Lee  Travathan

Lee Travathan

San Tan Valley, United States

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I spent many years as a celebrity author and coach for artists, entertainers, writers, and sports figures around the world that set a goal to know themselves better and ditch the common “victim” mentality of the day. I have also been a talk show host and guest for radio and television, a film maker, and a popular blogger and author.

All of my contact info is below.

I am married to retired Finn-American rocker, David “Mac Man” Maki… whom I adore. We recently built a green technology home in Arizona, outside Phoenix proper. It is a learning curve, but worth it.

I also have a deep love for photography, art, music, decor, and film. For years I wanted to do more with my art and photography and at the urging of friends, we are here to make that happen.

I love the play of color and light as a detail. I am self-taught through books mostly, having taken my first photography and art class long ago as a teen. Today I like to make art that speaks of life as beauty.

I love life… through and through, the good with the bad and all in between. I am deeply grateful to be alive in this time called now. I am a survivor of Valley Fever and active supporter of awareness of this horrible and little known disease that robs people of their lives far too often.

Main email – ltnews@cox.net
Business phone – 480-525-0700
Main hub website: leetravathanglobal.com

I also offer much of my work to non-profits as fundraising support. Just email me to ask me how.

  • Joined: June 2008