Isle of Skye, United Kingdom

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I am Pict, painted, & Celt.. Mad in all the right places, apparently. They call me the pelagic ghillie. They call me other things as well, but that’s no for your ears :o) I am a Greenlandic sea kayaking/rolling/skin-on-frame building instructor. I have retired my hard core climbing regime & Mountain Rescue & now crew the lifeboat for the RNLI. I hold black & white photography master-classes & guided photography tours on occasion – what use is knowledge unshared?. I use a Lumix LX3, a GF1, a Nikon D80, D3x & for film a Sinar F2 large format, a Rollei 35 SE 40//3.5 Zeiss Tessar & a Rollei 35 RF, the latter being the format & medium I grew up with. I am also very single & bored to death of it….

All photographs are copyright, all rights reserved. Theft – is your karma. My streams are regularily scanned by Tin Eye, to catch people posting my work as their own on the web. -Ask & ye shall receive – steal, & ye shall receive, my boot up yer ass.

I have exhibited photography in Grinneas nan Eilean – The Isles Open Exhibition 200/8/9 &10.

You can see my work On Black here:

  • Age: 47
  • Joined: March 2010