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I get up, I go to school. I come home. I do my homework.
Then I begin to live, as I write.
I am unashamedly me, whatever that may be.

  • Age: 20
  • Joined: August 2010

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The Collective

I heard screaming, but the hospital wing was silent. I searched and searched for the source, but my efforts were fruitless and I am now res…

The Greedy Hawk

“You shan’t have it!” cried the hawk. “And just to make sure you never get it, I’m going to make it mine forever!” Then he gulped the jewel…

Schism, Glue, Misery, You.

She told you to stop taking them. They leech your soul, she said. / You could not refuse. / You went out late. / Eventually you stopped …

Bloody Snowflake

He worked for the Kings; they had refined tastes in meat. I asked what he meant by that and he said homo sapiens sapiens. I said I didn’t s…


“Whichever of us can create a work that is more loved, wins.” / “Wins what?” asked the sculptor, highly intrigued. / “Eternal glory.”


But it was fluoxetine, Paxil, imipramine, Vivactil that kept them from dropping before the fall. That’s all, you see; all we can do is stal…


the house is slowly / crumbling / in / on / its / elf

Clunky Love

But on airy summer nights, he reads his clunky sonnets to her, and she sits in rapture at the sound of his voice.

Beautiful Madmen

They live in chaos, / they revel in unknowns.

(I Tread the Highwire)

(I) love(lust) your fire. / (L)ook, I lust(love) your words. / (L)ook, I tread the wire high, and I must fall for you.

Lung Inferno

Persist. Perspire.

The Reunion

It was a rainy day at the airport the day my brother came home. I could hear planes landing. I held the cardboard sign labeled ‘Steve’ relu…