Hi guys!

I’m a745, and I design graphics and web layouts in my spare time. Things haven’t been exactly great in the financial side of things, so I’m trying to earn a bit to help my parents out in paying for the Med school’s expensive tuition fees.

I also own and run AbyssalChronicles.com, a fan site dedicated to the Tales of Series.

When I’m not studying the human body (whoops, that kinda came out wrong), I immerse myself in the various fandoms I’m in. Like most of you guys, I fangirl a lot, I ship a lot of ships, I spazz even at the tiniest of things about my fandoms, and many more crazy stuff.

Most of my designs will be Tales of related, plus the occasional other fandoms here and there.

Current obsessions: Tales of Series (this is one of those lifetime obsessions), Free! (aka Swimming Anime aka BRAND NEW POOLS AND UPPER BODIES YO), The Legend of Korra (Makorra here, here!), Avatar: The Last Airbender, Pandora Hearts, Persona 4, VALSHE, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games saga… and many more.

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A big thank you to all those who bought my shirts!

First off, to those wondering, no, I haven’t stopped designing. It’s just that class has already started, and I’ve been a bit busy. We’re only a week in and they’re bombarding us with a whole lot of things to do and study. / But first, a little thanks is in order: / To those who still remember, I actually started the shirts thing because I lost my Medical school scho…
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