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annie's selection by aaeiinnn Calendar this is also under my name annieannie Can this be our last embrace / Never more to see your face / Will you leave behind no trace / How then shall I go on / No word no sigh / … for those who have a hidden child within Dyno the DynoSawRus / Dyno the DynoSawRus was having a bad hair day well at least he was struggling to get some sticky toffee pudding off h… jim by aaeiinnn amber by aaeiinnn this is tilda by aaeiinnn links to berns please read / message / you will find several excellent related images squares and simplicity by aaeiinnn sweet kisses by aaeiinnn headlines Paddy was in salubrious soliloquy when Caitlin arrived. She heard him as she quietly entered by the stage door using her passkey. No one el… how many of you recognise this – i cannotfi… The man that seeks a woman’s heart / Must first address her mind / For only when possessed of that / Will he be sure to find / A precious… CHANGED SSS for fun by aaeiinnn SSSSSSSSS issss here by aaeiinnn THE AAAA by aaeiinnn MMM by aaeiinnn j is it by aaeiinnn ZZZEDS by aaeiinnn bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbBBBBBBBBBBBBBB by aaeiinnn out with friends We were just ready to argue about what to do that day when Josh and Cindy came honking and blowing all kinds of fumes from their beat up ol… baby blooper by aaeiinnn PSYCHADELIC  by aaeiinnn PSYCHO t IC by aaeiinnn you reach the centre of loves universe when you touch my hand in passing or kiss my up turned palm / speak words of loving kindness and wish me good not harm / when you wake me a… fun design by aaeiinnn bright abstract a fun design for fun folk by aaeiinnn for the bloopers community please join in the forums / we are happy to have others begin discussions / annie and pagly an excersize for red I look out over the buildings, pretty colours hiding the poverty of our existence. It is so lonely up here, my parents are away all day an… vibrant vibes by aaeiinnn Calendar another tale of mmmm’s Shadows don’t usually scare me… but that big bruiser of a cat was around again and I never seem to see more than its shadow. It’s unsettli… six words…picture/doors/ hallway/ books/ co… Sometimes the dullest picture evokes in us the sweetest memories… I recall the one of the doors my friend had in her hallway. When I… for my friends especially right now for berns friends are for shareing / friends are for careing / love is for living / love is for giving / all things for making / life worth the living a red bubble dynamo by aaeiinnn BLUE FAV by aaeiinnn PARTY T by aaeiinnn party time by aaeiinnn Mists of Memory How often they had stood here side by side with his arm about her shoulders. She had felt protected from any harm in those wonderful momen… star  bright by aaeiinnn happy face by aaeiinnn Lionel and Eldrin They looked over the wall at me snouts sniffing the air / Behind them were several of their siblings – but – those two – they were characte… THE CHALLENGE Having come so far Dale was determined to complete the challenge to find the body. / Only when he was unable to physically move would he gi… blueeee by aaeiinnn shapes by aaeiinnn easter message by aaeiinnn DARK DANK DISMAL DARK DANK DISMAL / What might be inside / Dark dank dismal / What is it to hide? / A body lying mouldering / Or weapon for attack / Perhaps… rescue Dirk was on the track that led to the shore so he continued after resting a while. Struggling up the path was a small boy, tears streaming … A good man is hard to find Lin lifted the dress to the light, gossamer fine it floated on still air. She would wear it with high strappy sandals.’ Her friend Jan ha… CLOSED FOR LUNCH by aaeiinnn this is a try out - not my design by aaeiinnn you call THAT green? by aaeiinnn sasha serenity day one The look, must ensure the look, the pale green chiffon will not crease and I can stuff it in my bag with passport and sun filter. I may sh… two timers six shooters Polly smith at forty eight, a smart cookie from all accounts. Three of her six husbands buried, two divorced number six looked ready to go… tryout by aaeiinnn by a window Next to a window on the fourth floor of a tenement building there was a potted plant; no one knew who had placed it on the window sill and … i see red by aaeiinnn LOVE TOKEN by aaeiinnn Untitled by aaeiinnn AN UNLIKELY CONVERSATION – In the kitchen, … “Bump, jostle, shove, I hate this it’s not right not hygienic” / “Oh stop complaining; you will feel all the better for it… you know … slow dawning – an alternative ending He arrived home even later than usual; he had called into Milo’s and brought a meal. Tonight Jayne would be at her evening class and his m… Slow Dawning. He arrived home even later than usual; he had called into Milo’s and bought a meal. Tonight Jayne would be at her evening class and his me… a new collection by aaeiinnn Calendar tree of dreams Upon a branch in my tree of dreams / Safe secure and free / The leaves abundant, ever new / Protective over me / Hid from the world in my … 14th February She opened the envelope with care, her hands shook beyond her control. Her heart beat in anticipation of beholding her loved one’s words. … challenge - banner by aaeiinnn CHEESY BUT TRUE … So much talent and so little time / Here sits I with a cheesy little rhyme / When I read of others when I give them time / I see in them so… my crazy daisy by aaeiinnn teazles by aaeiinnn Virgin Vanquished? [not for the easily offended- … A ridge of buttons / Each one slid / From out its lascivious loop / Breasts / Uncovered / Nipples / Pert / Vagina / Throbbing / Tight… The Proprietress [do NOT read if easily offended] With belly thrust and back arched / Legs wide splayed for him / She pushes hard against his body / He sensuously touches her / In places h… The Old Oak Tree The oak had stood by the gate house to the Hall for generations; grandfather had been aware of the need to fell it but never could do so th… The viewing room. When it came to her turn Lorraine froze within while remaining outwardly calm… She threw the dice and they rattled across the baize … A TRIBUTE by aaeiinnn from ‘the making of the man’ just the… three extracts from the opening paragraphs of a novel by yours truly pound sign by aaeiinnn the making of the man The trip was to be their special time together, a honeymoon, and a dream that they would enter and live out each day. The two had become as… look up by aaeiinnn Life gets in the way Life gets in the way / But only when we let it / Leave it for another day / Then go off forget it / Life gets in the way / Is that just exc… I am shrouded by night I am shrouded by night / Enveloped in it mystery / Voluminous / Vivacious / Velvet / Looking beyond the night / My eyes reflect the sparkli… Abba Have you ever wondered why God is known as Dad? / Did you ever need a friend to love you when you’re sad? / Abba-that means daddy and Jesus… My Dad My Dad has gone to Jesus, / He’s gone to meet his Lord. / The greatest ever greeting / Will Jesus him afford. / For Jesus views us equal, /… Liz on the twig You get on with liz? / Dunno / Well you must have an idea / Nope / You saying you don’t get on with her? / Nope / Nope – what kind of answ…
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