Prior to the moment I thrust my own homemade ‘Horrid Henry’ novel into Francesca Simon’s hands, at my local school’s book signing, I had decided I wanted to be a writer. I still do. Writing is a great passion of mine, it has been since before I could grasp spelling and write letters the right way round. It continues to be now as I grow and shape myself as a writer. I most enjoy creating prose and poetry, however, anything to do with creative work compels me.

I have only recently begun trying to publish some of my works and have managed to publish seven of my poems through the different anthologies of ‘Forward Poetry’ and two through the collections of ‘Poetry Rivals’. It would be my dream to release an anthology of my own or have the novel I’m in the process of writing eventually published.

Yet I also find great thrill in sharing my work in person. I enjoy performing and especially so in slam poetry. I have made it to the national poetry competition – ‘Poetry Rivals’ – final twice. In these finals I had to perform my work. I hope to begin attending more open mike nights and poetry slams to watch and perhaps perform.

Please have a look at my work and tell me what you think :-)

You can also find me on Write Out Loud:
Also, if you are interested in seeing my performance at the last Poetry Rivals final it is on YouTube:
The poem is called ‘One murderer, two druggies and three thieves’

  • Age: 18
  • Joined: June 2009