thank you yia yia :-) x

    – Alexandra Parapadakis

  • RosaCobos
    RosaCobosover 2 years ago

    Love is Life and it takes the course of Death..too…if not..would not be Life at we put all our hopes in the first feeling because if not we would mot mate, relate..share….join…always afraid of being hurt, betrayed..defeated…Your writing is speaking clearly about it all…with a tremendous exactness of how you feel, felt or how things are going along the way. A great writing and a great show of “descrimination” not easy to grasp, unless we have a quiete developed “feeling function” in our psyche…James Hillma has wrote wonderful things about this function…and you have targeted all his words without knowing it.

  • Thank you very much Rosa, I’m very happy that you appreciate my work, and for your feedback. I will look up James Hillma. :-)

    – Alexandra Parapadakis

  • RosaCobos
    RosaCobosover 2 years ago

    Love and Life…which is first?….none..that is why this poem so well deserves it..

  • Thank you so much! I apreciate this a lot. :-D

    – Alexandra Parapadakis

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