They play at toy soldiers, expendable plastic
Cold painted lead, cardboard cut outs

Men in their offices with clean shaven faces
Crisp cotton shirts, no dirt on their boots

Go home to their families, commute, attend banquets
Talk strategy drink cocktails, safe on their lawns

While his dad lies in pain and hers will not return
Mothers receive metal they call a bravery award

Real men real soldiers missed by their families
Empty beds, empty chairs

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‘I hate toy soldiers’ was the final line of this poem until I showed it to keith mc cann – local poet – he suggested it was not needed and for me to think about it.
on consideration i realized he was correct…it has it’s own impact without addin hate…for hate is negative and stands in the way of good


love, toy, hate, soldiers


  • S .
    S .over 4 years ago

    i think the last line of i hate toy soldiers would not have been the best line here.. but not because of the word hate…
    i dont believe in not using certain words because of their harsh connotation
    hate is as valid word as any for your FEELINGS

    anyway .. nice piece here :)

  • thankyou for your valid and honest comment
    you are correct in what you say…
    glad you like it

    – aaeiinnn

  • bloorain
    bloorainover 4 years ago

    I love this! it is so true what you say Annie, and how could they-play with toy soldiers- How can they live with themselves. I want to know what reasons they fabricate in their minds to pass this as acceptable! I am with you on this. Powerful piece

  • thanks blooi recall inold films the ‘ops’ room , a table map and little model men representing real dads brothers lovers etc pushed around the mapwith a stick the real men were regarded as easily expendable as the plastic models could be

    – aaeiinnn

  • bloorain
    bloorainover 4 years ago

    I have seen what you describe in movies as well. sad, but true :(

  • xx

    – aaeiinnn

  • DragonFlyer
    DragonFlyerover 4 years ago

    O this rings so so true as well… I was so so ashamed to be an Australian when our government – despite the most enormous protests ever seen – decided to join the attack on Iraq…
    Maybe there have not been ‘too many’ (even 1 is “too many”) Australian soldiers killed – but what of the Iraquis??? Soldiers, ordinary people, mothers, children who had the bombs dropped on them? Who have not even been counted as they are only “collateral damage” – plastic, metal, cardboard figures able to be ignored….

  • the idea came from watching an old film where there were men represented by little figures on a very large map
    a man was talking and moving the figures about with a rod that had a flat blade to shove the bits of metal or whatever with…and saying that some were ‘expendable’.. how inhumane can folk be…
    i am so pleased to meet you

    – aaeiinnn

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