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I prefer to think of myself as an artist rather than a photographer, if I had stayed with film rather than digital this might not be so. Digital has opened up a whole new world of creativity which it is now my life’s passion to explore. I was born in Scunthorpe, England in the late 70’s, however after going to university in Liverpool I have never lived anywhere for more than a few years as the urge to see new places and meet new people has always kept me moving. I first found my thirst for photography while at secondary school spending most of my art class time in the dark room. Once at sixth form college I didnt pursue photography partly because of my heavy work schedule in the sciences and partly due to the costs involved with developing your own film. After finishing university I worked for the pharmaceutical industry for several years; It was after leaving the industry on moral grounds and started working for myself that I rekindled my passion for photography with a digital camera which had been bought for me by a close friend. Once I discovered the creative possibilities of Photoshop that was me well and truly addicted. I document people, explore urban environments and relax with local landscapes and try and express through various techniques what I see in my minds eye.

  • Joined: September 2008