Winmalee, Australia

Sydney’s most intense metal band, Mother Eel, formed in early 2003.

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Played at: Candy’s Apartment, The Mandarin Club, Embassy Hotel, Lewisham Hotel (including the Slaughter In The Lewisham mini-festival), Sandringham Hotel (including The East West Death Fest, Slaughterfest), Club 77, UWS Kingswood (including the Saturate Festival), The Oriental Hotel, The Fitzroy Hotel (Windsor), The Valve Bar, The Basement (Canberra) and The Gearins Hotel.

Played alongside: Anal Discharge, Animus, Astreetlightsong, Beretta Justice, Blacksmith’s Daughter, Bulémaconda, Call The Medic Call The Nurse, Chaos Trigger, Corotted, Corpsickle, Cunt Butcher, Daemon Foetal Harvest, Decipher, Degeneracy, Deprivation, Dining In Tuscany, Dred, Drillbit, Fluoxetine, Forgery, Fuck I’m Dead, Grannyfist, Herratik, Inebrious Bastard, Intense Hammer Rage, Intrepid, Kill A Celebrity, Killrazer, Kunvuk, McLovin, Norse, Odiousembowel, Paradigm, Sanctity In Chaos, Sordid, Sore, Sword Towards Self, Synperium, The Day Everything Became Nothing, The Down Going, The Kill, The Pelvic Slurp, The Snoozefests, Thy Art Is Murder, Upside Down Miss Jane and others that cant be recalled at the moment.

Mother Eel consists of:

Various people that could be happier.

  • Joined: October 2009