“Great are the Manifestations of Ra”

Ancient Egypt
I specialise in writing cursive hieroglyphics which are mainly used for religious texts, and favour the retrograde writing style. My script is based on 18th and 19th Dynasty models.
In my work I try to recreate the elegance and beauty of the original texts whilst being as accurate as possible, and apply what I learn to create new texts. I use traditional materials, pigments and writing tools wherever possible.
I study Egyptology at the University of Manchester.

My other interests include writing, drawing, painting, design, film making, and composing music.

I also love to draw and enjoy using lots of different media. I usually take a camera with me wherever I go. I am currently experimenting with iPhone photography. Check it out!

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Yes, I will create bespoke items.
Examples include: A custom Calendar – You choose the Art from my portfolios, cover and the month order, a diptych or triptych, or conversion of work from one format to another suitable format for purchase eg. iPad → iPhone case.
Artist’s Copyright on artwork used in Bespoke items remains.

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If it is Art, I do it.

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Redbubble and Blurb

Well, I have to say, my experience with Blurb so far has been… ordinary. Their BookSmart software is glitchy and slow, the InDesign plugin crashes the app, their forums seem largely unmonitored, questions were rarely answered, and their support was unable to assist me when I had a problem with their own software. / So it was with some trepidation that I noted that Blurb was trying to entice…
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Moving Pictures

In Terry Pratchett’s Discworld they are called “Clickies”, either way, I finally got my video uploaded to YouTube where I automatically had a channel because of my Google+ Artist Profile , so I thought I would use it to show you what I can do in a more dynamic way. It wasn’t an easy process but I have learned a lot from the experience. / My first video is of my Art of the …
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Getting in touch with the Inner Geek

+1 is the new Like / I already had a few shirt designs in the pipeline, but dropping in on a post on Google+ by the delightful +Laurel Papworth discussing the very important issue of what to wear, in an upcoming interview, I offered up my own irreverent take on facebook . Links to to cool Ts followed. / Laurel then shared the slogan that she secretly desired and a design (complete with colours a…
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You say Celtic, I say Hiberno-Saxon

New Hiberno-Saxon Collection / Most people will call this “Celtic Art”, but more properly the pieces that I do on this theme are Hiberno-Saxon, or Insular Art; meaning the Art of the Island of Britain in the post Roman period. / This art form combines Celtic and Saxon elements, and it appears on manuscripts, and in metal and stone work in Christian and Pagan contexts. Having taken a s…
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