Friday's Sex Is Shameless

We did this dance all night
Meeting eyes over and over
Yet he claimed he wanted me there
He wanted me
Just to watch a movie, a Disney movie
His friends sat about in the finest attire
They liked me
I fit right in

And he, he was drunk
He grabbed my sides, fondled me
He laughed and threw those pillows
Those pillows dressed in crisp, blue cases
I partook, why not
Again, we are young
We were young – and we still are
An hour later the room spun

I don’t take my time
I drink to get drunk, to get the party going
But it was over as soon as it started
Clarissa and Kaiden wanted you out, wanted us out
Their night had just begun
And ours was running into theirs

They put us in his room
I had never really been in a boy’s dorm before
I had done so much to make myself attractive
But I had already lost sight of it all
I wasn’t too drunk, I was still anticipating the future

He threw himself on the bed
He’s large, twice my size, twice of beautiful
He grabbed me, smiling and laughing
Night swallowed the room
He gave his jargon
A political campaign
Here’s why I should sleep with him, the benefits
The costs excluded…
I rebut, one night stands, that life
It didn’t belong with me and I didn’t belong with it
It’s in my past, no more, never again
He said he loved me, I was beautiful, sexy, amazing
He’d do anything for me
He’d move here, to my town just to be with me
And of course I knew it was a lie
I’d been lied to before
I wasn’t drunk enough to believe it

He pressed me into his mattress, showered me in sloppy kisses
They were so rough, so intense, so relentless
That our teeth touched throw the kiss
We both have fleshy lips
His hands roamed my body
My heart pounded
I didn’t know if this was happening or not
I thought he was magnificent, brilliant, amazing
His exterior was so hard, so unloving
But his insides were rejecting and discouraging
He was a masterpiece of aesthetic flattery
And moral morbidity

He looked me in my eyes
“Your smile is beautiful
I’d do anything to see your smile
I just want to be good to you, hold you, see your pretty smile”
I drank in the lies but not quite enough
It was as if he knew I knew he wasn’t serious,
he’d have sex with me once or twice,
then I’d cease to be a priority
But we both acted more drunk than we were
If only to avoid that matter of discussion
“Your ass is amazing, you have a nice ass
You have little tits though”
He laughed and I laughed
I wanted it as much as he did
“Can I finger you?”
“Do you want me to eat you out?”
“Can I just fuck you then?”
I ask him his number.
He asks mine.
“3 isn’t that many.”
I lied, I lied just like he did.
“If you have sex with me, you won’t be trampy
You’ve only had sex with 3 guys
That’s not trampy
Please, let’s just fuck
Don’t be a Debby Downer”
It was all shameless, just sex, nothing at all
Here we are, all in college
All horny
All, almost, single
He was hard, I was wet
And there was a bed
It was Friday

I smiled, he raised his brows
Licked his lips, reached for my panties
Kissed me hard on the lips, feeling around with his hands
A typical motion, just trying to get a feel for the shape
The smoothness, the size of it, how wet it was
He smiled at me
I shook my head, no foreplay?
He smiled at me again
Pressed his lips to mine
I dodged
“Quit fretting”
I laughed inside, because, who says “fretting”?
It was one of his sour quips
He kissed my neck all over, shoved two fingers deep inside
No warning
I cried out, how many fingers is that?
“Just two.”
I inhaled and exhaled
I knew it would be rough, it would probably hurt
But it was him after all, so it was fine
He smiled at me again, again
Why not? It’s shameless.
He put the condom on, he’s well endowed
I grab it before he can thrust, guide it in properly
It still stung but I was overtaken by the pleasure and fullness
He was so big, every part of him
He was crushing me
He groaned immediately, looking straight ahead
He occasionally glanced down at me, his eyes bleeding into mine
My eyes are now green
I don’t know if he knew, eye contact is only for intimate partners
But I liked it, I didn’t look away

With each thrust, I cried out in ecstasy
I wanted to impress him, to please him
“The best part of sex for me is the girl’s moan”
That was my cue to go on
Go on crying and writhing underneath him
I dug my nails into his back
To show he was doing a good job
He was so big, too big for me
I could barely take it
“Bring your legs up around my waist”
He thrust in harder, struggling to maintain his speed
It was too easy for him to just cum and roll over
His body is enormous, easily 6’4"
I couldn’t hold on, the feeling was bigger than me
I moaned out, eyes closed tight
He liked it as much as I did
The feeling of my loins contracting around him
My intense moaning, the scratching,
the squeaking of the bed frame against the wall
Just to let Clarissa and Kaiden know that they weren’t the only ones
He was so big, his weight was killing me
I prayed that he wouldn’t last any longer
Finally he grunted, holding me tight

He pulled out in a hurry
Immediately checking the condom
He wiped his brow
“Dammit, why do I feel like I need to bust, like, 16 times today?”
He pulled it off, balling it up and chucking it into the rubbish bin
“That was kinda short, we can go again in 10 minutes”
I was happy, I didn’t need a round 2
I was still whimpering from the last session
He placed a pillow under my neck
Wanting me to go to sleep
But I couldn’t, something caused me to rouse myself
He was right next to me, right there
And his sex was intoxicating, more than the Pinnacle
The shameless sex pulled me to the door
That should have kept me in the realm of sleep and tranquility
But it begged that I be fucked over and over
By him, only him

I nudged his shoulder, demanding more
He rolled over, tired and hot
But he admired my initiative and my naked chest
Heaving up and down desirously
He laid back, chest heaving in a similar fashion
“Get on top”
I frowned, I was never good at “riding”
Furthermore, submission was a general practice growing up in my house
You were to be on bottom, you were to be fucked mercilessly
He patted his lap
“I’m not waiting all night. Get on top or I’m going to sleep.
You wanted to fuck after all.”
I smiled reluctantly, positioning myself on top
I didn’t regret it right away
It was so big, so thick, it was made for me
It filled me so perfectly
I could feel every inch of it
“Up and down now. Go, do it.”
There was one signature move I did all the time
Men usually accepted it, seeing my body was enough
I ground my bottom gently back and forth on his shaft
It felt so good for me and I was sure the mere sight drove him mad
He began to buck his hips upward
It went in so deep I froze, releasing a small but sharp yelp
I was on the verge of pain and incomparable pleasure
A grin came upon his face and he laughed sinisterly
“What’s wrong? Up and down, come on.”
He did it again, and again, and again, laughing wildly each time
“Go, bounce on it. What’s wrong? Does it hurt?”
I shook my head, it was just so hard
“Bounce on it, now. I’m getting bored.”
Here, take my hands.
He offered me his palms, big and masculine
You can squeeze them as much as you want. It won’t hurt me.
“Bounce on it, ball out.”
I sincerely tried, but the motion was driving me crazy
His dick hit that one single spot every time
There was no way I could keep up like this

I’m not surprised, he cackled and sat up
“I’m literally soft. Get up.”
I got off, laying next to him in sudden despair
“You are so lazy. You, like, literally made me soft.”
I felt bad but his sincere yet arrogant smile comforted me
He peeled the condom off and threw it on the floor
“You’re a tease and a condom waster”
He poked my sides and kissed me goodnight
A tender, imperfect goodnight
He held me in his arms
And we went to sleep
It was so fast, so easy
I just shut my eyes and drifted away
His arms never left my body
But that was all a long time ago

Maybe we were sleeping the same sleep
We certainly shared a realm of consciousness
I wonder if were dreamed the same dream as well
Or if he ever dreams of me now

Friday's Sex Is Shameless

Jascie Epinn

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True story

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