Joined RedBubble to show the world my art (oil painting) but, I guess typical of my age group, I indulge in anecdotes about my teaching career, Dutch background, life in Sydney, love of the beach (naturally).
And so, I do that right here. But, of course, I hope you appreciate my painting.

Actually 9248++ views!! But who’s counting?? (LOL)


Please visit my original Ozcloggie bubble , to view my paintings and drawings.

Thoroughly enjoyed meeting a variety of people who came to my “remembering – an anthology” exhibition!
My high school had another reunion!! It was GREAT!!

Joop’s World
During 37 years as a chalkie, I have accumulated a lot of good memories and a lot of memorabilia, including these
and these

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The Netherlands - in progress

Captured when the 5-year project was nearing its conclusion and the “Echoes from the Past” including the marionettes, the shadow boxes and this wall-hanging were nearly ready for display………
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As time keeps going by........

……what a unique event it turned out to be. / The Maroubra Bay High School Reunion, at Randwick Race Course. / *
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Echoes from the Past 30 volunteers.

Five years of work, to complete the exhibit, telling of the Dutch heritage, brought to Australia. / Co-ordinated by Frances Larder
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As one "tulip under the gum tree", I agree with the petition.

“Minister Donner wants to revoke Dutch passports from those who obtain a foreign passport and to make it more difficult to reacquire a Dutch passport. / However, Dutch identity and loyalty to the Netherlands is not lost upon acquiring a dual citizenship, something that is often done purely for practical reasons. / Dutch citizens abroad are ambassadors for the Netherlands and promote Dutch i…
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