My reaction to the Eleventh Hour of the Eleventh Day

“I have found myself like that young woman, screaming at the silent crowd,”
“What are you worshiping war for?”
“Why can’t you All scream with me, ‘Enough,’ out loud”
“The ring leader would silently show me the door”
"Look back those 90 years …Can’t you see the folly of it All?”
Then you go home & quietly have a big Bawl…”

This was my comment I posted to blogger/writer/photographer/poet

He has posted pictures of ‘Seaforth pipe band’ standing silently to attention
The silent watching crowd, with children too in their yellow Macks,
With the Constabulary, Canada’s Police with their back view, but don’t mention
Out of the Crowd comes forth yelling & screaming, quickly, silent he makes tracks
Swiftly this green bret gent moves to detain & silence her, calls the white coat dolts
In their Ambulance they detain her, claim she is Mentally Deranged.. ‘shuda Bolt..

Spur of the moment Writing…

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